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Witchcraft & Wizardry: The Age of Grindelwald is permanently closed. Many thanks to those that participated during the years we were open. We hope to see you again in other realms someday. Apologies to those that may find this wiki and be interested. We will leave this wiki up as an archive of the people, places, and events that made WiWi:AoG what it was.

Propaganda Poster of Grindelwald

War leaves death and destruction in its wake. It is a time of depression and shifting social mores. Financial crisis sows suffering at every level of society. Petrol prices soar, for those fortunate enough to own a car. Owning a home is even less likely. Bold criminals are treated as celebrities. Radical politics have become dangerously popular. The cloud of war rises from Germany, threatening to spill forth and engulf all of Europe. It is no longer safe to be honest about your views, your religion…even your own thoughts.

Behind this grim Earth is another world, hidden and secret…the wizarding world.

In this world of magic, there is a widening chasm forming between those that wish to live in peace alongside the Muggles, and those that would see wizards rise up and rule the world.

These revolutionaries are inspired and inflamed by Für das Allgemeinwohl — the manifesto of the charismatic and intelligent Gellert Grindelwald. His followers increase their numbers every day, spreading their doctrine of domination over the Muggles through the simple mantra that it is "For the Greater Good." Wizard is turning against wizard, and tensions are reaching a boiling point.

Which side will you choose?

Just Do It: The next time you find yourself thinking of reasons that you can't engage in a particular story, scene, or activity…stop. Turn it around and start thinking of the reasons you can. Nothing will kill potential RP faster than one's own self-imposed doubts. But a little creative thinking can create some marvelous stories.

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