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This tall, narrow flat is comprised of three floors starting with the dining room and kitchen then moving up to a great room and finishing with the two bedrooms on the third floor. It has been furnished with tasteful, eclectic pieces that could best be described as sharing a certain neo-Roman aesthetic. The intricate marbling of cream and brown hues within the polished pecan wood floors spreads throughout each floor of the house. The gentle scents of vanilla and roses linger everywhere in the air.




Ground Floor:

The front door leads into a small foyer that doubles as a mudroom with a small closet to store coats and outside shoes. From the foyer, a narrow hallway leads into a small dining room with a door to the back garden. The first two dining room walls have been painted a soft shade of parchment, while a third is a rich espresso. This color perfectly frames a painting of a pair of ermine gamboling at the feet of a snowy mountain which has been hung above the magnificent clay brick fireplace. Centered on the mantle right below the painting sits a vase with a round base around which swim bright, red-orange fish against a turquoise background. Plants of the same color extend from the water up the sides of the vase's long, graceful white neck, not quite reaching the red-orange brim. The distance between the fireplace and the table allows for the arrival of visitors travelling by floo.

Doubling back around a corner, the kitchen's smooth, ivory counter tiles contrast with the dark, walnut cabinets. A small white icebox with a silver handle stands to one side across from the little gas stove. The sink sits in the counter at the end of the kitchen.

Second Floor:

Climbing up the stairs, a fluffy rug of snow-white alpaca fur spreads throughout the main area of the great room. Heavy, black-olive grey curtains with gold trim hang from the windows. In lieu of traditional seating, four chaise lounges of the softest black velvet gather in a loose circle around a low, circular coffee table. A pair of floor lamps of orange and yellow frosted glass lingers opposite each other near the chaise lounges. Their illumination gives the impression of firelight. Behind the seating area against the wall sits a small writing desk beside a short bookcase containing only a few volumes. At the very end of the room a plain door leads to a guest rest room. Every wall in the great room has been painted a creamy yellow color so light it is almost white and instead of painting the walls are hung with a variety of small black vases each containing a single, golden yellow rose.

Third Floor:

At the very top of the stairs on the third floor, a narrow hallway leads on either side to a bedroom. The first is the smaller with walls of a rich, golden orange. Twin beds against the wall await guests beneath circular crown canopies at the head of each bed. An antique lamp sits on a narrow chest of drawers between the two beds. In the master bedroom, the king-sized bed with the sheer crimson curtains gathered at each of the four posts dominates most of the room. The blankets match vibrant red hue of the curtains and folds neatly beneath white silk pillows. Soft carpets lie on either side of the bed of the same incarnadine color. Right in front of the stairs is the door leading to the main bathroom of the flat.


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