Abbott Family
The Abbott Family
Family Head: Robald Abbott
Home: Godric's Hollow, England, United Kingdom
Wealth: Comfortable
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Sacred Twenty-Eight
This represents what is typical for the Abbott family. It does not necessarily apply to every branch.

Family History

Giffard Abbott was born in 982 and he was one of the first Hufflepuffs to attend Hogwarts. His initials can still be found carved into the wall of the fifth year boys dormitory. He was very well liked at school and was a prefect and Head Boy. As Head Boy he became rather close with the Head of House of the Gryffindor House and after he graduated that relationship grew closer. Godric was a father figure to Giffard. To the point that Giffard and his newly wedded wife Eliza Brown moved to the village where Godric was born and lived when he was not at Hogwarts. Giffard's sense for people and politics and his connection to Godric saw him elected Mayor. He was in office when his mentor passed away and it was Giffard that re-named the village Godric's Hollow. Ever since his term as Mayor a descendant of his more often than not was elected Mayor of Godric's Hollow and if not an Abbott by name, someone with Abbott in their blood.

Small town politics and community rearing is what the Abbott's do best. They would be lost in the deep end that is London, so they tend to keep to their small town and do their utmost to make it the best small town in the Kingdom!

Before the Statute of Secrecy Godric's Hollow was a known place of peace and prosperity between muggles and wizards. But when the statute was passed the Mayor Alan Abbott at the time was given commendation by the Ministry of Magic for the most seamless transition into secrecy. It was Alan's goal to see that even with the veil lifted, Godric's Hollow would still remain a place of peaceful co-habitation and he did not fail. The commendation came with a nice galleon prize. A man of the people Alan used the prize money towards the village. Church Lane was re-cobbled and the roof of the church was repaired. All of these repairs were an excellent cover up to other construction that was going on, a unplottable Owl Post was built as the post office had to be regulated to muggle mail only due to the Statute. A few other wizard hidey holes were created, like an unplottable room at the pub and such. But mostly the wizards and muggles of Godric's Hollow have lived side beside in relative harmony.

Family Identity


The Abbott's tend to have features that are in many ways very British. With thin lips, deep set small and hooded eyes with strong noses that are usually known as a Roman Nose. Their hair ranges in hues of brown. At Godric's Hollow you can probably reach out and find an Abbott at arms length. While some work in London, it is a rare Abbott that you will find an address for outside of Godric's Hollow. As Godric's Hollow is in the West Country of England most Abbott's have the speech and mannerisms of that region.

Family Crest: A plumed helmet atop a split field of red and gold with a rampant badger charge in the center, mantled by gold and red filigree leaves.

Motto: "Pacem et conservatio sit perfectio." Which means: "Peace and Preservation is Perfection."


Many an Abbott has taken a Mayoral position and were charged with keeping the veil between the Wizards and Muggles that share the village as opaque as possible. Firm supporters in this day in age in the Preservation Society and are displeased that the Unity Act was passed. Small town celebrities, the Abbotts are a massive part of the Godric's Hollow community. Pillars of community and eternal Hufflepuffs.

Family Members

Family members bearing the Abbott name:

Anson Esmeralda Flynn Janette Robald

Blood relatives without the Abbott name:

Carmichael Chance Michael

Family Tree

                      Giffard Abbott + Eliza Brown
                       (982-1094)    |  (985-1095)
               Amanda Cornfoot + Alan Abbott
                (1645-1745)    | (1641-1743)
        Violet Fudge + Berthold Abbott
        (1818-1900)  |   (1815-1896)
                     |                              |                 |
               Kiefer Abbott + Demelza Bletchley    |            (Open Branch)
               (1843-1935)   |  (1845-1904)         |
                             |               Geffrey Abbott + Delphia Orpington
                             |                 (1844-1917)  |   (1851-1922)
                             |                              |
                             |           Olyvia Max + Palmer Abbott
                             |          (1870-1934) |  (1867-    )
                             |                      |
                             |               Artimus Abbott + Mary Wilkins
                             |                (1890-    )   |  (1891-    )
                             |                              |
                             |                         Flynn Abbott
                             |                          (1911-    )    
       |                          |        |
Kirstin Abbott + Damien MacDougal |  Robald Abbott + Leona Slughorn
 (1868-1926) |  (1868-1926)       |   (1878-    )  |  (1878-    )
  >MacDougal Family Tree<         |                *
                                  |       Esmeralda Abbott
                                  |          (1907-    )
      Lorelle Summerbee + Clarence Abbott
            (1870-1939) | (1869-1938)
 Othelia Seton + Bernard Abbott
  (1898-    )  |  (1898-    )
       |                |
 Gordon Abbott   Janette Abbott
  (1919-    )     (1921-    )

              + = Marriage                           * = Affair (OOC Knowledge)
  {Open Branch} = Male line open.        (Open Branch) = Female line open.

Connections and Relationships

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Family Statistics

Influence: #
Lands: #
Law: #
Population: #
Power: #
Wealth: Comfortable
Founding: Ancient
Historical Events = 5

| Roll#| Event     | Influ. | Lands  |  Law   |  Pop.  | Power  | Wealth |
|  12  | Ascent    | +1d6   | +1d6   |  ---   |  ---   | +1d6   | +1d6   |
|  11  | Footing   |  ----- Choose two and increase each by +1d6 -----   |
| Total Results:   |   #    |   #    |   #    |   #    |   #    |    #   |
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