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Character Information
Portrayed by Kate Winslet
Name: Abigail Hitchcock
Aliases: Abby
Birthday: February 27th,
Position: Manager and Shop Girl of Flourish and Blott's Bookshop
Lineage: Half-Blood


Classical English colouring about her milky complexion offers a strong contrast to this enigmatic young woman's striking copper locks, which are left to fall tumultuously about her shoulders in natural soft waves. With features still rounded in youth and cheeks incessantly a touch of harried, flushed rose, as well as those big blue eyes, Abigail exudes the sort of homely, welcoming charm one would expect from a person in cheerful trade. Full lips curve often in a pleasant smile, though in general she does tend to have an air of distraction about her; her expression easily caught in faraway reveries.

A primly high-necked blouse and the demure, navy skirt it's tucked into do nothing to disguise a shapely ruebenesque form. Indeed, there are subtle hints of effort at femininity from the redhead, in the pearl necklace adorning her neck or the snugly laced kidskin booties, a similar shade of sapphire to match her attire.


Abigail was born on February 27th, 1920, a clear winter night, in the Kensington district of London to Arthur Jameson and his wife Natalie Jameson, nee Bletchley. Arthur is a Muggle who owned a rather posh antique bookstore. Natalie was, of course, a Bletchley, so of course she had been sorted into Ravenclaw and worked for the Ministry of Magic in a historical research position. They were warm and loving parents to Abigail, and childhood for her was a comfortable, if somewhat smothering, experience. Since the family was comfortably wealthy, she had access to excellent schools and activities. A few of her favorite hobbies growing up were playing the piano, writing long and involved stories, and attending the theatre. The Jameson and the Bletchleys families are both a bit bemused by her, for different reasons, but she has a pleasant relationship with both families.

When at Hogwarts, she was quite popular in certain circles due to her good nature and her willingness to help other students. She began at Hogwarts in 1931, staying all seven years and graduating in 1938. She was a member of the Arts Club, the Book Club, and was a Student Aide for the Librarian.

Being Sorted into Ravenclaw House was a pleasant thing, but one that she had rather taken for granted. In her Third Year, she took on Arithmancy and Study of Ancient Runes as her two electives, scorning Divination for its imprecision. Her O.W.Ls in these classes were an O in Ancient Runes, and an E in Arithmancy. Returning in her Sixth Year, she began studying for NEWTs in Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and History of Magic. She scored an A in Arithmancy, an E in Ancient Runes, and an Outstanding in History of Magic. She graduated Hogwarts in 1938.

After graduating, she became a shopgirl at Flourish and Blott's Bookstore in Diagon Alley. She is an excellent worker, and truly loves books — courtesy of her father — and was very quickly promoted to Manager of the prestigious bookstore. Abigail has recently wedded Doyle 'Hitch' Hitchcock. Though Doyle is a bit of a scoundrel when it comes to women, Abigail loves his rough-and-tumble nature, such a contrast to her own.


  • Soft-hearted
  • Practical
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Flourish and Blott's Bookshop: Abigail is the Manager and Shop Girl at this bookshop.
  • Help: Need help with something? Want some assistance and don't really know who to turn to? Abigail will be more than willing to save the day as best as she can.


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Husband: Doyle "Hitch" Hitchcock is the DMT Agent of Apparition that taught Abigail how to apparate back at Hogwarts when she was 16. She had a rather big crush on the rugged man, but it wasn't until he came in to sell some books to the shop that he noticed her. At that point the age difference was nothing to them and while she knows he's quite poly-amorous and it's not exactly his families way to settle down, he makes her feel special that for her, he took her as a wife and they are very happy together.


Arthur Jameson
Father: <describe relationship>


Natalie Jameson nee Bletchley
Mother: <describe relationship>


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