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Character Information
Portrayed by Iain Glen
Name: Achaeron
Aliases: None
Birthday: October 31st, 1875
Position: Augur
Lineage: Centaur


There is a severe sort of authority written in the very design of this centaur's features. His bright blue eyes are trapped in an aged face beset with wrinkles which mark him somewhere north of sixty. His ashen blonde beard and hair are white in places, both kept surprisingly short and neat for Centaur culture. Achaeron wears several wooden beaded necklaces and a soft cream colored linen shirt with a deep purple sash draped across his chest, the sash has twelve stars embroidered on it.

His equine half is powerful despite his years and he carries himself with a somber dignity. He has a pure white backside with rich full plumes of hair at the hocks that almost obscure his hooves. The white of his horse half is unbroken by any markings and while muscular in the tradition of a draught horse the coat itself tends to look a bit pucked and worn by the elements.

This centaur appears to have seen better years.


Achaeron grew up in the shadow of Torrigan (who would one day be the herd's chief) and while he never had the same lust for glory which plagued the future chief Achaeron did display his own unique merit as a gifted seer. He grew jealous of Torrigan at times when they were barely out of colthood because there were several battle changing predictions made by Achaeron that, although the blows were fell by Torrigan, the seer felt they were rightly his stars. Other times, when he was much older, Achaeron did receive stars for his predictions. These oddly enough came at the hands of the fair minded Torrigan who was now the chief… it bred in the centaur a strange distance from his community.

His skill with the Omens (Divination) became his excuse for fading away from the herd. Many times he fell into his work for weeks, never seeing a soul.

That was all until Gaitia, she warmed his heart and taught him to love and care for another person without jealousy or glory on the table. He learned to live in awe of her and her prowess on the battlefield. The two produced a colt whose coming was foretold by a falling star. He killed the dam with his birth. Achaeron never forgave his son Achirus and they have had a fractured relationship to this day. Since her death Achaeron has receded more than ever into his work and his predictions making him an often difficult Centaur to find at the best of times.


  • Curmudgeon - This surly seer is known for his abrasive demeanor and penchant for omens. "One grows weary of being the bearer of bad news after so many years seeing through the darkness with such alacrity." Most say he changed after Gaitia died, he certainly never loved again.
  • Pious - An evident deep seated respect for the Earth and local customs of the Dark Forest.
  • Fastidious - An attention to detail that serves Achaeron in almost every aspect of his life.
  • Gifted Seer - This elder Centaur has a long record of making accurate battle changing predictions based on the skies and intuition, many of his stars were earned in this way.

RP Hooks

  • Part of the Starchaser herd? This old codger has been around for ages, feel free to bother him with questions about the past or the future!
  • Grew up with the chief! Achaeron is only a few years younger than Torrigan but he acts like he's ten years older. This centaur isn't apt to be seen in any sort of leadership roles but he is still a source of wisdom for his community. He is slightly reclusive yet those willing to try might make a connection with him… if he's isn't lost in the clouds.


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Son: "And through her sacrifice, he has been made great…."
"Achirus fights with his mother's passions and I see so much of her in him, she too was a great Warrior. May her stars fill the skies from this night til the last."


Lost Love: "Time takes all things… all things take time. I will see you again, my love… in the skies."


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