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Character Information
Portrayed by Andy Whitfield
Name: Achirus
Aliases: ach
Birthday: Mar 29
Position: Warrior
Lineage: Centaur


The first thing to note about this individual is that he's obviously a Centaur. His torso is that of a powerful man, naked aside from a crude leather construction on his right shoulder, an archery bracer on his left wrist, and a purple cloth wrapped around his waist. His human skin is tanned, as one might be expected, with a smattering of old scars, most especially a wicked looking one in his right upper chest which looks like it was formed by spear or horn, and must have been nasty in its time. The features are hard, with strong jaw and cheekbones, and a short full beard in a chestnut brown. His hair, likewise the same shade, is cut short.

His equine half is powerful and muscular, and a rich reddish brown, with white stockings, with full white plumes of hair at the hocks. Hung on one hip is a quiver, usually containing also a bow, and sometimes also a spear. All in all, a Centaur who means business.


Achirus was foaled of Achaeron (sire) on Gaitia (Dam), in the meadows of the Dark Forest, on 29th March, 1914. As befits his fiery nature, a shooting star was seen in the house of Mars during his birth, and it was clear that here was a combative foal. His mother, however, was taken sick, not long after the birth, from rupturing, and it was said afterwards that his own Dam was the first thing that the young warrior slew.

He was brought up by the herd, wetnursing from other feeding mothers, and this 'sharing' of parents in a way more intimate than even other centaur foals do has led to a fierce Loyalty (quirk), firstly to the Herd as a whole, but more specifically to the centaurs of it, of a similar age to him, to whom he feels a little closer than most.

Achaeron, a noted Seer was very distant during his upbringing, but the firey and volcanic foal was soon apprenticed to the Warriors of the Herd, showing great skill with the bow, and also with the spear. His passtime of note is singing, but he's increasingly becoming one of the 'Go to' warriors of the Starchasers, his bravery marked in the number of scars he has acquired.

The personality forged by this is one of extremes- he's fiercely loyal to his friends, passionately brave and emotional, but also prone to what might best be described as 'sulks'- when he feels the omens are against him, or he feels his pride has been insulted, he's been known to withdraw from society until a crisis draws him forth.

RP Hooks

Centaur Forward! - Encroaching on the Dark Forest? Then Achirus is the sort of Centaur you might bump into
Pride cometh before….- Maybe you're another of the Herd, irritated by the cocksure warrior and his overconfidence
Loyalty- He's the sort of Centaur who would gallop into danger to save a friend. Maybe that might be of use?


  • Moxie
  • Ambidextrous
  • Loyalty
  • Proud


Logs featuring Achirus Logs that refer to Achirus



Close friend- one of the young of the Herd who Achirus is particularly close to. She was foaled the same year as him, and grew up with him.


Another of the herd. A Seer, a doughty hunter, and with her love of adventure, one I've galloped out with on missions before.


Revered Seer, but distant father. A sire I can respect, but find impossible to love

Special Rules

  • Powerful Body: Centaurs are faster and stronger than humans. They receive a +2 bonus to all rolls involving feats of strength and physical stamina, and +4 to any roll involving running. As a rule, a centaur will always outrun a human in a straight race. Only a human who has trained specifically for running speed has a hope of matching centaur speed.
  • Eyes of Fate: Centaurs have a natural talent for divination, and gain a +2 to all Divination rolls.
  • Healing Hands: Centaurs are skilled healers, and gain a +2 to all Medicine rolls, and to Potions rolls to make Healing potions.


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