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The Proudmore Patriarch
Portrayed by Will Patton
Name: Actaeon Proudmore
Aliases: Hatch (close friends only)
Birthday: July 30, 1890
Position: Landowner / Big Game Hunter
Lineage: Pure-blood


Though not physically imposing, there is an undeniable presence to this man. His deep blue eyes squint just slightly, like a predator focusing on its prey.


The heir of the Proudmore family, a clan of staunch Gryffindor adventurers. The Proudmores are one of those old money pure-blood families that still maintains a family crest: a regal lion's head with a mane of flame, over their motto: Solum in victoria dignitatem et superbia ("Only in victory come dignity and pride").

Actaeon has never had to work in his life, but that didn't deter him from seeking out adventure and danger. He was a hunter since he was a child, learning to use spears, bow and arrow, crossbows, and even Muggle firearms. As he grew, so did his game, and he has a dragon skull mounted in his trophy room to prove it.

The Proudmore patriarch is a stern, uncompromising man. He is extremely powerful, and he isn't afraid to use his money and influence with the Ministry to have his way.


  • Supreme Confidence
  • Predatory
  • Wealth: Opulent

RP Hooks

  • The Patriarch of the Proudmore Family.
  • Owns a great deal of land in and around Godric's Hollow.
  • Party leader of the Veritas Party.

When using Actaeon as a Community NPC, consider the following: Actaeon should only be used as a community NPC sporadically, and generally only by members of the Proudmore family.


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Deceased. My dear wife. She was a practical and forgiving woman. Our love may have long since faded, but we had a certain understanding of one another, and what we must do for the good of the family.


This uppity Ranger has crossed the wrong man. I look forward to handing her her walking papers personally.


My pride and joy, little Chastity is a true Proudmore maid. But she is so vulnerable to the terrible realities of the world. Don't worry, my dear. Father will protect you.


The former Minister is a dear woman, and a valuable ally. A wise woman as well — she remembers the people who helped to put her in power.


The R.C.M.C. has always been a thorn in my side, and usually due to agents like this feisty young thing. It's a shame to see her throw her career away. She seemed to be taking orders from Ranger Kwaito-Fawley, so perhaps she is a good follower. Who knows, I might have a place for her here after the Ministry is done with her.


My nephew is an odd little lion. There is a fierceness in him that I have always seen. But he doesn't tap into it, focusing instead on academic and culinary pursuits. Such a waste of potential.


Ah, the bastard boy. He might have managed to earn his place around here. But he could never let go of the chip on his shoulder. I don't suffer those that simply pity themselves. But I've done the boy plenty of favours. He may think his life has been hard, but I have prepared him for the cruelty of the real world, which will not forgive his taint so easily, nor put a roof over his head and food in his belly.


My brother's wife, and a woman I'd go to Hell for. No, I'll not repeat my mistake, but nor will I regret it.


Things have been tense between my brother and I since the incident. It's about time he moved on. After all, it was his own failure to perform that pushed Patricia toward me.


My boy Victor is the true heir of the Proudmore heritage. Every bit the lion that I was, and he has his sights set on the most majestic of prey: dragons. He'll go far if he can get his head out of the clouds.


The son of my cousin, who married into the Goshawk family. Perhaps not the most prestigious bloodline, but at least not a shameful connection.


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