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Professor of Arithmancy
Portrayed by David Krumholtz
Name: Charles Aczel
Birthday: April 11th, 1912
Position: Professor
Lineage: Half-blood


Charles Aczel (et'-chul), Professor of Arithmancy at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a man roughly in his late twenties. He is of Half-Blood, Londoner heritage with fair skin tone, who stands at 5'6" and is around 160 pounds in an overall proportionate if a touch pleasantly plump in places body type. Shoulder-length black hair is done in springy managed mop of curls framing a rounded heart shaped face. With puppy-dog warm brown eyes that are set to either side of a large and full nose. Below that nose is a set of thin, slightly larger on the bottom, lips. The rest of his rounded heart shaped face is accented in appled cheeks, a angular jaw that comes to a round chin. Charles smells of citrusy cologne. When he speaks the tones and accent of a West End Londoner can be detected.

At the moment Charles is displaying his own unique quirky style. He is wearing his charcoal black velvet professors robes that are embroidered with ancient numerical symbols over a black oxford button down shirt above puce raw silk pants with light sea green leather wingtips completing the look.


Charles, even as a very small baby seemed to count everything around him. He drew much joy of counting his blocks and stacking them in orderly groups around him. As he grew the magic within these numbers simply came to him and he could deduce and almost sense things about the world around him because "the math is off" or "the pattern is right." When he went to Hogwarts his Arithmancy teacher was very old and though beloved by Charles by the time Charlie took his NEWTs he was teaching his Professor more than the other way around.

After graduating Charles became an Unspeakable, but then when he got word that his Mentor in Arithmancy had died a few years after graduation Charles spoke to Headmaster Dippet and the Educational board and he became one of the youngest professors to teach at Hogwarts. His age, so very close to the students makes him rather "one of them" his classes are filled with the fun and whimsy of numbers and the magic they posses. Sometimes he'll catch himself treating third years like his NEWT students by going a bit over their head in an explanation or lesson. But he'll always apologize with a smile and continue the lesson at their level.


  • Math Genius
  • Youthful
  • Non-Confrontational
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Professor of Arithmancy, contact staff if he is needed for a desired class scene, or just to contact him about questions, etc.
  • Unspeakable: Interested in joining the ranks of the Unspeakable? A letter of recommendation would mean a great deal toward that goal. Perhaps you can convince this former member to write you one?


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Former Headmaster: Many times Charlie believes that he wasn't sleeping as much as he seemed to. His breathing count sometimes seems off. But don't blame him much for wanting to just be resting. Being Headmaster of Hogwarts for so long now must have been quite a challenge.


Former Headmaster: When Flint was Professor of Study of Ancient Runes Charlie felt that Flint thought their subjects were at odds with each other. He got very competitive at times. Bragging about how one of our students that takes both Runes and Arithmancy drew the better conclusion from a study of Runes than the Numbers. So that of course means his way of doing things was superior. Merf. It was a marvelous day when Flint was sacked.


It goes against the odds that he's not at least lost a finger with the familiarity he gives to such dangerous creatures!


He scared the pi out of me when I was a student, and he still is quite scary still! I had a whole formula for the secret of life I was working on…he ERASED it! When I went to confront him about it he barked that it looked like a bunch of Firsties went scribbling on the board. I admit, I just walked away to find the nearest closet to hide in.


*boyish giggle* Uh…umm…yes…she's…*gulps and excuses himself* … must tend to something…


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