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Character Information
Portrayed by David Bowie
Name: Adalbert Drake Waffling
Aliases: Bert
Birthday: January 8th, 1899
Position: Magical Theoretician
Lineage: Half-Blood


A narrow chin and high cheekbones paired with a severe brow mark the man as an intellectual. A thin mustache is cut and trimmed and the rest of his face kept clean, save for the slight side burns he sports. His dark hair is tailored back and combed into place with precision. He is above average height and somewhat lanky though imposing in his countenance.

A crisp black on black pin stripe suit sports a matching vest. At the starched collar of crisp collared shirt is a cyan blue bow tie to match the wizard robes he wears over the suit. A rust-red cloak is also worn in wetter weather. A pocket pocket etched in ancient runes hangs from a central vest button and usually is kept within a leather belt pouch worn on his hip.


Adalbert Drake Waffling was born on January 8th, 1899, a crisp winter morning at 7:25 in Kennington, London, England to Adalbert Rafe Waffling and Lynsey Waffling nee Nettles. Adalbert the first was at the time of his the second's birth already rather an aged Half-Blood who was an amazing magical theorist for a living. Lynsey was a Half-Blood as well who was actually Adalbert Rafe's live-in nurse and assistant with his workings. They were slightly distant parents to Adalbert Drake and childhood for him was spent being cared for and tutored mostly by his maternal aunt, because his mother had her hands full caring for his father. Since the family was comfortable enough in their holdings he grew up in the townhouse the family owned in Kennington with his Aunt Richelle Nettles providing his education. A few of his favorite hobbies growing up were spending endless hours in the library of his home. He and his father might not have been close personally. It was through the elder Adalbert's notes and files and writings that his son felt the closest to him. It was only after his father passed away just after he left for school that Adalbert and his mother began to have a better mother to son relationship.

When he did go off to Hogwarts in 1910, he had just some momentary trouble fitting in as his social skills weren't as keen as many of the other children who had more access to each other at events. His fellow students however eventually warmed to him as he applied theories and formulas to social dynamics and adapted rather easily after he began to test his new theories. Chess, and Magical Theory were some of Adalbert's favorite extra-curriculars. Third Year was the year that Arithmancy and Ancient Runes were taken on along with the core classes. O.W.L.s in these classes were several 'O's and nothing below an 'E'. It was clear even at this point that Adalbert was going to far exceed his own father in Magical Theory. He could have graduated after O.W.L.s like many of his friends did, but he instead chose to stay and take N.E.W.T.s in Transfiguration, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and Charms. Again to little surprise he received a remarkable string of 'O' results. In 1917 Adalbert graduated top of his class with several rewards.

After graduating he became a theorist, taking up where his father left off. Several years were taken in seclusion, just so that he can read everything his father left behind to him. While his father was no author, Adalbert had a talent for compiling information and dictating what jumbled notes his father in his mother's hand left into volumes of organized and legible tomes. Those tomes were studied and further edited and expounded upon by Adalbert. He took his father's findings to new heights. While Adalbert is very much a home body it is his Editor and Publisher that make sure that he comes out of the house to publicize his latest of writings. He has also become a bit more social now that his mother and aunt have both passed away and he is alone in the house. Adalbert doesn't like cooking for just himself so when he gets hungry after long hours of writing down his latest theories he'll venture out of his house to a pub or restaurant for a meal.

RP Hooks

  • Magical Theorist: Adalbert is pretty much considered THE Father of Magical Theory. He is the creator of The Fundamental Laws of Magic.
  • Kennington Resident: Adalbert lives in the Kennington neighborhood.
  • Ravenclaw Alumni: Adalbert was a Ravenclaw from 1910-1917.
  • Published Books: Magical Theory.


  • Acutely Perspicacious
  • Famous Magical Theorist
  • Overthinker
  • Wealth: Comfortable


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Adalbert Rafe Waffling
Father: (1800 - 1910) His parents didn't go so far as to use Senior and Junior, oh no, that would have been too easy. His mother did not like the name Rafe. So they named their son Adalbert Drake instead. He didn't know his father very well at all. By the time he was walking and talking his father was bed ridden and only his mother was allowed in his room. Just as Adalbert was going off to Hogwarts did his father pass away and Adalbert became the man of the house when he was home. It was very strange going from never seeing inside the master bedroom to living in the master bedroom the summer after his first year.


Lynsey Waffling nee Nettles
Mother: (1874 - 1936)It wasn't until after his father died that Lynsey was free of the taxing care of her husband and she and her son were finally able to have a better relationship. His mother wrote down so much of what his father theorized. But she didn't understand any of it. It wasn't until Adalbert began to read them that his fathers thoughts were finally understood. It's a bit bitter sweet for his mother.


Richelle Nettles
Maternal Aunt: (1879 - 1940) Richelle is the youngest of the Nettles sisters and Lynsey took her in when their parents both had passed away at a rather young age. Richelle never married and cared for Adalbert as her own child.


Family Friend: Albus highly respected Adalbert's father, he used to send correspondence when the now Headmaster was a student at Hogwarts to the elder Adalbert. Adalbert has the letters in one of his files at home. Dumbledore has been a family friend as long as Adalbert has been alive.


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