Character Information
Portrayed by Braeden Lemasters
Name: Adam Irving
Aliases: -
Birthday: June 8, 1927
Position: Hogwarts Ghost
Lineage: Muggle-born


Pale and translucent, Adam is the ghost of a boy in his early teens. His hair is a bit scruffy, especially at his neck and ears, and he has bright, wide eyes that often hint at yearning no matter his expression. His plain Hogwarts robes hang loose from him and, beneath them, the thin silver chain of a necklace runs down his chest.


Adam has lived in the same London apartment his whole life, though lack of maintenance has caused it to become a bit run-down over the last few years. His parents barely manage to get enough money to pay the rent and cover the bare essentials, and thankfully he's the only child they have to support. His father is a factory worker on a car assembly line, while his mother stays home and helps look after the neighborhood children. Adam himself has on occasion managed to scrape together a meager amount of coin by begging on the streets, but since both of his parents disapprove of that sort of behavior he doesn't do it very often.

Every year, Adam spends the summer on his uncle's farm out in the countryside. Not only is this Adam's favorite place to be, but it has the added bonus of relieving some of the pressure on his parents. His uncle served in the army during World War I, and over the years Adam has looked up to him as a role model. There is a small lake and woods not far from the farm where Adam spends most of his summer time swimming and climbing trees and playing with his cousins. Sure he has to do his fair share of work while he's living with his uncle, but he far prefers it to living in the city.

Throughout his childhood, strange things happened to Adam that he could never explain. Though he was convinced there was something different about him that set him apart from the other kids his age, it wasn't until the summer of his 11th birthday that he found out why. After some trouble at school (caused by a similarly inexplicable event), his parents decided not to send him to his uncle's for the summer and instead put him to work around the neighborhood. Upset about going a whole summer without getting to swim, Adam stormed about their small home until he suddenly realized that he was wading through waist-high water. It wasn't long before the wizards came knocking.


Adam Irving, 14, died Sunday, 7 July 1941, during a German air raid on Southampton, England. He was burn 8 June 1927 in London, England and had just finished his third year at Hogwarts, where he was in Hufflepuff house. His favorite subject was Transfiguration, and he hoped to one day join the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. Adam is survived by his parents, uncle, and two cousins. A private service was held 12 July in London.


  • Wealth: Poor
  • Naive
  • Afraid of the dark
  • Reckless
  • Gullible

RP Hooks

  • Hogwarts Ghost
  • Completed three years as a Hufflepuff student


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