Character Information
Portrayed by William Houston
Name: Adelphus Slughorn
Aliases: AS
Birthday: 7 September 1908
Position: Healer, Trauma/Magical Diseases
Lineage: Pure-blood


About six feet tall, this man is of solid build. He has auburn hair, cut into a clean parted style, and this color, along with his fair skin, mark him as likely having some sort of Celtic heritage. His brown eyes are rather deep-set, and his nose is wide and quite Roman in shape. He has a strong, angular jaw and bloodless lips, his mouth framed by notable laugh lines. The rest of his figure is trim while being neither athletic nor obviously ungainly. He has long arms and strong, dexterous hands.

He is wearing a three piece suit, with a tailored tweed jacket worn over a five button hunter green wool vest, the botton button of which is left open. His shirt is a pale blue Prince of Wales pattern, and is features a high, starched detachable folded collar, with which he wears a tightly tied four-in-hand rust-colored silk tie. His trousers match his suit, and are loosely fitted as well. His shoes are heavy brown brogues, and he from time to time wears a brown fedora with a black band and a small lime green feather.

Over his other clothes, he wears a voluminous robe of lime green that comes down to calf-length. It fastens at the neck but otherwise is open the rest of its length so it has a tendency to flap behind the wearer. The sleeves are loosely fit and hang down markedly, though they are fastened back so that they stop a bit behind above the elbow.


Adelphus Iain Slughorn was born on 7 September 1908 just outside Edinburgh, Scotland. His father, Rupert Slughorn, was a lawyer for the Ministry of Magic, and eventually took a seat on the Wizengamot as a Judge. His mother, Grainne (Grace) Quinn, was a member of that well-known family of Irish wizards who had emigrated to Scotland during the Irish diaspora. The second of three children born in four years, none of them twins, his family was fairly close-knit growing up, if for no other reason than he and his brother and sister were close enough in age to be playmates, and to be at Hogwarts together. Given his father's position as a bureaucrat, and his mother's work as a potionmaker, which she did when she wasn't home, his upbringing was comfortable, though not opulent.

In due course he entered Hogwarts in September 1920, just as the Muggle's war was ending. While most Slughorns are sorted to Slytherin, he for whatever reason was not, and went to Gryffindor. He found the academic rigor of the Healer's path appealed to him. He became a Prefect in his Fifth year. He took Ancient Runes and Divination for his electives, doing fairly well in the first and acceptably in the second. But devoting all his energies to his studies, he managed Es and Os in all of the required courses for a healer - Charms, DADA, Herbology, Potions, and Transfiguration. Eventually, he took NEWTs in all these subjects. He graduated with the class of 1927 and began his apprenticeship at St. Mungo's Hospital.

Now a healer of over 10 years' experience, Adelphus is looking to become a Master, probably focusing on trauma work, though he has other interests in both spell damage and magical diseases. Between his work at the hospital and a small private practice on the side handling general wizarding medicine, he is fairly well-to-do, able to support himself as a bachelor with no difficulty and afford the nice clothes of which he is fond. He continues to play chess, though, married to his work as he is, he isn't very good, and is, like so many, an avid watcher of professional Quidditch. While he is largely a generous person, his intelligence has made him sometimes difficult to deal with, and he tends towards sarcasm. He's quite driven to succeed as a healer, aiming for a Healer in Charge position, or even chairwizardship of the hospital.

RP Hooks

  • Healer: He's quite good at patching people up, and fixing those sick with magical diseases. If you need someone at St. Mungo's, he's usually around. He's especially fond of "interesting" cases.
  • Forensic Wizarding: It's not really a field. But Adelphus has found himself on the scene of one or two crimes, and has started to take an interest in figuring out what spells were used, especially on a particular (dead) victim.
  • Muggle Music: This is a new one for him, but a few people have turned him on to jazz, and he actually managed to get his hands on a phonograph and someone to show him how to work the blasted contraption. So, it's a budding interest.
  • Ambitious: He wants to move up the food chain at St. Mungo's Hospital eventually.
  • Blood Status: Adelphus doesn't have any strong feelings on blood purity. He is, however, a product of his environment, and so has a sort of casual bigotry about muggles, muggle-born wizards, and the like. He can probably be convinced to change his mind one way or the other under the right circumstances. Similarly, his politics support maintaining the status quo, for the moment at least.


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Sharp Dresser
  • Chivalrous
  • Sarcastic


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A frequent visitor to St. Mungo's. Adelphus was on duty the day of the infamous hexing. Their public interaction since has mostly involved trying to avoid eye contact.


A dealer in rare magical artifacts. She and Adelphus met over tea, and they've continued to stay in touch. Maybe there's more there, but that remains to be seen.


A master healer at St. Mungo's. Adelphus respects his obvious ability as a wizard and a healer. But something still rubs him the wrong way in the few times they've interacted.


They were in the same class year at Hogwarts. Did I just see in the Prophet that he got a teaching job there? That has to be a mistake, or there has to be some other Tasciovanus Burke running around. The one I knew couldn't conjure a rose out of a rosebush, for Merlin's sake!


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