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Character Information
Portrayed by Alexander Gilkes
Name: Adolphus Scamander
Aliases: Alphy
Birthday: March 9th, 1916
Position: Beater, Puddlemere United & Spokesperson, M.G.S
Lineage: Half-blood


Above average height at a towering 6'3, Adolphus carries himself with a sort of energetic pride rather than seeking to disguise his build. He's visibly athletic in build; of the toned sort rather than muscular bulk. Slightly overlong brown hair is kept rakishly swept back from his brow, lent some warmth by streaks of burnished gold in places. With expressive brows and an easy smile, the young man has an approachable air about him.

Today, he's neatly attired in a crisp pinstripe shirt, bronze tie and navy suit, with an overcoat of warm, tan wool buttoned and belted, the stiff collar upturned as the only hint of boyish rebellion at such propriety. His dark loafers are well-polished. All in all, he looks very well turned-out, even if his attire's not particularly expensive.



  • Famous: Quidditch Star
  • Honeyed Tongue
  • Friendly Face
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Dept. of Magical Games & Sports: Adolphus is the newly appointed spokesperson for this Ministry Department - though it's really considered more of a fan club than an official 'office'.
  • Quidditch Star: He's been a Beater for Puddlemere United for several years now. And he always makes the time to chat with his fans!
  • Notorious Bachelor: Unlike some others in his position, Adolphus never seems to be in the papers for womanizing. Maybe he's just not ready to settle down yet?


Logs featuring Adolphus Logs that refer to Adolphus



Little Sister: Roe's followed in the family tradition and become a Magizoologist with the R.C.M.C. She's the family member I'm closest to - we're pretty similar. Though I'm nowhere near as clumsy, thank goodness.


Little Brother: There's a bit of an age gap between Roe and I and our younger brother. But I'm still very fond. He's more solemn and scholarly than either of us and I expect great things of him in the future.


Auberon Scamander
Father: My father is a brilliant man. There's nothing wrong with having ambitions for one's children and I like to think I've done him proud.


Bethina Scamander (nee Bones)
Mother: Patience of a saint, my mother.


Uncle: I don't know our Uncle as well as Roe, I must admit. I've only really met him at the odd family gathering.


Newt Scamander
Famous Cousin: He's done well for himself, has old Newt. Fair play to him!


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