Character Information
Portrayed by Emily Blunt
Name: Adrienne Marie
Aliases: Adri
Birthday: September 22nd, 1917
Position: Musician
Lineage: Half-Blood


She has a face like the moon, pale and somehow wavering. One could get the gist of her features, but none of it will stick in their mind beyond an impression of beauty. Her long, long hair wafts around her like black smoke, its tendrils curling and moving of their own volition. Her eyes are a deep color of blue, not like the ocean but a sense that sapphires were set there at her birth. Finally, lips of deep red provide the final touch to this face, the lipstick applied perfectly.

Today she is wearing a beautifully tailored dress, cut close to her petite form, and giving a sense of propriety and fashion. The blouse of the dress is an off-white in color, pearl buttons binding it together. The neckline is low cut, but not enough to reveal anything inappropriate. A frill decorates the edges of the cut, laying gently along her chest. The skirt is a dark blue in color, matching the color of her eyes. It is cut down to just below her knees, flowing loosely around her long and toned legs. A black belt cinches the dress to her body, a silver clasp holding it in place. A pair of black heeled shoes finish the ensemble, a small strap around her ankles clasped with the same silver clasps as her belt.


Adrienne Marie was born in 1917 in a small town in the east of England, near Wales. It was a beautiful little town called Whitchurch, close to Stoke. Her mother, Claire Selwyn, was a pure-blood Witch who had moved to the small town in order to pursue her love of Herbology. There she met a lovely half-blood named Pierre Marie, who was the local musical teacher and maker of instruments. He had moved there after World War I with an English friend who had saved his life. Claire fell in love with his poetry and warm-smile and before long they were married. Adrienne, a half-blood witch now herself, was born into this small and warm home. The family loved their daughter, and she loved them back. At first the school she attended was a happy place to be. Days were spent learning or helping her mother, and evenings were spent learning the violin with her father. The family was comfortable, but not wealthy. They wanted for very little, and had that been all her life, Adrienne would most likely taken her father's place as the local music teacher. Disaster struck, however, when a battle between dark wizards and Aurors entered the town, and took the life of her father. Her mother, in her intense remorse, moved the family to London.

With Adrienne living in London now, she was invited to attend Hogwarts in the year 1929, her mother stressing Adrienne learn about defending herself against dark arts, afraid of losing her as she lost her husband. One of the few things she took with her was her violin, a memory of Pierre. At first it was Adrienne's intent to follow her mother's advice and focus on D.A.D.A. What she found, however, were Witches and Wizards who empathized with her and got her to focus on her music and learning Charms. D.A.D.A. and Charms were where she excelled, following the paths that she felt her mother and father would want her to go. She struggled through Arithmancy, and History of Magic, unhappy with the logical thinking that directly conflicted with her imagination. She dabbled a bit in potions, transfiguration, and Apparition. In her fifth year she had made close friends who enjoyed her music and encouraged her to continue. She went through her OWL's and continued with her education. She enjoyed her Charms and D.A.D.A. classes, and continued them through her NEWTS. Finally she graduated in 1927 and struck out into the world.

Adrienne followed a path to becoming a musician, but found it difficult to find other musicians who were interested in following the music she was creating. So she learned to enchant other instruments to play the music she created. This made her stand out in the Wizarding community. To supplement the income, she would often play in quartets for the Muggles, and they applauded her music as well. She has become comfortable, but not overly wealthy. Her name is known among her small community, which is enough for her. She is still single, focusing on her music for the moment, but her mother is still here and she has her as family. Adrienne enjoys her music, and the company of the small community she occupies. She also keeps close ties with her friends from Hogwarts who have gone on to do other things. She enjoys Quidditch and going to the games, but ask her names as she couldn't tell you who is what. She is now famous enough to start traveling, which is another joy of hers. She is a strong person now, cautious about dark wizardry, but enjoying her music and life. Had it not been for the professors at Hogwarts, it would be entirely possible she could have been a darker person. She is, however, warm-hearted and kind, and fiercely loyal to the school that possibly saved her heart.

RP Hooks

  • Music: She has a great love of music, and almost all forms and styles. She has become a great fan of jazz, but her true love will always be the classics.
  • Travel: She wants to see the world, and experience different cultures. So far she has been unable to, but she is finding that her music career is opening real possibilities.


  • Graceful
  • Phobia: Spiders
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Perfectionist
  • Romantic


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Pierre Marie
Father: (1892-1921) Blood-Purity: Half-Blood Her father was a musician, a teacher, and a great lover of the simple life. He found his great love, Claire, while living in England with a friend who had saved his life during World War I. His love for his daughter was boundless, and he shared his love of music with her. Unfortunately he lost his life during a fight between Aurors and dark wizards in the town they lived in.


Claire Marie nee Selwyn
Mother: (1894- ) Blood-Purity: Pure-Blood Her mother is a Herbologist and graduated from Hogwarts a Ravenclaw herself. She fell in love with Pierre while living in the small town, charmed by his poetry and his warm smile. She was happy until his death, and is now over-protective of her daughter as she begins exploring the world.


Selena Quailfoot
Best Friend: (1917- ) Blood-Purity: Half-Blood Her best friend from Hogwarts, the two are almost inseperable. Selena has gone on to a fashion career, designing robes and hats for the wizarding community. The two share a love of arts, and travel.


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