This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Playful and Annoying
Portrayed by Jada Facer
Name: Ahnaliese Brown (anna·lees)
Aliases: Ahna, Leesie (lees·see)
Birthday: August 14, 1927
Position: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Pureblood


Likely eleven in age, Ahnaliese possesses a soft quality with her expressive, hazel-brown eyes, round cheeks, and small, squarish chin. She also has a lot of long, loosely curling, brownish blonde hair, and long bangs obscuring her eyebrows.

Her Hogwarts robes and scarf are poor in cloth, and the seams of her jumper and skirt threadbare; yet, the lines of her white, oxford blouse, and pleated skirt are crisp, as if freshly pressed. The bold yellows edged in black mark her Hufflepuff, and are most distracting in her tie's black-and-yellow diagonal stripes. Her grey knee-highs and freshly shined Oxford booties match the look, and the latter also give her an inch or two.


In August of 1927 Ahnaliese was born to Abner and Clara (Meliflua) Brown, a middle-class family until her father's propensity for monetary speculation and spontaneous purchases landed the family in the downward, financial slope they presently find themselves in.

These circumstances, and a move from Southampton to Midhurst, shifted Ahnaliese's homeschooling from the arts (singing, cello, and piano) to the practical life skills of natural and magical gardening, sewing, knitting, and baking. It also brought her childhood frustrations to the surface through her blunt personality.

Recreational homeschool activities, games, exploration, tree-climbing, swimming, and wildlife and insect observations, especially that of spiders, took the rest of her time. Spider intrigue especially developed into book-study, as well as catch-and-release rescues. An intense interest in the moon, stars, and solar movements also took root with her, but without the aid of a telescope to propel her interest beyond her books.


  • 10-3/16 inches, unspecified wood and core
  • Nicknamed by Ahnaliese "The Lesser Wand"
  • Given to her father as a job payment
  • Does not always cooperate with Ahnaliese


  • Finicky: If Ahnaliese comes across as very picky about everything, what of it?
  • Impish: Some consider Ahnaliese playful, but some find her playfully annoying, or just annoying.
  • Outspoken: Ahnaliese can be outspoken, to the point of coming across as judgmental.
  • Presumptuous: If Ahnaliese sounds like she has someone or something entirely figured out, it may all be based upon her observations and assumptions.
  • Wealth: Poor

RP Hooks

  • Are you a prankster that doesn't mind getting in over your head with older students? Maybe there's a joint-target to be had?
  • Are you thinking Ahnaliese's robes and wand look second-rate for a pureblood? Perhaps there's a way to let her know and to get it off your chest?
  • From do-it-yourself domestic projects to Quidditch, maybe you've been looking for a partner, competition, or someone to lord your expertise over?
  • Do you know one of Ahnaliese's relatives? Perhaps they've told you how awesome she is? You could always tell her yourself.


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Abner Brown
Father - Born: 07/30/1900
. Pureblood - 2nd Child / 2nd Son of Radley Brown and Lacey Brown nee Thurkell.
. Married Clara Meliflua: 01/02/1921
. Siblings: Maddox Brown, Waldo Brown
. It's hard to respect him when all he does is figure out new ways to waste our money, and get mad at Ma'. When he's not grumpy he likes to tell jokes and stories, tease, and talk about politics with someone that agrees with him.


Clara Brown nee Meliflua
Mother - Born: 06/01/1900
. Pureblood - 3rd Child / 1st or 2nd Daughter of Nathan Meliflua and Scarlett Meliflua nee Abbott.
. Married Abner Brown: 01/02/1921.
. Siblings: Zach Meliflua, ### Meliflua
. I love my Ma'. We do everything together, and I tell her everything too, just like she tells me everything.


Zach Meliflua
Uncle - Born: 01/08/1882
. Pureblood - 1st Child / 1st Son of Nathan Meliflua and Scarlett Meliflua nee Abbott.
. Married Natasha Le'darre: 01/02/1921.
. Siblings: ??? Meliflua, Clara Meliflua
. He's nice, and sometimes he asks me questions, but I don't really know him. I only really see him at family events.


??? Meliflua
Aunt / Uncle?
. Pureblood - 2nd Child of Nathan Meliflua and Scarlett Meliflua nee Abbott.
. Siblings: Zach Meliflua, Clara Meliflua
. <This character is open for another PC family connection; contact MouseGirl / Artemis for more details>


Radley Brown
Grandfather - Born: 11/03/1857
. Pureblood - 2nd Child / 2nd Son of -?- Brown and -?- Brown nee Rashley.
. Married Lacey Thurkell: 01/02/1882
. Siblings: Odo Brown
. I like Grandpa. He likes to smile, tell stories, stroke his white beard, and talk politics with Pa' long enough for me to sneak off.


Lacey Brown nee Thurkell
Grandmother - Born: 04/06/1860 - Died: 05/12/1916
. Pureblood - 2nd Child / 1st Daughter of -?- Thurkell and -?- Thurkell nee MacDougal.
. Married Radley Brown: 01/02/1882
. Siblings: -?- <Undefined GrammaMaidenName>
. She died at St. Mungos before I was born, but Grandpa says she was really pretty and the best wife. Sometimes it makes him sad.


Cousin, Mother's brother's daughter - Clara > Zach > Artemis
· 38.0904
· Hufflepuff, Pureblood
. She makes Hufflepuff worth it. She's fun to tease, and ticklish, and her eyes light up when she talks about things she likes, like history. I kind of like listening to it.


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