Character Information
Portrayed by Owen Best
Name: Aiden Cearul Merrythought
Aliases: A, or Aid
Birthday: March 2nd, 1930
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Aiden is reasonably tall for his age standing at four foot ten, though he is very slim and slender in build weighing only around eighty five pounds. His skin very pale contrasted greatly by his thick wavy black hair that hangs to his shoulders. His hair tends to be a bit messy and unkempt when hes on holiday due to his constant time on his broom. His eyes are reminiscent of molten gold and he has a welcoming face and a bright smile that lights up his eyes when he smiles. He is most known to wear a button down shirt of black and green and a pair of casual trousers. If one didn't know any better they would say he looks fragile but he is definitely a handsome young man.Most who look at him see an unimposing and weak boy but this works for him as it leads to people under estimating him.
When in school of course he is often seen wearing his slytherin school robes.


13 inches inches, Ebony, Unyielding, with a Dragon heartstring core.



Aiden was born Aiden Cearul Merrythought on March 2nd, 1930 in County Cork Ireland. He was born to Argyle Merrythought and Donalda Merrythought whose maiden name was Donalda Moody. Argyle is the son of Padraig Merrythought youngest brother of Galatea Merrythought. Padraig Merrythought married Aisling Merrythought whose maiden name was Moody. Aiden is an only child so of course he is Argyle and Donalda's pride and joy and reasonably spoiled. Aiden is a pure-blood His family is tight knit and loving.

Aidens father Argyle met Donalda while at Hogwarts and fast they became friends their interests seemed to constantly coincide. Despite or perhaps because of the fact that Argyle was a Gryffindor and Donalda was a Ravenclaw. After their fifth year they both decided they wanted a career in Magical law enforcement and eventually settled on wanting to become Aurors. It was in that year that they fell in love. Two years after they had graduated and started with the Auror office they got married.

Aidens father Argyle was an accomplished duelist and Auror as well as a great flier so it comes as no surprise that Aiden himself had a natural talent on the broom. When he was with his father outside it was practice, practice, practice son for practice is the only way you will get better and achieve greatness in anything you do. His mother on the other hand was an Auror and left the Auror ranks when she found out she was expecting him. From that point on she was always the doting house wife and stay at home mother. His father would come home from work and tell him adventure stories. Possibly of his own adventures but never using his own name or that of whom it may or may not have been that his father may or may not have been chasing at the time. Its those stories that inspired Aiden to be the very best he could to dedicate himself to perfecting whatever it was that he set his mind to.

Growing up Aiden came from a family of comfortable wealth he never wanted for anything. He was always provided for and played with he spent most summers learning quidditch with his father. Over all Aiden had a happy childhood brought up with other young pure-blood children. He was brought up hearing stories of the great things his family had done over the years. These things brought a love for his lineage and his pure blood status. It was at this point that Aiden realized just how much blood status means to the wizarding world.

When he wasn’t learning and practicing quidditch or hearing the tales of his family, he was reading and watching his father perform other great magical feats. Aiden admires his father Argyle for his skill more than almost anyone. When he wasn’t spending time with his father or his friends he was with his mother. Donalda though eccentric and adventurous as are most in her line was also doting and loving. He saw the balance of magical skill and adoration that shaped him into the charismatic and adorable boy he is today. Aiden is set to start his first year at Hogwarts this year he is happy and excited to have been selected to attend Hogwarts.



  • Wealth:Comfortable
  • Purist
  • Arrogant
  • Egotistical
  • Over ambitious

RP Hooks

  • Pure-Blood: hes always willing to have a conversation with a fellow Pure-Blood.
  • Wizards chess: yes he plays do you? Would you care for a game?
  • Purist: he despises Mudbloods only slightly more than blood traitors.
  • Slytherin: Aiden is a Slytherin and loves connecting with others.
  • Merrythought: Aiden is a Merrythought by both name and blood are you one as well?
  • Moody: Aiden is a Moody by blood are you one as well?
  • Quidditch: Aiden loves to play Quidditch and hopes to play for his house team some day. To be a chaser or beater perhaps you have some advice or love the game just as much as he.
  • Auror family:His mother and father were both Aurors. His mother being a Moody comes from a long line of Aurors. Perhaps their parents worked together and they had playdates as kids or perhaps your family has heard of his parents.


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Argyle Merrythought.
Father: Aiden has a very close and loving relationship with his father Argyle.


Donalda Merrythought also known as Donalda Moody.
Mother: His mother doted on him and loved him as much as she fiercely protected him.


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