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Character Information
Portrayed by Rowan Blanchard
Name: Aislin O'Riordan
Aliases: Ash
Birthday: 2 October, 1927
Position: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Half-blood


Aislin (pronounced: ASH-lin) stands a bit under five and a half feet, slightly on the tall side for her age. She is beginning to develop a more womanly shape, but she is clearly still very much a girl. Brunette hair tumbles down past her shoulders in long, wavy locks, framing a heart-shaped face. Her large, chestnut brown eyes seem to dominate her features. An aquiline nose perches over pink, Cupid's bow lips that reveal dimples when curved into a smile.


Aislin O'Riordan (pronounced: ASH-lin oh-REAR-dun) was born on a dark and stormy night in Ireland — at least that's how she might tell it. The lass has always had the Irish knack for spinning a good yarn, and a bit of exaggeration is just the spice that keeps the story interesting. The truth is that Aislin's early life was fairly uneventful. The O'Riordan family lived in a simple Dublin flat with a leaky roof and cracks in the walls. The most excitement Aislin experienced was the occasional scrap in the street outside her bedroom window. For entertainment she had to subsist on listening to the local gossip…until she discovered books.


Aislin wasn't much of a reader until the age of eight. But after the triumph of completing her first short novel, she was hooked. She would save up every penny and shilling she could get her hands on, only to turn them over to the local bookstore in exchange for some tattered old volume full of grand tales she could only dream of. When the time came to attend Hogwarts, Aislin couldn't get on the Hogwarts Express fast enough. Her father had told her tales of Hogwarts's vast library, but when she finally saw it for herself, it exceeded every expectation. She knew immediately that she had found her new home.

In her time at Hogwarts, Aislin was a mediocre student in most respects. Her wandwork was average, but she excelled in those subjects that are primarily academic in nature, such as History of Magic or Astronomy. When not in class, she could usually be found deep in the library with her nose in some ancient tome, or somewhere on the school grounds with her quill flitting over the pages of one of her many journals, cataloguing every interesting thing that has happened to or around her.


Aislin cannot resist a juicy bit of rumour.
She loves everything about books: the musty smell, the creaking of a long-neglected spine, the feel of parchment pages, and of course the fascinating knowledge found within.
Aislin is dreadfully afraid of heights. The Grand Staircase at Hogwarts is a daily hell.
Wealth: Poor
Things are difficult in Ireland, and the O'Riordans are feeling it as much as anyone.

RP Hooks

Aislin is a witch from the land of Eire. Are you as well? She might feel a kinship with her fellow Irish.
Aislin keeps her ear to the ground for the latest news and gossip, and can't always keep her mouth shut about it.


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Domnall O'Riordan
Father: Da gave me my first real novel as a Christmas present. It was Jules Verne, Journey to the Center of the Earth. Some nights we would stay up all night, with him listening to me read to him.


Moyna O'Riordan (née Callaghan)
Mother: Ma is like a mother bear. Anyone tries to mess about with her family, and she's scarier than any of the hoodlums that live on our street.


Uncle: My Ma's brother. I've only met him a few times. He's a little scary, but Ma says I should trust him with my life.


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