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True Blue Oddity
Portrayed by Olly Alexander
Name: Ajax Peregrine Selwyn
Aliases: "Jax"; "Blue"
Birthday: Nov 1, 1921
Position: Ravenclaw Prefect
Lineage: Pure-blood

Younger Ajax


The first thing most people notice is the hair. It's wild and longish, sticking out in every possible direction. Apart from that, he stands five foot six and has a slender frame and a compact, lean build. His skin is fair and quite clear, and his expressive features are handsome enough, even a bit on the pretty side. Dusky blue eyes are set above an unremarkable nose, while his lips are modestly full and tinged faintly red. His jaw is thin but his chin well-defined. Then there's the blue hair: even his eyebrows are blue.

Ajax is wearing a rumpled white button-up shirt with a dusky blue waistcoat over it. The sleeves of the shirt are often as not rolled up to his elbows, and he wears no tie. He also wears plain gray trousers that are generally tucked into a pair of battered leather boots that were likely once quite expensive. Similarly, he swims in an oversized purple frock coat that likely cost quite a lot but has never been tailored to fit him.


The Selwyn stand among the most prominent branches in terms of lineage, boasting both Pure-Blood status and great wealth. Even more so, when Peregrine Egmont Selwyn wed Ceres Ignatia Lovegood, two wealthy families were joined and the couple became even more prosperous. They eschewed the country estates of their upbringing, however, instead choosing to live the city life in a posh London townhouse. When they had settled into married life, Peregrine returned to the ambition of his youth: Quidditch. He was sadly unable to make it as a professional player, but he spent some of his wealth to become a major investor in the Tutshill Tornados, and most of his time has been spent in that pursuit ever since. As for Ceres, she was certainly not idle, either. She became a prolific (and now fairly well-known) writer of how-to books. These are usually geared toward domestic and social spheres of a decidedly upper-crust nature, such as how to throw the perfect garden party or how to properly train one's house elf. When the two are not immersed in their respective professional lives, they are very active socialites and entertainers. One would almost take them for a childless couple, except that in 1922, four years after their marriage, Ceres did in fact give birth to a baby boy: Ajax Peregrine Selwyn.


Peregrine Egmont Selwyn and Ceres Ignatia Selwyn née Lovegood


Ajax's wand is 10", ebony, supple, with a unicorn hair core.



Ajax has a spotted eagle-owl named Altheda.



Ajax is a Ravenclaw prefect.



Ancient Runes, Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Magical History, Potions, Transfiguration

Of course, Pure-Blood families tend to be rather focused on keeping their blood status strong. Part of that means giving birth to strong, healthy children. Where exactly Ceres got the idea is unclear, possibly from some obscure bit of myth or the like, but she came to believe that she could brew a potion that would help her have a baby destined for greatness. So, she brewed the deep blue draught and drank it religiously during her pregnancy. Whether it worked or not is uncertain, but little Ajax was born special, undoubtedly — he was born with a full head of very wild, curly hair in a startling shade of blue. Sadly, this led to his parents rather feeling ashamed of him, even though they still loved him as best as they knew how. He was raised first by a nurse, then later by a governess named Enid Clearwater.

Enid was an ancient, matronly woman with a harsh temper and strict ways, but she loved little Ajax like he was her own and did her best to raise him right. The result was that, as a child disposed toward mischief and playfulness, Ajax experienced a variety of frequent punishments as he grew up. For some children, this might have made them miserable or serious, but much to Enid's compassionate exasperation, it only made Ajax more determined to act out. After all, it got his parents' attention, and even more importantly, he just loved to have fun. So, he grew up a whimsical and playful boy, but he also grew up as a compassionate and good-hearted one. When his Hogwarts letter came, neither he nor his parents were surprised, but Ajax was of course eager to embrace this new adventure.


Upon his acceptance to Hogwarts, young Ajax was taken to Ollivander's in London to select his first wand. He was chosen by a supple, ten-inch wand of ebony with a unicorn tail hair core. What no one expected was for little Ajax to wind up a Ravenclaw. His father had been a proud Gryffindor, his mother a wildly popular Hufflepuff, and the two had each hoped that he might one day overcome his "handicap" (the blue hair, of course) by proving himself successful in one of their old houses. Ajax did indeed prove a good student, demonstrating great intelligence and diligently applying himself to each of the classes he was given. As the years went by, Ajax proved an eager and able student, not favoring any particular subject over the others. However, he proved most capable in his Charms classes, displaying what seemed to be a natural aptitude for that sort of spellwork. Apart from classes, though, Ajax proved a rather offbeat and strange student.

His intelligence was exceptionally high, and he proved to be uncommonly strong-willed, but at the same time he seemed not to take anything much seriously, and despite doing well in his classes he tended to get in minor trouble for playing pranks and generally being a bit of a good-natured handful. In his third year, he proved quite good at ancient runes but not especially good at the care of magical creatures, and his transfiguration performance dropped slightly. He seemed committed to his studies, but at the same time he often seemed to be as interested in playfulness and acting out as he was in his studies. He lacked more normalizing social relations with others. In typical Ravenclaw fashion, though, his head of house decided to turn that around by making him a prefect in his fifth year. This seems to have given Ajax a much more pronounced sense of responsibility, and while he remains a bit socially offbeat, he has become a much more upstanding member of his house ever since.

RP Hooks

  • Pureblood Society: The Selwyns are a pure-blooded family with strong social ties. They inspire less polarizing responses than some; they are neither the most powerful nor the most inclined to have enemies. Instead, they are known for throwing grand parties and making many friends.
  • Prefect: Ajax is a prefect for house Ravenclaw, an honor that came as rather a large surprise to him upon its bestowal. Since beginning the position, he has done his best to defuse situations that might turn tense and keep students in good spirits through light-hearted humor.
  • Intolerance for Bullies: Ajax absolutely will not put up with bullies, even if there's no plausible way he has to stop whatever they're doing. This has always been a strong inclination for him, but since becoming a prefect he is even more emphatic in his position.


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  • Intolerance: Bullies
  • Muggle Minority: Homosexual
  • Otherworldly Appearance: Blue Hair
  • Wealth: Opulent



Best Friend - Ophelia Summerbee is a fellow Ravenclaw in Ajax's year at Hogwarts. The two have been friends and classmates ever since their first year, and though they have never made any flowery declarations about it, she is unquestionably his best friend and closest confidant. A major wand lore fanatic, Ophelia possesses a driving focus and life goals that Ajax both deeply admires and rather sorely envies. They have fallen out of touch lately, but Ajax still stubbornly thinks of her as his best friend.

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