Eagle Eyes
Portrayed by Lacey Chabert
Name: Akilina Yevpraksiya Moscovitz
Aliases: 'Mouse'
Birthday: May 15, 1926
Position: Student: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Russian, Muggle-born


Akilina is a young girl with a mousy look about her. She has fair skin which is red and splotchy with 'spots' and blemishes. Standing she's about 4'1" tall, and is approximately 75 pounds. Her hair is shoulder-blade length mottled dark brown hair that's worn down and a bit stingy in areas. Her rather squinty mouse brown eyes are magnified by the lenses of new tortoise shell frames that are what is called cat-eye frames. The outer corners come out to a point and are inlaid with a bit of brass in leafy designs. The new pair of glasses fits her small nose much better than the last pair that was known to give her such sliding fuss.

Because of her very small nose her glasses often are low on her spotted with acne cheeks. The natural state of her pale thin lips and the size of her front teeth is where she gets most of her mouse like appearance. Often parted are her lips as if she would like to say something. So slight is her chin it almost appears her mouth sits atop her neck. Round small ears that protrude some naturally, poke out substantially due to the weight of the heavy glasses that hang over them.

At the moment Akilina is wearing a Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry uniform. Rather notable by the blue and bronze colouring she must have sorted into House Ravenclaw. A grey vest edged in blue and bronze covers a crisp white Oxford shirt, buttoned from the belt-line to the collar and accented with a blue tie with narrow bronze stripes. The shirt is tucked neatly into a matching grey pleated skirt. Skirt and stockings meet at the knees, and black shoes are worn on the feet. Over all of this flows a voluminous black robe lined in soft Ravenclaw Blue fabric, unadorned except for a bronze eagle flying over a striped blue background sewn over the heart.


In the early parts of 1907, Andrei Moscovitz was tired of working for the public, and along with his son Anton, he started a trading business based in Saint Petersburg. And in a few years, they had built up a very respectable business, rumored to have contacts within the court of the tsar. In the early 1910s, the business was booming, and the future looked very bright for the Moscovitz family.

It was around this time that Anton met a woman named Alyona, and as the two spent some time together over the next months, he very soon knew that she was the one for him. And so, in the spring of 1915, the two got married in a wonderful ceremony in a small town not far from Novgorod. Everything looked bright for the family, but when things look the brightest, they usually turn darker.

For the Moscovitz family, that dark period was named 1917. It started with the February Revolution, and the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II. The actual revolution itself was bad enough, with all the strikes and demonstrations and such things disrupting business, but the aftermath with the abdication of the Tsar hit the business quite hard, both since the family was firm supporters of the monarchy, and because so many of their clients were members of the court. But they fought on to keep things going.

Then came the October Revolution and the start of the Civil War. Not wanting to stay in the country anymore, they sacrificed everything they had to get away from the country, and thanks to some of their connections, Anton and Alyona managed to get out of Russia, spending the rest of their fortune to get a small cottage in London. Unfortunately, old Andrei fell ill on the journey, and died a little while before they reached England.

At first, Anton was content with having a job so that the two could live in peace and relative quiet, but in November of 1921, they got their first child, a boy named Alexei, and then a few years later, the next one was born. And from then on, they kept getting more children, at an interval of about two years. So when the third one was on her way, Anton got himself job number two and three, followed by a fourth a few years later. It was a lucky thing that he's never been afraid of hard work.

It wasn't as big a surprise as it was for the family when her big brother Alexei received his invitation to Hogwarts, because by then there was some research done and both sides of the family actually had quite a few Squibs in each line some further back then others. But since both Alexei and Akilina both received invitations to Hogwarts it seems that perhaps the lines crossing is exactly what was needed for a little magic to spark in the bloodline. Alexei and Akilina have grown a touch closer. Since they have the unifying experience of what's become of them.

Akilina was a bit disappointed when she and her brother weren't sorted into the same House at Hogwarts. Alexei being put in Hufflepuff and her into Ravenclaw. It perhaps would have made it a bit easier being in the same house to cast away a great sense of loneliness. Even among the Ravenclaw House she's considered a nerd. But she works hard so that she can become a Social Worker for the Ministry of Magic and help children like herself that were thrown into a whole new world and come from Muggle families that aren't exactly the wealthiest and need some further help and guidance in their new lives. This job requires Exceeds Expectations grades in Charms and Muggle Studies. So she's doing her best to reach those goals. Often at the expense of working on her social skills.


  • Know it All
  • Perfectionist
  • Wealth: Poor

RP Hooks

  • Ravenclaw, Class of 1944
  • Victim - While I don't care for Victim RP, I'm not in a scene to make it all about 'oh poor Akilina!' I don't mind having her face the hardship her lineage brings with the purists.
  • Angst - Again, angst isn't my favorite either. But Akilina has a very hard time being away from home.


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Anton and Alyona
Mother & Father - Anton means invaluable and he certainly is. Without his diligence and heard work at -four- jobs the family would be even worse off than they are. It's often wondered by the small poor russian neighborhood they live in in London how they continue to propagate so many children, when Anton seems to hardly have the time to sleep! Alyona is a wonderful mother and wife. Though it was around kid four that her hands became quite full and she started to lean on Akilina for help. Akilina learned well from her mother and became a second mother to the small russian clan. Alyona means "Torch" as a feminine russian name. Alyona was named so because of her nurturing care that was like a warm hearth or home torch, lighting the way home.


Older Brother - Eldest of the children. He is four years older than Akilina. Alexei is sort of the protector of his siblings. Coincidence that his name means defender? Their father thinks not, Alyona is said by their father to have special powers to look into the eyes of her newborn baby and see their true name.


Older Brother - Second born of the children. He is two years older than Akilina. Anatoly is an adventurer, even as a baby he'd get into all nooks and crannies of their cottage.


Younger Brother - Fourth born of the children. First of Akilina's -younger- siblings, Arseni is a trouble maker, he has been caught playing with some flaming tinder from the fire when he was scarcely walking. As he grew he only got into worse things. He nearly burnt down the cottage several times in his youth. It's no wonder that Arseni was the child to stretch their mother thin. Arseni is two years younger than Akilina.


Younger Brother - Fifth born of the children. Afonos is quite the companion to Arseni's trouble making, he seems to think that he is invincible and his older brother's 'pranks' are just the way to test his theory and prove his immortality. Afonos is 4 years younger than Akilina.


Younger Sister - Sixth born of the children, second daughter, Akilina's first little sister. Akilina was so excited to finally have a sister! But after so many years having brother's Akilina was quite the Tom Boy among them. And Alisa was cherished as a rarity while Akilina more earned the wrap of the Middle Child -and- Second Mother. So Alisa was not exactly what Akilina pictured. Very prim and feminine, very entitled, very much Akilina's opposite and Alisa treated her more like a mother or servant there to take care of her whims then to play or spend sister time with Akilina. Alisa is 6 years younger than Akilina.


Younger Sister - Seventh born of the children, third daughter, Akilina's second little sister. Though she's barely out of her toddler years Anya is the sweetest little child Akilina thinks is in existence! Anya didn't crawl, she glided, she didn't walk, she danced. Akilina is convinced that they have the next star of the Russian Ballet in their midst. Anya is 8 years younger than Akilina.


Little Sister - Eighth born of the children, fourth daughter, Akilina's third little sister. Akilina was there when Anzhelina was born and was the first to hold the baby while the midwife attended their mother. Akilina even tried out her mother's supposed powers and looked into Anzhelina's eyes and actually named her when asked to. Alyona was very weak after birthing her eighth child and so it was Akilina who really stepped up and practically adopted her little sister as her own. Anzhelina is 10 years younger than Akilina and when Akilina received her invitation to Hogwarts she nearly declined so that she could stay and take care of her baby sister.



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