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Character Information
Portrayed by Richard Todd
Name: Alan Vincent Martin
Aliases: Alan, Aston
Birthday: Mar 28
Position: Pilot
Lineage: Muggle


Alan isn't as tall as some - about 5'10", with neatly parted dark hair, a slightly rounded face, and a mouth that doesn't smile overmuch. Grey/blue eyes seem ever-watchful, perhaps even wary.


Alan was born a Muggle in York in 1914, not long before his father Arthur joined the Royal Flying Corps. As a result, he was raised by his mother, Margaret, a schoolteacher: as an only child she was somewhat overprotective, especially after Arthur was shot down and killed over Le Hamel during the German push in 1918. Margaret was also very conscious of her class and upbringing, and as a result Alan has surprisingly little trace of a Yorkshire accent (although, truth be told, he can put on that or several other accents when circumstances demand.).

Leaving school at 19, he gained a place at Clare College, Cambridge, to study Mathematics: at the same time, he played first for the college, and then (on a couple of occasions) for the University, as a decent all-rounder at cricket (HS 64*, BB 4-29). He graduated in 1936 with a II.i degree, and proceeded immediately to enroll at RAF Cranwell as a trainee pilot, much to the dismay and disappointment of his mother, who understandably didn't want to lose her only child the same way she did her husband.

He has just passed out from Cranwell, and been posted to 812 Squadron: understandably, as yet, he has no real contacts. He left behind a girlfriend at Cambridge, Kate Sanders. Alan is somewhat stubborn (even to the extent of defying his mother over entering the RAF), but essentially chivalrous and a gentleman (again, blame his mother for instilling those values in him). He's fond of driving, and is looking to buy 'a nice motor' with his first few months of salary, and equally, hoping to find a local cricket team to play for.

RP Hooks

  • Hometown: If you're from York, you may have been taught by his mother
  • RAF/RFC: If you have family connections with the RAF/RFC, you may know of/have served with his father.
  • Cranwell: If you're newly trained as a RAF pilot, you probably trained with him at RAF Cranwell (class of '39).
  • Cambridge: If you went to Cambridge between 1933 and 1936, especially at Clare, in the cricket team or studying Maths, you may know him.
  • Cricket: Handy cricketer.


  • Stubborn
  • Chivalrous
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Accent Chameleon


Logs featuring Alan Logs that refer to Alan



Squadron Leader, commanding 812 Squadron, and thus Alan's CO. Also knew Alan's father during WW1.


Flight leader in 812 Squadron - another Cambridge man.


Arthur Martin
Father: now deceased, formerly a Major in the RFC. Killed in action over the Western Front in early 1918


Margaret Martin (née Kidd)
Mother: schoolteacher.


Kate Sanders
Girlfriend while at university.


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