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Character Information
Portrayed by Tabrett Bethell
Name: Aldercy Charmaine Wilona Preves
Aliases: none if you wish to live
Birthday: Sep 20, 1914
Position: Magical Law Enforcement
Lineage: Part-Veela (Half-blood)


Cold, detached, superiority is etched in the sharp cheekbones and chin surrounded by pale blonde hair. The slender woman carries herself with unconsciously regal grace, and her chin rarely lowers so that the stone gray eyes don't have to look on anything 'beneath' her. Her clothing is always impeccable, the best that money can buy, as well as the latest, and has been carefully kept looking brand new by the hands of house elves.


Family and Childhood

It is well known that the men of wealthy pure blood families must marry for one of two reasons, wealth, and/or a strong alliance. It was preferable to marry for both..
It was for this reason that Randeulf Preves, first born son of the Preves pure blood family of Caithness, considered long and hard before he brokered a marriage agreement with Yevhiney and Nadezhda Lisenko between his son Edric, and their daughter Leena, since he would have to choose between the two. While Yevhiney came from a long line of pureblood Estonian wizards, his wife, Nadezhda, is a veela, meaning that his son would be marrying a half breed witch. But he reasoned that the other half of Leena was still magical, not some dirty muggle with no talent whatsoever. The wealth that would be gained from the match, in the end, was worth one small glitch in the blood line.

Despite the blood status of his wife, Edric seemed to have a happy enough marriage, if their six sons was any proof. Their sons mostly continued the habit of Preves’ before them being in either Slytherin or Ravenclaw, mostly Slytherin. Their seventh child, Aldercy, was a lovely girl who took after her mother and grandmother in her magical beauty. As soon as she was born, Edric began the search for a suitable pureblood match for her, knowing that some among the prominent families would not consider Aldercy ‘pure enough’. By her first birthday, he’d found a match with the wealthy, and possibly slightly eccentric, Urquart family, and was confident that his daughter would be well provided for. Young Master Horatio was already three years old, and children of that age difference do not socialize naturally, but neither of the parents had any worries that by the time Aldercy was out of Hogwarts, the two would go on fine.

Aldercy was spoiled as only a daughter after six sons could be. As a child she wanted for nothing, and figured that she never should. As far as she’s concerned, she’s entitled to the best through her blood lines, her wealth, and that extra special bit of charm that comes from her Grandmother Nadezhda. She’s never actually demanded what she wants, as that would be rude. She just expects it. Extremely rare is the occasion in which she doesn’t get it.

Hogwarts Years

When it came to Hogwarts, Aldercy had all the advantages. Ollivander’s wand, best quality cauldrons and brand new books from the start. She was one of those effortless students, proving in yet another way that things ‘just come’ to her. However, if she did have need of a study partner, or someone to pair with for a class project at Hogwarts, she was always able to ask the smartest boy in class, and they would go out of their way to help her. One class she didn't help studying was Charms, and she enjoyed competing with her classmates and establishing her superiority.

As for Horatio, Aldercy hadn’t expected much from him during Hogwarts, given their age difference. Her mother had taught her when they were of proper age, they would be married, and that was all she needed to know. If he showed any interest in a girl his own age, she didn't display jealousy or possessiveness, indeed, affection wasn't a prerequisite to a pure blood marriage, so she had no need to bother with

As OWLs drew closer, Aldercy found the growing need to find a profession of suitable stature to match her breeding. A pureblood woman of the highest standard would also be accomplished as well as beautiful and talented. After some thought, she decided that the Wizengamot was the place for her. Witches and Wizards who sat in the Wizengamot were held in high esteem and it seemed the perfect occupation for her sense of, and need for, order. Her NEWTs courses were geared towards that ends, and she also began seeking summer internships within the Ministry.

When she became of age, Horatio finally took real notice of her when he returned to London for the annual Preves Boxing Day party. He made a special trip for the Hogsmeade Weekend of Valentine’s Day and rented a cottage. They spent quite a cozy weekend together as he showed her all about the birds and the bees. . It was a trip made more special by the fact that he had to come back from France, where was an attache to the Ambassador.

After Hogwarts

Once graduated from Hogwarts, she went directly to the Ministry and began her studies. She was determined to be a fully ‘accomplished’ witch by the time Horatio was finished in France, so as to be, in her mind, the ‘perfect’ bride for him. Even though she never spoke of it to anyone, her half-breed status was always on her mind, driving her to be the best possible witch. As with everything else in her life, she was able to arrange things to suit herself with little trouble.

She finished with her higher education, applied for, and received, a pupillage with Arthurmias Blackwell, one of the most highly respected and well known pureblood barristers. Having Blackwell on your CV is one of the most sought after references for witches and wizards with aspirations to joining the Wizengamot. It was no surprise that Aldercy had set her sights that high, or that she had succeeded.

Horatio’s stay in France had been extended, which gave her time to finish pupillage with Blackwell. They set a date for their wedding two months after she finished, which was also three months after his return. Since it had been planned practically since her birth, there was little more to do than send out the invitations and buy the dress. As she enters the second six of her Pupillage, she is close to having everything she wants. A highly respected position in Wizarding Society, an eminently suitable marriage to a pure blood wizard, and a continued wealthy lifestyle.

RP Hooks

Despite her 'disadvantage', the standing of the Preves family, and their hosting of one of The annual holiday season balls where anyone and everyone of the pureblood set goes to see and be seen, Aldercy is good connection to have.

Legal troubles? As an employee with Arthurmias Blackwell, she may be able to help you get the legal representation you need… if you can afford it.

Are you a mudblood? You can count on Aldercy to not be terribly friendly with you. In fact, it's not very difficult to push her into being quite horrid if you happen to be at all disagreeable to her.


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  • Wealth: Rich
  • Posh
  • Rigorous
  • Frail
  • Graceful
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