Character Information
Portrayed by Ezra Miller
Name: Alexander Wright Parkinson
Aliases: Alex
Birthday: October 23rd, 1924
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-blood


If unbridled teenage angst could be condensed into one being, it would be this young man. Alexander's dark, windswept hair tumbles across his brow, often into his equally dark eyes, which somewhat lessens the effects of the sanctimonious glower he levels at anyone who dares approach him. He's tall for his age, nearing six feet, with gangly limbs and a sparse build that signals either lack of appetite or overabundance of action. His cheekbones are high and his lips are full, a tint of pink upon them, which would most likely find himself to be the center of attention if it was not for the scowl on his face.

Whether dressed in Hogwarts uniform or casual clothes, he is unkempt and equally on edge, with his tie loose, shirt half-untucked, or robes wrinkled. He practically vibrates with uneasy energy. His usual go to outfit is the what would be classical Slytherin, minus the neatness and perfectionist portion. He wears a white shirt, long sleeves but are usually rolled up to just above his elbow, with an ashy colored basic five button vest, the Slytherin logo sowed into it over where his heart would be. While he knows how to properly wear one, Alexander's green and silver tie usually sitting on his chest over his vest, hanging loosely around his neck. His shirt is supposed to be tucked into well-fitting black trousers and he ends his outfit with simple black dress shoes.


Alexander Wright Parkinson was born on the 23rd of October in the year 1924 to Thomas and Alice (nee Greengrass) Parkinson. He was the eldest of their children and lived a privileged life, courtesy of being a favorite of his grandfather Cadfael on his mother’s side. While his father was busy mixing potions in an attempt to outdo his older brothers, his mother was instead very focused on family and pushed Alexander to not just pour his soul into what the family wanted him to do, but rather what he wished to do. With that in mind, Alexander made the personal decision to still study potion-making, but also decided to explore physical pursuits, becoming quite an athletic young man. Even after making these personal decisions however, Alexander was the one out of all of his siblings to be pulled and pushed around by his father, as though he might force Alexander into becoming the successful potion maker that he himself was not. This, naturally, ignited a spark of anger within Alexander that has slowly developed into an outright inferno through the years.

It was truly no surprise that Alexander was invited to Hogwarts, even less surprising that he was sorted into Slytherin within a few seconds of the Sorting Hat touching his head. As he entered his third year, whispers followed him through the halls from those that knew Alexander, shocked that he would have chosen Care of Magical Creatures as one of his electives, the other being the Study of Ancient Runes. Even more so that he excelled at it, nearly as great as he did in potion classes. While the two classes he did less than average in, Astronomy and Herbology (which he believed to be a waste of time) the rest of his classes had stayed at least at an average or greater. After forcing his way through OWLs, Alexander narrowed his way down to Potions and Care of Magical Creatures for NEWTs, the two subjects he excelled in the most.

Alexander is trudging his was through his last few years in Hogwarts with lots of glaring and silent groans, although one could consider it all to simply be an act. Sixth year is the year he decided to join the Art club, having only been in the Athletics club previously. Overall, Alexander has an almost rage that constantly surrounds him, causing most students to turn the other way, even though he has never acted unless provoked. He does not care what people think of him, preferring rather to do what he believes is right instead of what others want him to do. He has a habit of saying what is on his mind and can be considered brutally honest, but not to the point where he forces his honesty onto others. He is fiercely loyal and protective, although usually the realist of his friends.

RP Hooks

  • Creature Lore: He may not seem the type, but he has a special connection with Magical Beasts and cares greatly about them. Starting a conversation about them, whether positive or negative, will get his attention.
  • Athletics: Asking to go for a swim or to attempt to climb the walls of Hogwarts will make him raise an eyebrow before saying no, but at least you tried?
  • Bullying: While Alexander does not care to involve himself, he will without a second thought if he notices bullying. It does not matter the year or the House for either, Alexander will stop it.
  • Potions: Alexander being in a family of potion makers and being one himself, potions will always be a large portion of his life
  • Art: He is starting to open up to the idea of showing off the very little sketching he does. Because of this, he is more willing to start a conversation with someone about said subject.


  • Acute Sense of Hearing
  • Moxie
  • Protective
  • Pragmatic
  • Wealth: Comfortable


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Thomas Julian Parkinson
Father: (1889- ?) Pure-Blood. Even though it looks like the perfect little family, Alexander is not close to his father. Upon hearing that he will be home at the same time he is, Alexander decides to stay at Hogwarts instead. Which should tell you enough.


Alice Maude Parkinson nee Greengrass
Mother: (1892 - ?) Pure-Blood. Alexander is incredibly close to his mother. She supports all his decisions, even if they both know said decision was not good.


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