Character Information
Portrayed by Anton Yelchin
Name: Alexei Antonovich Moscovitz
Aliases: Lex
Birthday: Nov 11
Position: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Muggle-Born


He's a rather tall boy for his age, this young man that's looking to be in his mid-teens, and is standing about 5'8" tall, with a build that's a bit on the slimmer side of what's average. His brown hair is kept rather short on top of his head, and his green eyes keeps on watching the world with an equal amount of curiosity and suspicion. Other features includes nose and ears that's slightly larger than the average, and pale pink lips that frame two rows of teeth that's obviously well taken-care of. When he speaks, it is with a very light accent.

At the moment Alexei is wearing a Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry uniform. Rather notable by the yellow and black colouring she must have sorted into House Hufflepuff. A grey vest edged in yellow and black covers a crisp white Oxford shirt, buttoned from the belt-line to the collar and accented with a yellow tie with narrow black stripes. The shirt is tucked neatly into matching grey trousers that fall to the tops of black shoes. Over all of this flows a voluminous black robe lined in soft Hufflepuff Yellow fabric, unadorned except for a black badger standing rampant over a yellow background with black 'ermine tufts' sewn over the heart.


In the early parts of 1907, Andrei Moscovitz was tired of working for the public, and along with his son Anton, he started a trading business based in Saint Petersburg. And in a few years, they had built up a very respectable business, rumored to have contacts within the court of the tsar. In the early 1910s, the business was booming, and the future looked very bright for the Moscovitz family.
It was around this time that Anton met a woman named Alyona, and as the two spent some time together over the next months, he very soon knew that she was the one for him. And so, in the spring of 1915, the two got married in a wonderful ceremony in a small town not far from Novgorod. Everything looked bright for the family, but when things look the brightest, they usually turn darker.
For the Moscovitz family, that dark period was named 1917. It started with the February Revolution, and the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II. The actual revolution itself was bad enough, with all the strikes and demonstrations and such things disrupting business, but the aftermath with the abdication of the Tsar hit the business quite hard, both since the family was firm supporters of the monarchy, and because so many of their clients were members of the court. But they fought on to keep things going.
Then came the October Revolution and the start of the Civil War. Not wanting to stay in the country anymore, they sacrificed everything they had to get away from the country, and thanks to some of their connections, Anton and Alyona managed to get out of Russia, spending the rest of their fortune to get a small cottage in London. Unfortunately, old Andrei fell ill on the journey, and died a little while before they reached England.

At first, Anton was content with having a job so that the two could live in peace and relative quiet, but in November of 1921, they got their first child, a boy named Alexei, and this story is most about that boy. The first few years of his life were rather uneventful, being the only child and getting all that attention, but then they started coming
The first one was Anatoly. After Alexei had gotten over the fact that he was no longer the only one that deserved all his parents' attention, he and his younger brother developed a solid bond, that's stayed with them throughout the years. And from now, every second year or so, there was another new sibling. Akilina, Arseni, Afonos, Alisa, Anya and finally little Anzhelina.
Their father took on more and more work as they came, something that's sort of saddened Alexei a little bit, as he thinks their father is working himself too hard. So from he was old enough, he's done all he can to help, especially with things like repairing things at home and such things. It's made him realize that one of the best things he could do when growing up would be to get a job so he could earn enough money to make his family live a bit better.

Already when he was young, people could see that Alexei was a loyal person to those he called his friends. And to those that would fit in the category close friends, and family, he was fiercely protective as well, and a few times, he got in fights when someone did anything against his family. The summer after he had turned 11, there was a letter that came, informing his family that there was a place for him at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was a bit of a shock to the family, but after a while, it was decided that he should be allowed to go there. Research that was done from that point shows there were a few squibs back in both branches of the family.
So, to Hogwarts he went, where he was sorted into House Hufflepuff. At first, things were rather difficult for him, being that far away from his family, but in time he saw this as an opportunity to somehow earn enough to help his family get by.
He's kept a rather low profile for his first four years, working on learning as much as he can, both schoolwise and when it comes to other things he would need to protect his family, and manage to get those plans he's making for the future into motion. His electives are Ancient Runes and Care of Magical Creatures, and aside from the schoolwork, he's joined the dueling club. Lately he's had dreams about trying out for the house Quiddicth team as well.
When his sister Akilina came to school as well when Alexei started his fifth year, and was sorted into a different house, that was not something Alexei had hoped for, his sister being in Ravenclaw while he was in Hufflepuff, but he's still determined to keep an eye out for her.

RP Hooks

Quidditch - Alexei has been on the Hufflepuff House Team since second year and after Kaiden Sykes graduated it was Alexei that took over as Captain.
First Generation Brit - Alexei is the first Moscovitz to live far from Russian soil. The Russian culture is still pretty instilled in their home and Alexei can speak fluent Russian.
Electives - Third Year through Fifth Year he took Ancient Runes and Care of Magical Creatures. Were you in class with him? There's something about specialized study of electives that allow people with common interests to get to know each other.
NEWTS - Alexei takes Charms and Care of Magical Creatures for his NEWT courses. With the class populations being so much smaller in NEWT years, it's hard not to know fellow classmates.


  • Ambitious
  • Loyal to Friends
  • Overconfident
  • Protective
  • Wealth: Poor


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Anton and Alyona
Mother & Father - Their parents. Alexei loves and respects them both very much, and wants to do what he can to make sure the two of them won't have to work themselves too hard anymore.


Younger Brother - The adventurer. Closest in age, and so one of those Alexei is closest to of his siblings.


Oldest Little Sister - Alexei is proud of what she's done for the family, and is also trying to always be there when she needs someone to help her and protect her.


Younger Brother - Fourth born of the children. Arseni is a trouble maker, he has been caught playing with some flaming tinder from the fire when he was scarcely walking. As he grew he only got into worse things. He nearly burnt down the cottage several times in his youth. It's no wonder that Arseni was the child to stretch their mother thin. Arseni is six years younger than Alexei.


Younger Brother - Fifth born of the children. Afonos is quite the companion to Arseni's trouble making, he seems to think that he is invincible and his older brother's 'pranks' are just the way to test his theory and prove his immortality.


Younger Sister - Sixth born of the children, second daughter. The little Princess-


Younger Sister - Seventh born of the children, third daughter. Alexei hopes he'll be able to help her achieve her dreams.


Littlest Sister - Eighth born of the children, fourth daughter. The youngest of the siblings is someone Alexei hasn't spent that much time with, due to school and such.


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