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Character Information
Portrayed by Allisyn Ashley Arm
Name: Alicia Rowle
Aliases: -
Birthday: Jan 20, 1928
Position: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Pure-blood


Slender and somewhat lanky in build, this young girl can hardly be more than 11 or so. Her face is thin and pale, adorable in a quirky sort of way, with ears that stick out just a bit too much on the side. Her hair is a light reddish brown, with bangs cut across her eyebrows, and it accents the lovely green of her often distracted eyes. She wears the black robes and uniform of Hogwarts, with a yellow and black tie and crest that indicates she was sorted into Hufflepuff.


Alicia Rowle was born on the 20th of January 1928 in Winchester, Hampshire, England, the third child of Adam Rowle and Lilith (nee du Bois, born Lille, France). She had one sister, Amber who was 3 years older, and one brother Anthony who was born in 1921. The Rowles, of course, were Pure Blood, as were the du Bois. All the Rowles were avid readers, needing Lilith to try and keep their feet on the ground rather than idly daydreaming of other things, but overall it was a loving family, if somewhat distracted.

The children were raised bilingual from birth by their parents, English/French. Later, tutors would be bought in, or the children would be sent out to them, to pick up classical Greek (including smatterings of 'The Magical History of Troy'), Latin (The lost Prophesies of the Cumaean Sibyl) and the magical philosophers of the German and French Enlightenments (von Kruggendorf and Le Bret in particular), all of which were viewed as necessary to getting the very best from later education at Hogwarts. The German she read in translation though her brother Anthony read it in the original. Alicia was better at music than languages, speaking the minimum her family considered literate. Music and numbers were her passions, she could get lost in either, exploring mental realms that had little relation to reality.

Pets. The family had a bad rep with pets until they turned to owls. Owls can hunt and feed themselves. There were a number of unfortunate incidents with rats in cages before this was learnt. They need to be fed. And now she has been sent to Hogwarts, owl in cage, violin in case and a list of books she wants to get from the library. Maybe regular classes will get her focussed on reality ? Or maybe she'll miss them too. Who knows. But it will be fun finding out!

Recently, after reading some spectacularly written high-flying tales, Alicia found herself getting interested in Quidditch, much to the surprise of all who know her. After a summer of practice and some nasty hits, she found herself trying out and successfully getting the Keeper position for the Hufflepuff team, making herself something of a fish out of water on the team.

RP Hooks

Take her elder brother's love of books and quadruple it. The only thing she cares more about is him. A good book could lure her anywhere at anytime.
The other physical thing she cares about is playing the violin. Music is like numbers to her, a theoretical universe much preferable to reality.
She is (as of this writing) Keeper on the Hufflepuff House team.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Naive
  • Gullible
  • Loyalty : Anthony Rowle


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Brother Her hero and idol.


Amber Alicia's older sister, on good terms currently.


Siegfried Rowle
Great-Uncle Deaf and slightly insane elder relative who spent 30 years perfecting an anti-flea rune.


Adam Rowle
Father: Vague but affectionate, her father was born in 1901, and known as an explorer and magical anthropologist.


Lilith Rowle
Mother: The focussed one of the family, born in 1902, she shared the family's bookish traits, but was the only one of them with her feet on the ground and clear-sighted.

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