This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Alis returned to Scotland to tend to family matters.

The Guard Dog
Portrayed by Lindy Booth
Name: Alistria May Orpington
Aliases: Alis
Birthday: May 24, 1910
Position: Wizarding Security
Lineage: Pure-blood


Standing barely half an inch over five feet in height, this woman is possessed of a petite frame to match her diminutive stature. Flame-bright red hair is cut in a bob, falling straight to just brush her shoulders, and her bright blue eyes are alert and attentive. Her face is comprised of features that are feminine without being the least bit delicate or fragile: lightly rounded cheeks, straight nose, strong jawline and slightly squared chin. In spite of her lack of height, the way she carries herself suggests that she is more than capable of handling herself.

Her wardrobe consists primarily of what one might expect a Muggle businessman to wear, tailored to fit her more feminine figure, and robes that allow freedom of movement withough getting in her way. She dresses primarily in neutral colors, often white or black with a splash of dark red or maroon to complement her hair.


The Orpington family is a small, very minor Pure-blooded family that's existed on the fringes of wizarding society for several hundred years. Primarily Sorted into Hufflepuff, they have typically gone into service for others, and are rarely given a second thought.

Alistria May Orpington was the third of four daughters born to Mundagus and Esther Orpington. Her father was a carpenter, her mother a homemaker, and her elder sisters Victriola and Roberta were nearly ready for Hogwarts by the time she came along (younger sister Carletta followed two years later). From a very early age, Alis demonstrated a fierce independence as well as a nigh-insatiable curiosity, and it was not much of a surprise when she was sorted into Gryffindor upon arrival at Hogwarts.

Having come to the school already a curious child, Alis flourished in the Hogwarts environment, particularly in those classes which required active uses of magic. She was initially known for her carefree spirit, her ability to make friends with nearly everyone she came across, and her cheerful disregard for interhouse politics (and wizarding politics in general). As she grew older and more experienced in magic, she also gained a reputation for getting in trouble: in defiance of the status quo, Alis took it upon herself to step in whenever she saw any student picking on another. On several occasions, this meant opposing her fellow Gryffindors, in defense of Slytherin students.

By the time graduation rolled around, Alis had been Cassius Malfoy's unofficial bodyguard for a handful of years. Having learned what she could of both offensive and defensive magic from Hogwarts, Alis embarked on a journey to learn more from other masters in the field around the globe. Precisely how she managed to pay for this trip is not entirely known, though at least part of it was funded by odd jobs she worked in the course of her studies.

For the better part of the last decade, Alis has returned to her hometown of Oban only a handful of times, preferring to spend her time in other countries. In spite of her travels, she did not pick up any other languages, though her skill with wandwork has vastly improved. Somewhere along the way, she learned to dance, and she's also picked up some skill with a handful of Muggle martial arts, in an effort to expand her knowledge in the defense of herself and others.

Recently, however, her father was fatally injured in an accident while working on some rather routine repair work for a Muggle neighbor down the street. Alis' return to the UK was unexpected, and she has been living at home with her mother while looking for employment and lodgings in London.

Recent History:
Shortly after her return, Alis accepted employment with Cassius Malfoy, resuming her position as his bodyguard and moving into his home at Berylwood.


12 inches, yew, slightly springy, with a dragon heartstring core.



Wealth: Well-To-Do Cassius pays his staff quite well, though as Alis is living in his home, she really has no use for most of the salary she's drawing. It goes to an orphans' charity.
Ambidextrous While she tends to default to using her right hand, Alis can use either hand equally well. For brawling, spellcasting, etc.
Paranoid Alis' profession as a bodyguard requires a certain level of constant vigilance, but she's inclined to take it to the extreme, and is incredibly paranoid, both on her own behalf and that of anyone she's decided to look out for.
Loyal While Alis' trust is hard to come by, once it's won she's an incredibly loyal, faithful and true friend.

RP Hooks

  • Hogwarts Alumnus: Alis attended Hogwarts from 1921-1928, and while she didn't play Quidditch and wasn't a Prefect, she was difficult to ignore. The years since graduation haven't changed her much.
  • World Traveler: Alis has spent most of the last decade traveling and learning various security techniques. Maybe you've bumped into her somewhere?
  • Ministry: Alis has recently taken to keeping company with Cassius Malfoy, as his bodyguard. This includes spending lots of time at the Ministry.
  • Unity: In addition to playing bodyguard to Cassius, Alis is a vocal supporter of his cause.
  • Security: Alis has something of a reputation among those in the security business, and a personal interest in the subject.


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My closest friend since we were children, and I'm glad we've found each other again. His political aspirations may draw enemies, but I will do whatever I must to keep him safe.


I've begun to wonder if it's Rhyeline's inner strength that somehow draws so many dangerous people to her. I still can't seem to explain why I feel so protective of her, but now that we're working together with Cass it's no longer a conflict of interest to make her safety a priority.


She was kind enough to let me stay with her when I was in need of a place, and her assistance with my wardrobe has been invaluable. We were good friends back in school, and while it's been some time since we've spent time together, that bond of friendship is still there.


Gorgeous, dangerous, and incredibly sexy. It's really a shame that Cass is so opposed to my spending quality time with his brother. If that should happen to change, however…


I'm not quite sure what to make of the eldest Malfoy. She was an idol of mine when I was younger, but I don't think she approves of my position as Cass' bodyguard. Ordinarily, it wouldn't bother me, but given he holds her in such high regard, I shall have to make an effort to win her over. Somehow.


Mrs. Black is quite possibly the most dangerous of Cass' women, but the danger she presents is one he's capable of handling himself. She's offered herself as a dance partner I might practice with, and I may well take her up on that.

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