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Character Information
Portrayed by Arthur Darvill
Name: Alistair Woodcroft
Aliases: Al
Birthday: June 30th, 1906
Position: Deputy Mayor of Hogsmeade
Lineage: Half-blood


A man of average height at five feet eight inches, Alistair Woodcroft carries himself with severe poise. Fair skin and blue eyes grace his neatly shaven face. He maintains a magnificent set of golden sideburns. His dark blonde hair, long enough to cover his ears, reaches to his collar in the back. His long, thin fingers are neat and smooth, with neither callous nor scar. He walks with a determined air, singlemindedly focused on his destination in front of him.

Alistair favors fashionable clothing when out and about. He wears high-waisted pants, white shirts, vests and jackets. His jackets tend to be plaid in pattern, though occasionally he is seen in solid colors. Instead of a necktie or bowtie, Alistair wears cravats to convey a thoughtful air of elegance.



  • Quirk 1
  • Quirk 2
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

Deputy Mayor of Hogsmeade
As the second most powerful man in Hogsmeade, Alistair is responsible for managing most of the day-to-day affairs of the village, such as keeping the books on the village treasury, arbitrating disputes between businesses, and overseeing public works projects.
Hogsmeade Royalty
As a Woodcroft, Alistair is part of the pseudo-dynasty that has led Hogsmeade since it's founding by Hengist of Woodcroft. He is expected to become the next mayor after his father, Ryan Woodcroft.


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