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Portrayed by Skandar Keynes
Name: Alphard Pollux Black
Aliases: Alph
Birthday: April 20th, 1922
Position: Auror Trainee
Lineage: Pure-blood


A tall, dark haired young man of about seventeen, Alphard looks like a stereotypical member of his House. His eyes are dark brown, nearly the same color as his thick, dark hair which hangs loosely around his head. He has pale skin, deeply hooded eyes, a strong nose, and a pair of narrow lips, all working together to give him a generally pensive sort of look. His build is muscular, his shoulders broad, and he tends to stand tall, with his head held high and an obvious confidence about him. Though he is fairly good looking, his airs of arrogance tend to be off putting to most.


Born to the Black family, as the oldest child, with two younger siblings, Walburga and Cygnus, as he was, Alphard had a fairly typical Pure-Blood childhood. The Black family knew it was better than ninety percent of the people it interacted with (including some of the other Pure Blood families in the area) and Alphard's upbringing led him to become somewhat spoiled, getting frustrated easily when things didn't go his way, and shrilly demanding that things change to accommodate him. As being the oldest child meant he often got his own way, leading to him never really learning to deal with being denied anything in life, resulting in shrill tantrums, and an angry, brooding personality when things don't work out perfectly for him at Hogwarts. Alphard developed a phobia of spiders at a young age, when a careless House Elf neglected to notice the young Black in had snuck into the wine cellar after him. Alphard got locked inside and, with no way to find a light, stumbled into more than a few spider webs, trapped in the darkness while they crawled all over him and he screamed and shrieked until he was, finally, let out. While Alphard was no worse for the wear (besides a fresh new phobia), the House Elf that made the mistake was beheaded, its stuffed head going on to join the mounted house-elf head collection in the Black Home, as a warning to new servants about the price of failure.

Upon his arrival to Hogwarts, Alphard was sorted (as expected) into the Slytherin house, where he began to show some aptitude in Defense Against the Dark Arts. He also joined the Quidditch team as a Beater. His family's wealth and his pure blood upbringing making him able to afford and have a familiarity with the equipment necessary to make him a valuable member of the Slytherin team. He took up the dueling club as soon as he was able as well, and he has worked studiously to become proficient in it. His competitive nature leading to him wanting to dominate there, as he assumed he would do on the Quidditch field.

RP Hooks

  • A member of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black.
  • A more than occasional bully. If you need someone to pick on your character, look no further! Usually he hunts in a pack of fellow Slytherin and Magijugend boys. Page me if you want to be part of it! I'm also cool with Alphard getting his occasional come-uppance.
  • Loves Quidditch. His favorite team is the Falmouth Falcons. He was a Beater on the Slytherin Quidditch Team.
  • Is quite serious about his intent to become an Auror, albeit for all the wrong reasons.
  • Spent the summer of '39 as an Auror's Apprentice. Presently enrolled in the Auror Training Program.


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Snob (Classist)
  • Loyalty to Black Family
  • Phobia: Spiders

School Results!

Classes Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Astronomy T T P T D
Charms E E E O O E E
Defence Against the Dark Arts O O O O O O O
Herbology D P P D A
History of Magic P P P A A
Potions A A A A E E E
Transfiguration E A E E O O O
Flying E
Care of Magical Creatures A A A
Arithmancy A A E A A

Clubs and Other Extracurricular Activities

  • Duelling Club: Alphard has been a member of the duelling club since he came to Hogwarts. During the early years he was known more for whining about cheating mud-bloods who shouldn't even have been allowed to wield a wand, let alone compete, than his actual accomplishments. Over the latter years he's become a fairly competent duelist, however.
  • Quidditch: Alphard is an enthusiastic Quiddich player, which is both his favorite sport and passtime. He's been a Beater for the Slytherin Team since his 3rd year. His grandest moment was in the winter of '38 when he led the Slytherins to victory against the Gryffindors while one man down. He will wistfully recount the tale until the day he dies.
  • Magijugend: As one of the first members to sign up for the newly created Magijugend, Alphard was deeply frustrated when he was passed over for Overseer. For a while he thought of quitting the stupid and unappreciative club. Then came '39 and he was made Overseer. All is forgiven!
  • Broom Club: In his 2nd - 5th year he was a member of the Broom club. He dropped the club in his 6th to focus on his studies.
  • Chess Club: In his 6th year he was briefly a member of the Chess Club, since dropped to facilitate more time for studies.
  • Halloween Costume Competition, 1938-39 - 1st Place: Grand Prize as the poor wizard hanged and burned by evil Muggles.


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The Pacifist Prefect
Pure Blood
Zayn is an oddball, but he's not too bad. For the most part we seem to get along.


Team mate
Pure Blood
I can understand why some might find Jenny somewhat crass and unreliable, but they haven't played Quidditch with her. She's solid, loyal, and in the end I know what she really thinks of Muggles. If she sometimes gets impulsive and associates with the wrong kind.. well, I'll chalk that up to an unconventional upbringing.


The Transfer
Pure Blood
Prefers 'Azam' over 'Prince'. She seems alright. Apparently her old school did things the way they aught to be done, with the Muggleborns in their proper place from the start.


Magijugend Prefect
Pure Blood
Me and Abraxas get along right well. We have the same background and the same ideas.


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