This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Tomboy of the Rowles
Portrayed by Caitlin Dwyer
Name: Amber Rowle
Aliases: Am
Birthday: April 1st, 1925
Position: Gryffindor
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Slender and athletic, and standing at about five foot even, this girl appears to be about fourteen years old. She has a pretty, refined face, and dark eyes that are both keen and slanted slightly toward the edges. Her skin has the warm glow of one who spends as much time outdoors as possible, and a cute smattering of faint freckles pepper their way across the bridge of her nose and cheeks. Her hair is long, straight as an arrow and a dark reddish-brown; and more often than not, it appears to be just a bit wind-blown and unkempt.

Her uniform indicates that she belongs to the Gryffindor House. A red and old edged vest is worn over a white blouse which is fastened at the neck by a Gryffindor tie. Her pleated skirt comes down to just below her knees, and she wears black stockings as all girls do. A tailored obsidian robe fits her rather nicely (when she bothers to wear it,) and is lined in a rich colour with a Lion crest in glittering gold embroidered over the left breast.


Born on April 1st, 1925, Amber would become the proverbial middle child of the Rowle family. Hailing from Winchester, Hampshire, England, she is the daughter of Lilith (nee du Bois, born in Lille, France) and Adam Rowle. Sandwiched between her two siblings, Anthony (big brother) and Alicia (little sister) Amber has always been one to forge her own path in life. If one must be a middle child, one might just as well walk a wibbly-wobbly line down the middle.

The Rowles are known for being a respectable, scholastically inclined Pure-Blood family, but Amber has always been more keen on experiencing the world first-hand, instead of just reading about it. In this, she takes after her mother, a field anthropologist. From a young age, she has been obsessed with water, learning to swim and sail on the river, and in the nearby sea. She is quite the tomboy when compared to the rest of the family, enjoying active pursuits such as climbing trees and hiking. Although keen on learning, focusing on books and lessons can sometimes be a trial to Amber - and to her family as a result. However, the Rowles are a loving (if somewhat distracted) family.

Previous to her enrollment in Hogwarts in 1936, she was taught bilingually from birth, learning French from her mother, and English from her father. Private tutors naturally followed; and they often found themselves spending a great deal of time looking for the little black sheep, rather than teaching her.

Unlike her siblings, Amber was sorted into Gryffindor House, a seemingly good choice, given her proclivity for outdoor pursuits. As a student, she has excelled in Transfiguration and Conjuration; and she gets a great deal of enjoyment from Broomflying whenever the opportunity arises. Her interest in sailing also feeds into her interest in Astronomy; and she studies wind and water spells with a view to aiding in her sport of choice. Her head is often in the clouds with daydreams and deep thoughts, but not so much that she can't be brought back down to earth when need be.


  • Curiosity
  • Tomboy
  • Plucky
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • Part of the Rowle family - though frankly, shaping up to be a black sheep.
  • Tomboy. If you're expecting a young upper-class lady… you're in for a surprise.
  • Curious, adventurous and keen to see the world.
  • Water, water everywhere. Amber loves the water. Sea, lake, river, stream, pond, pool, puddles, rain… if she isn't toying with it, she wants to be on it or in it.
  • Boating. Amber is terribly keen on absolutely everything about sailing.


Logs featuring Amber Logs that refer to Amber



Adam Rowle
Father: Bookish, quiet, placid and genial. An absolutely lovely man, and Amber is lucky to have him for a dad. Although, truth be told, she is the one apple that fell furthest from the tree.


Mother: Head only slightly in the clouds, Mum's feet have always been firmly planted on the ground. Amber seems to have taken after her more adventurous mother, but has taken it to a whole new level.


Big brother Tony. Amber loves him very much, and looks up to him… but don't let him know that. It might go to his head, and it's already quite large enough as it is!


Little sister Alicia. All the musical talent got sorted by fate to Alicia, and she in turn was sorted into Hufflepuff. She likes books even more than Tony does, and has a better grip on classical literature than I do. But still, we have our daydreaming in common.


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