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Character Information
Portrayed by Dylan Everett
Name: Ameinocles Lysander Mulciber
Aliases: Locks
Birthday: 31 October 1923
Position: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Pure-blood


Ameinocles, known to his classmates as Locks, is a seventeen-year-old boy. At five foot nine, he's a nimble individual with strong fingers and steady hands. He has brown hair, often untidy at the length he keeps it, and deep brown eyes, and a strong jaw that can set very stubbornly when his mind is made up about something. But just as often he has a warm, friendly smile on his face, especially for those he knows.


Ameinocles "Locks" Mulciber was born in the city of London. He is the first born of Xatanna Moody and Epeius Mulciber. Xatanna and Epeius were married shortly after graduating Hogwarts. Xatanna focused on her career as an Auror working closely with the Minstry. Her reputation as an Auror grew, yet her straight forward sassy attitude was quickly linked with it. Epeius focused his time on his intellectual pursuits. He became known for being quite the inventor. As they grew older, things changed when Ameinocles was born forcing Xatanna to retire and take a desk job. She loved being a mother and is quite protective of her son. Her protective nature is still talked about at Mungo's when her son had his bee accident. The Mulciber Dynamic worked very well until Clarissa was born when Ameinocles was five. He hated her at first because of all the attention she got, yet is quite protective of her now. It could be due to her getting sick when she was young nearly dying. He saw how much it tore his mother apart and the strain it put on their wealth. They have recovered now and live quite comfortably but are not as rich as the other Mulciber's.

Like kids his age, Ameinocles got his acceptance letter at the age of 11. He started his first year being sorted into Ravenclaw. As a student , Ameinocles excelled and was placed in the correct house. Whereas his personality, many thought he should have been a Gryffindor like his mother. Ameinocles passion for learning and desire to become an inventor put him on the path to becoming a Ravenclaw. As he grew older, he started gaining an interest in metals. Which grew into locks and locksmithing. By the end of 3rd year, he created a lock box of detailed design. The students began to call him, "Locks." His talent for locks gave him the reputation as being the 'Lock Whisperer'. Ameinocles's knowledge of locks and how they are made is growing. He could easily become one of the wizarding world's experts by the age of 18 if he continues on the path he is going.

As he begins his 5th year, Locks has decided that he is going to try and improve on his social skills by joining a number of clubs. He has joined the Broom Club, Dueling Club, Chess Club. He hopes that Broom club will enhance his love for flying, while Dueling club makes his mother proud. While the Chess Club will keep his mind sharp. He requested to be a student aide after his father suggested it because it gives him an opportunity to teach and maybe one day when he is older to return to Hogwarts and become a teacher himself. Even with all the clubs, Locks has a busy schedule with Charms, Potions, Transfiguration, and Dark Defense on his roster. His talent for charms has helped him with locks in the past, who knows what spell he might come up with in the future for locks and puzzles.

RP Hooks

  • Known for his talents with locks of all kinds: doors, chests, you name it. Need a locksmith?
  • Comes from a famous family. Do you expect great things from him?
  • As a Ravenclaw and a student aide for Transfiguration, maybe he helps you with your classes.
  • Chaser for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team.
  • Member of the Broom and Duelling clubs.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Allergic to Bees
  • Ambidextrous
  • Famous Family
  • Lock Whisperer


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Xatanna Moody
Xatanna is an Auror known for being brash, straightforward, and sassy. Emotionally, Ameinocles is closer to his mother than his father, and Xatanna adores her son and would do anything for him.


Epeius Mulciber
Epeius is a genius inventor. Although the relationship between Ameinocles and his father might seem cold and distant, their conversations are filled with passion when discussing their projects.


Clarissa Mulciber
Clarissa is Ameinocles's sister, and she's in her first year at Hogwarts. She was placed into Slytherin, which Ameinocles has mixed feelings about. He's disappointed that she's not in Ravenclaw with him, but he still feels protective towards her.


Dae is Ameinocles's brother and youngest sibling. They don't talk much, especially since Daedalus hasn't started school yet, but he's even more fiercely protective of him than he is of his sister.


Phae is a genius like Ameinocles. The two have a lot in common on an intellectual level, but on a personality level they couldn't be more different. Even so, and even though they aren't the closest yet, he'll still be there for his cousin.


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