This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Character Information
Portrayed by Tahar Rahim
Name: Amir Prince
Aliases: Amir Azam
Birthday: 14 March, 1914
Position: Egyptian Ambassador, I.M.C.
Lineage: Pure-blood


Tall and whipcord lean, this man's caramel skin looks as though its natural duskiness has been bronzed by a lifetime living in the elements. Beneath heavy, flat eyebrows sit dark, mysterious eyes underlined in kohl. He has the angular jaw and sharp, narrow features of an aristocrat, but it is softened with a scruffy beard that lends a touch of the rugged nomad to his appearance.

Amir's simple brown and beige robes stand out among wizards and Muggles alike, the style seeming more appropriate to a trek through the desert than the cooler climes of the British Isles. His head is covered in a green, wrapped turban, its color faded with use, but clean and well maintained.


Sorrelus Prince was a curse-breaker and treasure hunter for Gringotts. Unlike his more famous colleague and friend, Arcadius Lestrange, Sorrelus had more interest in fortune than celebrity. Only those who mattered knew Sorrelus's reputation as a cunning, but dangerous man. In Egypt he met, Amina Azam, a young witch who was as beautiful as her pure-blood family was powerful. Although Amina was already promised to another, she fell deeply in love with the charming foreigner, and helped him to orchestrate the new match with her parents. However, once married, their love did not last long.

The first child born to Sorrelus and Amina was a boy, who they named Amir. Like his parents, he had a bold, independent nature. All too often, this led him into situations and behaviors that were embarrassing to the Azam family. The traditional Egyptian pure-bloods blamed it on the foreign influence of his father. Sorrelus, himself, was less than pleased with his son's misbehavior; he and his wife would eventually place their hopes in their daughter, Samira, born when Amir was 10 years old. When Amir began attending the Heka School of Ancient Magic, one of his cousins, Maalik Azam, took him under wing to subtly encourage the conflict with his father. Just before Amir's final year at Heka, he and Sorrelus had an explosive fight. When Amir graduated, he did not return home, departing for parts unknown.

Prince Family



Twelve inches inches, redwood, fairly rigid, with a dragon heartstring core.


Fatin is a sand boa from Egypt. She is often allowed to roam the Prince-Azam home, but has her own greenhouse in the backyard that has been made to resemble a desert environment.


Out on his own, Amir had numerous adventures, traveling throughout Africa, the Middle East, and even to India and China. He became involved with a variety of wizards, Muggles, and other beings, many of them unsavory sorts. During that time he went through some truly harrowing experiences, some of which left deep scars on both his body and soul. He returned home only a few times during this period, each visit ending with a fight with his father. Only after his mother died did Amir and Sorrelus make a shaky peace. This opened the door for Sorrelus to summon his son in 1941 with a special request. Calling in some favors, he arranged for Amir to be named an Egyptian ambassador to the British Ministry of Magic, positioning him well to rein in the increasingly questionable behavior of his little sister, Samira. Of course, Amir was never one to play by the rules himself, and he may have other plans.


Like a serpent winding around obstacles, Amir talks in circles to keep his secrets and avoid giving away too much about himself.
Amir has seen real darkness, and now little can shake him. But he does not have a death wish, and still has the sense to see when a situation is too dangerous to confront.
Above it all, Amir does not conform to many standards of polite society, sometimes coming off as haughty or dismissive.
Pure of Body
Amir neither smokes nor drinks alcohol, and is very careful about what he eats.
Wealth: Rich
Amir benefits from the fortunes of both the Prince and Azam families.

RP Hooks

Egyptian Ambassador
Amir is an official representative of the Egyptian Ministry, allowing him to speak for his government. It also means he has access to things not otherwise available in the British Isles.
Shady Dealings
Though not known to the public, Amir's history is filled with unsavory people and underhanded activities.
Mysticked District Resident
Amir lives in a house on East Horizont Alley, where he sometimes entertains guests and hosts his sister's friends.


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Sister: I was never able to be particularly close to Samira. She spent her early life living with nomads, and by the time she came home, I was in my last year at Heka. But she is my blood, and now she needs a firm hand to guide her, lest she make the same mistakes I have.


Great Uncle: I've yet to meet the man in person. Father would pit me against him, but we shall see whether he would make a better ally.


Sorrelus Prince
Father: Things are better than they were, but I will never completely trust this man, no matter if he is my sire. For now, our aims are aligned. But I am sure that one day there will be a reckoning between us.


Amina Prince
Mother (Deceased): She was barely able to hold our family together. Without her, I'm not sure we stand much chance.


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