Character Information
Portrayed by Oscar Isaac
Name: Amman Fen Cooper
Aliases: Coop
Birthday: May 2nd, 1906
Position: Auror
Lineage: Half-Blood


He is a man of middling height, standing five-foot, nine inches tall. broad-shouldered and leanl, he has the dark hair and complexion which hints at latin heritage. He keeps himself clean-shaven and his head is adorned by a mop of wavy, jet-black hair. Full eyebrows frame the tops of dark-brown eyes. Straight, white teeth flash with a smile which seems to come easily, often accompanied by a twinkle in his eye.

A brown jacket sits over a simple, cream-colored shirt of sturdy cotton, which is tucked into black slacks held tight by a leather belt latched by a small, silver buckle which has the letter 'C' etched in green. His feet are adorned by black leather, snub-nosed boots which are worn in yet well-maintained and even polished. A simple, silver band adorns the ring finger of his right hand.


Amman Cooper was born on May 2, 1906, in Southampton. His parents were Martin Cooper, a local constable, and his wife, Penelope (nee Southfork), who just so happened to be a witch. He was first and only child for the couple, who met when Martin was forced to arrest Penelope for public inebriation, not knowing that she had been jinxed at the time by a mischievous friend. Martin took an immediate shine to the quirky, lovely young lady, and the two began a courtship and were married shortly thereafter, in 1899. Soon thereafter, the young constable learned of his wife's magical nature. He accepted her for what she was, and she was willing to live largely in the muggle world, even after their son was born, with the provision that he would be allowed to attend Hogwarts upon his eleventh birthday.

His eleventh birthday came, and so then did the letter. Having been raised with a knowledge of both worlds (he grew up looking forward to visits to his mother's side of the family), Amman started his Hogwarts education. He was sorted, almost immediately, into Gryffindor. The year was 1913. He was a driven student, excelling in Transfiguration, Charms…. many subjects, but none more than Defense Against the Dark Arts. He was rubbish at anything Divination-related, but when it came to the things which would one day define his choice of career, he was near the top of his class. He took Care of Magical Creatures as an elective, as well as Muggle Studies — the latter, to be honest, because it was an easy one for him, as he was more concerned about the core classes required to be an Auror — the career he pegged early-on as his dream — than anything else. His N.E.W.T. classes were DADA, Charms, Transfiguration and Potions. He stayed in school all seven years, playing on the Gryffindor quidditch team for his final four years as a Beater. Naturally likeable and quite friendly, he was a prefect, and graduated in 1924.

After graduation, he realized his dream of being an Auror, and has spent the years since then being devoted to his job. He's dated here and there, but never come close to getting married or starting a family as of yet. In his off time, he dabbles in acting — having actually been in a few community plays in the Muggle world, to the delight of his father — and has proven to be a decent dancer. He's an avid reader, and especially enjoys books on physics, following the breakthroughs taking place in the muggle world with avid interest.

All in all, he's an extremely well-adjusted fellow, who enjoys his job and to date hasn't had anything at all terrible happen to him. He's even been lucky in his chosen line of work — one which intersects with dark wizards fairly often — in that he's stayed in one piece and maintained good marks within the department, though it might be noted that he hasn't pursued promotions very much. Indeed, a man who is, at present, quite content with life.

RP Hooks

  • Amateur Thespian: He's trod the boards a few times in the muggle theatre, and is hoping to make his mark in the wizarding world of performing arts.
  • Half-blood: Grew up in the muggle world and spends as much time there as in the wizarding world. He might have been seen around your favorite pub or chippie.
  • Auror: Do you have a case that could use an extra wand or pair of eyes? He's a steady fellow that will have your back.


  • Optimistic
  • Ambidextrous
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Modest


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Martin Cooper
Father: (1875 - ?) <Muggle Martin had hoped that once the Hogwarts years were over his son would return to the muggle world, but has resigned himself to Amman's preference for the wizard world. Although there is some pride in that his son did, after a fashion, follow in his father's footsteps, there is some trepidation that doing so is more dangerous for a wizard than a muggle. Still, he does enjoy a muggle type relationship with his son, going fishing and regularly trouncing him at a game of chess.


Penelope Cooper nee Southfork
Mother: (1877 - ?) <Half-blood Even without being jinxed Penelope is a bit of a quirky gal, and a super-homemaker. She's a mother to the core, and perhaps babies her only son a bit too much, but he doesn't seem to have any wish to change that habit. After all, she /is/ magic in the kitchen, and her biscuits are out of this world.


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