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Little Sprite
Portrayed by Annalise Bossa
Name: Amyah Lynn Tennan
Aliases: Mya
Birthday: Dec 10, 1924
Position: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Muggle-Born


Amyah is a girl of Muggle-born, English heritage with freckled fair skin tone, who stands at five feet and four inches and is around a hundred and thirty pounds in an overall willowy body type. Shoulder blade-length coppery red hair is worn down and loose, framing an oval shaped face. Sometimes she may have her hair up. She has bright green eyes that are set to either side of her nordic nose. Her lids are dazzled with light green eye shadow. Below that nose is a set of lips, polished in glossy rose, with a thin upper lip. The rest of her oval shaped face is accented in full cheeks, an oval-shaped jaw and comes to a rounded chin. A bit of rose colour has been brushed onto her cheeks. Amyah smells of lavender. When she speaks, the tones and accent of Northern England can be detected.


10.5 inches, Cedar, Pliant, with a Unicorn Hair core.


A scruffy orange kitten named Smaug.


Amyah was born to Rhonda and Michael, a florist and a shoemaker, to Muggles who knew nothing about the magical world. They had a happy life, living in a quaint little house and were thrilled by the news that they were going to have a baby. Their daughter was born, named Amyah Lynn Tennan, and given the gift of a stuffed lamb plushy. Her mother could be rather strict, unyielding to unacceptable behaviour, but she was certainly loving, too. Amyah certainly loved her mother, but she was very close to her father. The two of them got along very well. She loved the stories her father would tell her, and going on adventures to a land full of fantasies. Her best friend was always Lana, her very special lamb plushy.

Going to school she was expected to do well, though she never got the top marks she worked hard and did all right. She often struggled with schoolwork, but her parents were proud that she worked at it without giving up. During a break between classes, playing that she was on a fantastic journey to save the kingdom from a horrible darkness, as she flung her spell at the evil sorceress the child acting as the sorceress was flung back. Amyah was in disbelief, but when she spoke of it both excited and apologetic, no one believed her - not even the boy it happened to or her parents. Many more of these strange events happened and she wanted desperately to figure it out, to be able to /show/ someone and that a land of fantasy does exist.

Her parents were still sceptical when she got the letter to attend Hogwarts. They passed it off as a practical joke, unhappy that someone would play with their daughter's imaginative mind. Even when the wizard guide arrived they were protective of Amyah and wouldn't believe, even as Amyah begged. When the wizard had to show them a bit of his own magic before they'd open up their mind to the possibility, after they got over their shock they apologized to their daughter, remorseful. They were reluctant to let her go off to a school they knew so little about, but eventually was convinced that it was for the best, it was decided that Amyah would go. She took her lamb plushy with her and went to school with fascination. Again, she struggled with the schoolwork she was taught, joined the duelling club and broom club, and loved astronomy.

Her first year turned out to be marvellous, learning about things she only ever imagined or even things she hadn’t even thought of. She made friends easily and decided that duelling was excellent fun, and joined the club along with the broom club - flying was /amazing/. One thing she absolutely dislikes in her years at Hogwarts is the intolerance pure wizard and witches have towards the new ones. But although she’s gotten cold stares because she’s not considered ‘one of them,’ she was /invited/ to attend and it is /her/ school too.

RP Hooks

  • She may be a hard worker, but the truth is she struggles with her work. Perhaps anyone willing to tutor her?
  • She's super friendly and is always trying to make friends, but she certainly doesn't tolerate mean behaviour.


Wealth: Comfortable
Imaginative She loves to play around and have fun and has a very big imagination.
Trusting She is very trusting and believes what people tell her, with in reason. She's not naive, just trusts easily.
Adventurous She loves a good adventure, the more excitement the better. Still, that doesn't mean she doesn't shy away from danger.

School Performance

Classes Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Astronomy A A A
Charms A A A
Defense Against the Dark Arts A A A
Herbology A A A
History of Magic A A A
Potions A A A
Transfiguration A A A
Flying A
Care of Magical Creatures A
Divination A


Broom Club, Duelling Club


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Father - Born: June 7, 1899
My father is absolutely lovely to hang out with. He has the best stories to tell and we end up having so much fun together, which ends up in a lot of laughter. Honestly, he's not very strict with me, never has been. I don't even know if he has it in him.


Mother - Born: January 1, 1902
My mother, who I love so much, is definitely the strict one. She has rules and I had better follow them. I try to to obey, but sometimes I get caught up and stay out past supper or ruin a dress. Sometimes I wish she'd ease up a little, but like I said, I love my ma.

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