Character Information
Portrayed by Hayley Timsit
Name: Andara O'Farrell
Aliases: Andy
Birthday: April 3
Position: Student, Ravenclaw
Lineage: Muggle-born


Andara is a girl of petite stature with shoulder-length, warm brown hair and intelligent eyes that are soft green hazel in color. Her complexion is fair, with almost invisible freckles scattered across her nose. Her face is narrow with a pointed chin, and is almost always wearing a quirky smile which brings fullness to her cheeks and shows off her adorable dimples.

Andara wears her school uniform neatly, sporting her Ravenclaw colors, and often ties her hair in twin braids which hang behind her ears. Every once in a while she will cut her bangs to keep them from falling too far into her eyes.


Andara Renee O'Farrell was born on April 3, 1929, in the town of Aberdeen, Scotland. She was born to two muggle parents, Quihnan O'Farrell and Joyce O'Farrell nee MacGillivray. Although she has no siblings to speak of, Andara has always felt that her family was complete. Her father had always been the sort of man who worked for a living, devoting his time and energy into providing for his family. Even when he was tired, he would always come home with a smile and a kiss. While her father was at work, her mother warmed the home with joy and optimism, and Andara eagerly listened to her many fantasitic tales of wizards and knights and dragons. Their life was comfortable, if not wealthy, and Andara was never left in wanting for anything that she needed.

When Andara turned 11 years old, something rather curious happened - she received a letter inviting her to study at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her mother was shocked - after all, she came from a family of muggles, with not a drop of magical blood between them. In truth, she thought the thing a wicked prank, until she saw her daughter start to breathe out glitter in excitement. Though she didn't understand exactly what this all meant, Joyce agreed to allow Andara to go to the school, and even took her shopping on Diagon Alley in London! That was an expoerience in itself for the pair of them.

With the start of the war in 1939, Andara's father was unfortunately conscripted to join the British forces the month before his daughter's eleventh birthday, and has not seen his family since. Andara's mother is still uncertain how to tell him that their daughter is a witch.

Once Andara was ready, she began school at Hogwarts in the autumn of 1940. She was a bit of a hat-stall, but was eventually sorted into Ravenclaw by the Sorting Hat (who also thought she would have done brilliantly in Hufflepuff). Her favorite classes are Charms and Potions, but she has a bit of a hard time with Astronomy and Transfiguration. She pays as much attention as she can in History of Magic, because she knows she is at a huge disadvantage against all of the wizarding family children when it comes to knowing about their secret world.

Andara is admittedly a bit more scatterbrained than the average Ravenclaw, but her insatiably curious mind is what keeps her going and doing well academically. Kind-hearted to a fault, Andara is friendly to all whom she meets, although it may take a while for her to open up to new people. She is all at once goofy and shy, indecisive and strong-willed, reserved about her inner thoughts and outspoken about her curiosities. In all her seemingly complicatedness, she is really just a simple, quirky, kind girl with a big heart and an even bigger imagination.


Year Year Year Year Year Year Year
Classes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Astronomy A
Charms O
Defense Against the Dark Arts E
Herbology E
History of Magic E
Potions E
Transfiguration A
Broomflying A


  • Animal Lover
  • Klutz
  • Nail Biter
  • Indecisive
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • I'm Muggle-born! These are the most special kind of people, in my opinion. Are you Muggle-born, too? Or do you know someone who is? Maybe I can teach you wizards a thing or two!
  • I love love LOVE animals! Do you have pets? Let me meet them!
  • My father is fighting in the war.. Do you have parents in the war? How are you coping with that?


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Quihnan O'Farrell
Father: Father is a good man who has given me and mother so much. Now he is off fighting in the war, and I have gone to school.. I hope we can all be together again soon.


Joyce O'Farrell nee MacGillivray
Mother: Mother is a very strong, kind woman. She has a magical imagination and tells great stories! Even now that father has gone, she still takes care of me as best she can. I hate to leave her all alone while I am at school.


Acquaintance: Mister Loring is a fascinating man. He is an intense character, who studies dragons for the ministry. I also found out that he is muggle-born, like I am. I hope to be as successful as him one day.


Acquaintance: Beauregard is one of the few Slytherins who doesn't seem to care that I am Muggle-born. He is actually pretty nice, and very smart. We are competing to see who will do better on the end-of-the-year exams!


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