This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Andromena Rowle is a background NPC as a Journeyman Healer at St. Mungos. Do not RP for her, just know that she is there and can be used as a topic of conversation and in existence. A silent extra if you will for St. Mungo's scenes.

Character Information
Portrayed by Ella Purnell
Name: Andromena Rowle
Aliases: Andy, Mena, Meanie
Birthday: Oct 14 1921
Position: Junior Apprentive, St Mungo's
Lineage: Pure-blood


Andromena is a slim, elegant-looking girl. Her appearance is always refined and well-kept, like that of a porcelain doll under glass. Dark brown hair frames a pale, oval face possessing even darker eyes and a mouth that lends itself to quick, easy smiles. Andromena is not very tall, something she has lamented, but as she has spied a few girls her age just as tall, if not shorter than herself, Andromena has allowed herself some small solace.

Her general attire is, unsurprisingly, finely tailored. While at work, Andromena maintains a strict adherence to the dress code, donning the yellow robes of her station, but since she is rather vain one must not overlook the fact that she has also made sure still to appear quite fashionable; her dark hair swept up in a chic yet practical chignon, for example. As far as casual clothing is concerned, the young woman has a soft spot for pretty dresses, cute skirts, and of course, adorable shoes.


The next generation of the Rowle bloodline, Andromena is the eldest daughter of the eldest son of venerable old grandfather and sweetly sophisticated grandmother. Her parents expect much from their first-born child, and as such Andromena grew to be an exemplary student… if nothing else. She strives for perfection in all that she does, taking failure poorly. Quite badly, actually. Because of this, few of Andromena's classmates at Hogwarts ever truly knew her - she was always so preoccupied with her studies. Like most of her other relatives, Andromena was sorted into the house of Ravenclaw upon arrival at Hogwarts. Due to her bookish nature, Andromena rarely made time for activities others found greatly amusing. Quidditch, for example, while quaint, was an assumed waste of her time.

Determined to excel, it should be noted that Andromena has generally always possessed a friendly, approachable demeanor. Unfortunately, most see her as a distant, aloof individual. The most social interaction other students received rarely went beyond the academic. Andromena's intensity for scholarly pursuit can be off-putting. In the past it left her as the butt of many a joke; younger classmates unable to understand why she never wanted to have 'fun'. Even now, amongst her fellow healer apprentices, she's considered rather rigid.

Everyone has goals, or so her father tells her, and Andromena's was always to find her way to St. Mungo's. A cousin of hers is already a healer there, something her father insists will help her. She has a natural desire to help others, so much so that it has led her to abhor violence. However, Andromena believes she has some understanding of the 'way of the world' and thusly does not force her personal beliefs on others. Approaching the end of her first year of training at St Mungo's, she continues to be a focused and solemn individual for the most part - though her few close friends insist she does have a sense of humour and fun… sometimes.


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Graceful
  • Pacifist
  • Perfectionist

RP Hooks

  • NPC Healer: Andromena Rowle is a background NPC as a Journeyman Healer at St. Mungos. Do not RP for her, just know that she is there and can be used as a topic of conversation and in existence. A silent extra if you will for St. Mungo's scenes.
  • Slippery Slope? Andromena was known as a bookish goody-two-shoes, yet as of her sixth year, that began to change…
  • Inside Scoop: Yeah, she has a relative that writes for the Daily Prophet. If you want to be nosy, try and ask her about it.
  • Encyclopaedic Knowledge: Not just a pretty fave - and not just a healer - Andromena has an interest in a vast spectrum of topics.



13 inches, ivy, rather rigid, with a unicorn hair core.



Apollo is Andromena's cat; he's your atypical black cat with liquid gold eyes.

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I got along quite well with Evie at school, even though Alphard wasn't her favourite person.


Head Girl
Pure Blood
Morgana was Head Girl when I was in Sixth Year.


Former Sweetheart
Pure Blood
We dated during our senior years at Hogwarts, but we've since drifted apart. (available on +roster)


Father - Lineage: Pure-blood. Born: 1900. Eldest son of Benedict Rowle and Diana Rowle nee -?-. Married Sophie: 1919. Siblings: Adam (M. 1901), Jacob (M. 1902), Olivia (F. 1905), Spencer (M. 1906). - Father. The rock of which my existence circles. If I fear anything in this life, it's disappointing him.


Mother - Lineage: Pure-blood. Born: 1902. Only daughter of Gavril Burke and Suzette Burke nee Dubois. Married Andrew: 1919. Siblings: Marc (M. 1898), Eloi (M. 1900) - Mother is expressive where father is not. Our relationship is much like any other; I love and respect her.


Brother - Lineage: Pure-blood. Born: 1925. Carolus is the middle child, and only son of Andrew and Sophie. - He and I get on well enough, which is to say he annoys me to death and has a habit of going through my things whenever it suits him. But he's my brother all the same, I'll always have his back.


Sister - Lineage: Pure-blood. Born: 1936. Delphina is the surprise baby. - Seeing her, even if only rarely, makes me question the 'joys of motherhood.'


Great Uncle- Lineage: Pure-blood. Born: ???. Formerly a very great theoretical rune specialist, who once spent the best part of thirty years researching a Rune to repel fleas. Now rather deaf, and getting a bit 'eccentric', even as defined by the Rowles. Prone to long and rambling lectures on obscure areas of runic lore.


Cousin. She works at St. Mungo's as a Healer.


Cousin. Phil works for the Daily Prophet and is Felicity's flatmate. A great source of worldly wisdom when it comes to men.


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