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Character Information
Portrayed by Charlie Rowe
Name: Angus Robert MacMillan
Birthday: Jun 27
Position: Gryffindor
Lineage: Pure-blood


A young boy, perhaps thirteen or so years of age, and dressed in a Hogwarts uniform. The cut of the clothing is good, the robes well fitted, but they have a slightly worn air about them, as though their owner had beliefs about practicalities, and what is necessary in certain circumstances- for example at times where he's outside, whilst he's in slacks, they're tweed ones, with gaiters wrapped around the tops rather practical and solid looking boots, and up the shins.

A practical youth then, and his face looks the same- a dark brown mop of hair, and a pleasingly arranged set of features, lightly sun and wind tanned. His physique is whipcord- not bulky, at this age, but generally giving the impression of physical competence.


Angus Macmillan, from the many, many Macmillans from Aberdeenshire in the north east of Scotland, is the last of four children (born July 27th, 1925, his mother by birth a Yaxley), his two sisters having graduated from Hogwarts before him and settled into respectable lives, and his elder brother being the redoubtable Douglas. In the same way as his elder brother, Angus' temprament is not the most academically inclined in the world, instead viewing the world as a very physical classroom. Like Douglas, Angus is a sketcher, a watcher of the world, but unlike him, his tastes run and always have, to watching, stalking and understanding animals. This natural inclination led him to pick up all sorts of skills from those passing through the lands the MacMillans tended- from old folks in the distant crofts he heard fairy tales of the 'wee ones', whilst others taught him how best to track and stalk deer, although they were slightly bemused by his hamfisted attempts to learn to shoot, and reluctance to kill the animals. This outdoor lifestyle was encouraged by his father, a breeder of owls with a similar love of the outdoors, but frowned upon by his mother, who resigned herself to 'Another like Douglas'.

In his time at Hogwarts, like his brother, he has found a passion for sports of all kinds, which is perhaps not unexpected, excelling in particular with the broomstick, a talent he had started to learn in the year before leaving home, to assist with owl training. He's also dabbled in Quidditch, and has significant skill as a Beater in practice games, with a little ability to cover other positions.

Hobbywise, he's to be found often around Hogwarts, by both day and evening, either on foot or on his broom, enjoying the natural world. His temprament and personality? Act first, think some time later. Brave, impulsive, and generally a typical Gryffindor.

RP Hooks

  • Angus is impetuous, and may get into things just because it seemed a good idea at the time.
  • He's a Quidditch fan and player.
  • He's a lover of the Great Outdoors.


  • Animal Lover
  • Moxie
  • Acute Vision
  • Impetuous
  • Wealth: Comfortable


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Elder Brother


Close Friend and Prank co-conspirator. She seems nice enough, especially for a Slytherin, and she's a Quidditch fan, who's promising to shout for me, AND she wants to get more 'outdoors' experience. She shares my sense of humour, and can mostly cope with the accent.


JOCUNDA SYKES!! A chance meet with the famous Quidditch player had Angus slightly starstruck. But she turns out to be another great broom fan, with good words of advice.


A Muggle born Witch, who's chatty and fun. I mean, she's clueless about a whole lot of things, but she's a youngen, so… maybe it's that.


My year, and a Quidditch fan. Shame Higgins has a toataaaallly distorted view o'th' chances o' Huffleslugs.


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