This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Annie retires from the Assistant Librarian Position at Hogwarts to focus on her and Tim's growing family. Annie fades into the background. Only claimable by Creepydoll.

Portrayed by Maria Thayer
Name: Annie Marie (Taylor) Moody
Aliases: Madame Moody, Ans
Birthday: February 19, 1918
Position: Housewitch
Lineage: Muggle-born


A rather small and unassuming figure of a young woman, such is Annie. Standing on the short side of her claimed 5'4", most people first notice crystal blue eyes beneath delicately arched brows. A soft sprinkling of freckles decorates the bridge of a small nose. Lips that curve into a ready smile bring out twin dimples in her cheeks, and tell of a good humor within. Wavy red hair is typically held back from her face, or at least there's an attempt, as the locks have never quite been agreeable to taming.

She wears simple clothing, never really the newest styles but clearly kept in good repair, suitable for either Muggle or Wizard company. She tends to wear green, as it accents the reddish hue of her hair, but blue does compliment her eyes a bit better. On her feet are sensible black shoes of a modest heel, and around her neck a beaded cord suspends several charms: a locket that holds a picture of her parents, a four leaf clover, a beautiful piece of stonework, and half of a 1936 penny.


On a cold day in February, 1918, a robust, healthy baby girl was born to Roger and Mary Taylor, of Camden Town, London. She was simply named, Annie Marie, as befitting her simple family. An uneventful childhood was given a twist one day, shortly after Annie's 7th birthday. It was then that an oddness about the child came to light; things… happened… around her, at times. Small things. Inconsequential things. Yet, they were odd all the same, and had Roger and Mary in no small state of concern. It was all explained one day with the arrival of a letter, Annie's invitation to attend Hogwarts. After much consideration, her parents decided that there was nothing to it but to send their little girl on, to better understand and gain control of this odd thing called Witchcraft that had entered so unexpectedly into their lives.

Sorted into Ravenclaw, Annie's time at Hogwarts seemed to fly by, full of lessons and potions and even a brush or two with teenage romance. She was neither the smartest nor the dullest among her peers, well liked and unfailingly good natured. It was obvious from early on that a bookish life was her calling; her affinity for the school's library led to much time spent as a student assistant in the time not spent on her studying. In her 6th year of school, tragedy struck, and her parents were both killed in a ferry accident while on holiday in France. Despite the loss and being put in the custody of her uncle, Richard Lane, Annie remained determined to finish school, and finish she did. After school, her rather uncertain future was brought some amount of steadiness when she obtained employment at the London Library.

In the spring of 1938, Annie's Uncle Richard took ill, and the young witch was faced with the decision of uprooting and moving to Scotland, to care for him in his time of need. Further complicating matters was her relationship with Tim Moody. Their whirlwind romance and engagement ended just as quickly when Annie left. Publicly, she only cited the needs of her uncle. Privately, it was more fleeing in panic from the very real possibility of losing Tim to death as she had her parents. It was more than she could handle, and she ran. She stayed away completely for over a year and a half, finally returning to London to visit friends she had kept in touch with. Back in the city of her birth, she realized how terribly she missed it, and how out of place she was in Edinburgh. Deciding to take up her dear friend Rhyeline's offer of a place to stay until she could get herself settled, Annie returned to London. An inquiry found Hogwarts in need of an assistant librarian, and the former Ravenclaw was hired to start with the new school year.

Note: In her entire time away from London, the young Seer had not a single dream vision. She wrote off the few she'd had in her time with Tim as a strange, and unwelcome anomaly.


  • Bad with numbers
  • Soft-hearted
  • Seer
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Assistant Librarian at Hogwarts, don't be late with your book returns, kids.
  • Fairly recent grad, some of the older students may remember her, especially from her time as a library aide.
  • Recently returned to London after living in Edinburgh for a year and a half, maybe we've met before?


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Years of conflict and struggle have finally brought Tim and Annie to where they've been meant to be from the start. A New Year celebration in Tim's hometown of Ballycastle, Ireland turned into an unexpected wedding. They'd been planning for May 1, but just couldn't bear to wait the additional months. With the Mayor already in attendance, it was a small matter to have a simple ceremony, and as the clock struck midnight, turning 1939 into 1940, the pair were announced as man and wife. In June of 1940 Annie gave Tim the news that they have a little Moody on the way. Ever since he's doted on her, and when the bombs started to fall on London in earnest, they moved their most important possessions away to the cottage in Ireland and have been living more there than in London. But, having grown up in town, Annie is adamant about not abandoning London entirely and letting the Germans have a victory over her.


Aurora Sarah Moody
Pretty much exactly one year after the impulsive marriage of Annie and Tim, Aurora came into their world. The littlest Moody was born barely a minute before the stroke of midnight to herald the year 1941. It would have been more surprising had she not had a little fuzz of red hair, and she sports ten perfect fingers and ten wiggly toes. Labour was blessedly short, but even so it was forgotten by Annie the moment she held her daughter in her arms. Her love only grew seeing Tim hold little Rory for the first time.


Richard Lane
Mary Taylor's brother, the man who saw Annie through some of the darkest times of her life. He doesn't know about witchcraft, Annie kept that world far from him. As far as he knows, she went to a plain old boarding school, then worked at the London Library. When he needed Annie it was not even a question as to whether she would go to him. He also knew that she was running from something in London, although Annie never told him exactly what it was. She did tell him about Tim, and how much in love she was, and he knew that 'was' didn't quite sum it up. But he never pressured, and when he recovered and Annie chose to stay on, he welcomed the girl with open arms. With her return to London he's made it clear that she will always have a place with him if she ever needs it, and has exacted a promise from her to visit as often as she can.


Mary and Roger Taylor
Annie's parents were pillars of support despite dealing with a world that life had never prepared them for. They accepted Annie and her witch-ness, they let her go away to school to learn to master the talent that called her, and they were taken from her much too early.


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