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Character Information
Portrayed by Richard Wisker
Name: Anthony Rowle
Aliases: Tony
Birthday: Oct 31, 1921
Position: Assistant to Vincent Zabini IMC
Lineage: Pure-blood


Dark hair, slicked back, almost to the level of a sheen with pomade, atop a quite square face, pale and perhaps a little drawn looking. The eyes are brown, and the gaze level, and weighing each individual as he sees them, although often withdrawing to a vague distance that nobody else can see. His shoulders are, unusually for him, shoved back, unfolding the thin youth to almost six feet, and there's muscle starting to develop. For those more used to the hunched up, and rake thin Tony of a year or two ago, it might be a surprise to find him developing a whipcord physique, although those seeing him every day would perhaps not have noticed the change taking place.

Today's clothing is a Hogwarts uniform in Ravenclaw colours. Neat. Precisely tied tie. And robes atop it, also trimmed from Ravenclaw, with their badge on its breast.

His body language is precise, and the facial expressions and tone mostly quite neutral, with occasional flashes of donnish humour, and a slightly shy smile. When he speaks it is with a soft Southern English accent. He looks about seventeen or eighteen, although the look in his eye is sometimes older.


Anthony Rowle was born on 31st October 1921, in Winchester, Hampshire, England, to Lilith (nee du Bois, born Lille, France) and Adam Rowle. He had 2 siblings, both sisters, Amber (born 1925) and Alicia (born 1928), with Anthony being the oldest, and the 2nd child of that generation of the Rowle, by a few weeks. Obviously, he was born to the Rowle family, a well respected bookish Pure Blood family- the du Bois also being of the Pure Blood, but a little more inquisitive about the world in general. The family was absent minded to the point of infuriation- Lilith was the most grounded of the whole family, but even her mind tended to fly away on flights of fancy and imagination- the three children and their father were habitually lost in some book or another. Despite this, when they surfaced from whatever world they were bibliographically examining (even at mealtimes) the family was loving. All the children were taught bilingually from birth, learning French from their mother, and English from their father. Later, tutors would be bought in, or the children would be sent out to them, to pick up classical Greek (including smatterings of 'The Magical History of Troy'), Latin (The lost Prophesies of the Cumaean Sibyl) and the magical philosophers of the German and French Enlightenments (von Kruggendorf and Le Bret in particular), all of which were viewed as necessary to getting the very best from later education at Hogwarts.


Anthony went to Hogwarts in the autumn of 32, with electives in Arithmancy and Ancient Runes. Through his educational career he has excelled at Astronomy, Charms, History of Magic, with two notable blots on his educational career- he has a black thumb, and is totally unskilled at Herbology, and was the despair of his broomstick teacher, never even being considered by anyone as safe to ride a broom at Quidditch. He did well at OWLs, and remained on at School into sixth year, studying towards NEWTs in Ancient Runes, Magical History, Arithromancy and Charms. Despite his excellent academic profile, nobody seriously considered someone even Ravenclaw views as a 'bit of a bookworm' for being a Prefect- someone who rotates habitually between class library and bed simply lacks the attention for what else is going on around him.

His main hobby, obviously, is studying. But there is a softer side to him, of course. Chess- he is an enthusiastic amateur at Wizards Chess, which has been known to lure him out of a book of an evening in the Common Room, but more often involves a book of Chess Problems. The resulting youth is quiet, and polite, being aware of his limitations, and rather humble about them, not allowing his academic ability to make him swell headed. His curiosity is perhaps the thing which stands the best chance of drawing him out, for he is inquisitive about knowledge of all kinds, and if he ever notices the many mysteries of the world, he'll be drawn into them.

RP Hooks

  • Tony is very curious- mostly intellectually, but about mysteries in general. It will probably get him into trouble.
  • He's part of the Rowle clan, so can be hooked through them.
  • Boooooks. Look at the lovely books. He'll do most things to get his hands on new books.
  • Anthony serves as a Student Aide to Professor of Ancient Runes, Sirius Black.


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Forgettable -> More involved, Tony is harder to ignore, but his fundamental love of language as written show him as a: Philologist
  • Curious
  • Humble -> Tony has been drawn out of himself over the year, so he can now show he is: Erudite


Logs featuring Anthony Logs that refer to Anthony



Andromena, my favourite cousin, born a few weeks older than me and brought up together- if you like my twin from another mother. A skilled witch, with good healing words, who will doubtless shine at St Mungos. A solid rock in my life, when things have gone wrong. I'd be lost without her.


Horribly honest, regretably firm in her views, the Slytherin is my co-conspirator in the setting up of a Hogwart's Chess Club, and if we're honest, the real driving force behind getting it achieved, since Tony is honest (or humble) enough to claim he wouldn't have got around to it on his own, believing others wouldn't be interested..


Another Ravenclaw, in her 5th year, and with great promise, albeit a half blood. Tony is a bit worried she has a slight crush on him, which whilst he likes her a lot, he doesn't really think of her in that way. Although she does look quite good in a tight jumper.


So, how did that happen? Out of the shipwreck of Professor Flint's reforms, I have acquired a girlfriend. Beautiful, and caring. A half-blood, which may not go down well in some quarters, but intelligent, caring, and beautiful. And intelligent. Did I mention intelligent? Well. At Christmas we go to meet her Mother, and ask her blessing. And for New Year she's coming to Winchester. Because that may end up being home, if things don't work out well, after what's happened this year.


Another Ravenclaw, and almost accidentally, a friend. We've kicked around together. Studied together. And occasionally I've wanted to throttle him. But he's fallen off the same cliffs I have.


Anthony's Journal Entries Others' Journal Entries About Anthony

Report Card

Year Year Year Year Year Year Year
Classes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Astronomy E E E E E
Charms O O E E E E O
Defense Against the Dark Arts E E E E A
Herbology A A A A A
History of Magic O O E O O E O
Potions A A E A A
Transfiguration O O E E E
Study of Ancient Runes E E O O O
Arithmancy E E E O A
Broomflying A

Winner of the 'Best Pupil in the History of Magic', 1940


Originally a medieval almshouse in Winchester, in England this holds the homes of several Rowle families, in adjoining houses. It was bought by the family (as a country retreat) when King Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries, and is currently being used by some of the junior branches of the family.



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