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Character Information
Portrayed by Freya Mayvor
Name: Antimony G. Blishwick
Aliases: Anti
Birthday: April 11th, 1915
Position: Actress
Lineage: Pure-Blood


The young woman being gazed upon is quite striking. With her tall, lithe figure, long legs, strawberry-blond hair and freckled complexion she easily stands out in certain crowds. She seems to take great attention to her appearance, there isn't a hair out of place, all of it neatly pulled back into a braid to fall down her back. Her eyebrows, the same shade as her hair arch over cornflower eyes, which is accentuated with just a bit of eyeshadow in a complimentary color. Her complexion is on the pale side, common in gingers, and dusted with freckles and her cheeks with a bare amount of pink blush.

Her clothes are the height of young wizard fashion for the day, usually consisting of a whimsical lacy emerald green dress, that is of course flattering and compliments both her figure and complexion.



11 1/2 inches, Chestnut, Slightly Yeilding, with a Unicorn Hair core.



Archon - Antimony received her owl as a graduation present from her parents. The owl is quite aloof when it comes to strangers, but she is quite easy to win over and once a person has she is sweet as can be.


Antimony Grace Blishwick was born in Caerphilly Wales, to Cressida Blishwick nee Prewett (sister of Willard Prewett, father of Arla) and Crawford Blishwick, direct descendent of Jimbo Blishwick. She is the youngest in the children having an older brother and sister. She is of course a pure-blood, as should be any child born into one of the Sacred 28 families. Antimony got along best with her mother. Being the youngest, Antimony was doted on and spoiled by her mother and was given pretty much anything she wanted and was lavished with attention. Because of this her older siblings love her of course, but can only tolerate being around her for short periods of time, like family gatherings and the like. Her family was comfortable as far as wealth goes, but her mother would sacrifice and keep things from the rest of the family to give Antimony whatever she wanted. Like dancing and acting classes. There was nothing Antimony liked better than being the center of attention, and dancing and acting certainly provided both, and in a more positive way then behaving poorly.

The year she turned 11 Antimony received her Hogwarts letter and was sent off to school with the best of everything. She was sorted in Slytherin, which surprised no one with as vain, shallow and ambitious as she was. She got by in most of her classes through careful manipulation of classmates. This worked great the first year and half into her second. Her teachers discovered what she was doing and her free ride came to an abrupt halt. She had some natural knack for herbology and potions, the rest of the classes she needed serious help with. She did well enough on her OWLS to continue to NEWTs in herbology and potions, but Antimony was already tired of Hogwarts and felt that what they taught would be of little use in an acting career. It took most of the summer, but she convinced her mother who in turn convinced her father and she left Hogwarts after her fifth year and went to W.A.D.A. in London.

After graduation she started going out for auditions for shows first in small venues and increasingly larger ones. She isn't a household name yet and is still paying her 'dues' with smaller parts but she isn't discouraged. One day her name will be top billed on the program and she eagerly waits that day.

Being single she shares a flat with a couple of other actresses and with the shared expenses and a stipend from her parents she lives quite comfortably. She is active in the Preservation Society and the Society for Distressed Witches and her main hobby is avoiding her mother's matchmaking schemes, card games, collecting hats and being a young socialite.

RP Hooks

Purist - Being descended from one of the Sacred families and pure-blood, Antimony is a firm believer in the continued segregation of wizards from muggles. She won't come out and say that marriage and breeding between muggles and wizards should be outlawed, because she does believe a person has a right to be with who ever they want, even if it's in bad taste.

Actress - Antimony is an aspiring actress. She has been in many plays, though has yet to be the lead in one. One day though. Maybe you have seen a show she has been in. Feel free to ask her about it. She loves to be recognized.

Society for Distressed Witches - She maybe outwardly vain and shallow, but somewhere deep down she does care about people. This shows in her dedication and hard work she puts in her charity work. Are you a distressed, down-on-your-luck witch in need of help? Do you know a witch that fits that description? Talk to me.

Preservation Society - Only the delusional believe that wizards and muggles could live in a united society harmoniously. We are better off keeping things the way they are. Keep wizards and everything we are behind a continued veil of secrecy.

W.A.D.A - Antimony left Hogwarts after OWLs to attend W.A.D.A, where she meet many interesting people. Were you one of them?


  • Honeyed Tongue
  • Vain
  • Collector: Of Hats! Hats! and Hats! Did I mention hats?
  • Wealth: Comfortable


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Crawford Blishwick
Father - Born August, 1889.


Cressida Blishwick (Prewitt)
Mother- Born March 1890.


Celandine Blishwick
Sister- The oldest of her siblings, Antimony is a bit estranged from her. Mostly due to the fact that Antimony received most of their mother's attention. Born September 1910


Pryce Blishwick
Brother - Antimony is closer to her brother than her sister, but not overly so. At least with her brother though the will occasionally go out of there way to speak to one another and Pryce will take time out of his schedule to come see whatever show Antimony is in at the time. Born July 1912


Cousin - She had the bad taste to not only be born out of wedlock but to a muggle.


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