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Character Information
Portrayed by Chandler Riggs
Name: Antonin Dolohov
Aliases: Ant
Birthday: Jan 25
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-Blood


To say that Antonin's brooding looks are dark is akin to saying the sun is yellow: sufficient, but not accurate to capture the burning. He wears his raven hair cut to the ears in cap, the ends brushing over his pale, longish face, still boyish. His frame is lean and a little gangly, promising greater height, but moves with a brutal sort of precision.


Perun Ruslanovich "Grandpa" Dolohov + Vasilisa Zoryaevna "Grandma" Dolohov
           Arduinna Dippet + Constantin Dolohov
                    Antonin Dolohov

From the perspective of Grandma and Grandpa Dolohov, the world was going mad in the opening decade of the the twentieth century. To get away from the influence of the muggles who were ruining Russia, they emigrated to Britain, where things were different. They stayed with the family of Armando Dippet, Grandpa's cousin and friend until they settled. They welcomed a son, Constantin, who went on to graduate Hogwarts, acquire gainful employment… and to marry Armando's daughter Arduinna Dippet, and provide them with a single grandson, Antonin.

Owing to father and grandfather's frequent absences for their joint work as Obliviators, Antonin spent the bulk of his lonely childhood at the knee of Grandma Dolohov and her bloodthirsty stories the good old days, and how if he were worth anything at all would bring them back, or being smothered and emasculated by his anxious mother— who always felt it necessary to explain to anyone and everyone why Antonin couldn't be expected to do this or that, being for a long time smaller and sicklier than other children. Socially, he did not fare well, even after his size caught up with other boys. And with his excess of spare time, well, he turned his attentions onto things that couldn't easily escape him, and to whom he didn't have to speak, except in the secret language of pain…

After being summoned to Hogwarts, he was Sorted Slytherin, which suited him fine. Truth be told he was largely indifferent— and but for one person extending a hand of friendship, the smooth and compelling and brilliant Tom Riddle, he might still be off in some corner of the grounds staking out and peeling squirrels. His new circle of friends, and their order of sorts teaches him polish, guile, and lends direction and focus… They make him take an interest is school, and politics and other things…and with their secret games, they provide an outlet for his ever-churning rage. In turn lends them a little less talk, a little more action. There are few who can conjure his enthusiasm. It's done wonders for him, really, everyone says.

RP Hooks

*Antonin a withdrawn young man— can you coax a whole conversation out of him?
*Do you love duelling club? Antonin is very keen to polish his technique!


  • Loyalty
  • Moxie
  • Remorseless
  • Wealth: Comfortable


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Perun Ruslanovich Dolohov
Grandfather - Antonin doesn't know how his grandfather manages to smell of smoke all the time, but it really is very endearing. They sometimes play chess, and if packages are to come from home, Antonin will sometimes hold onto to the contents just for the scent of comfort (and burning leaves).


Vasilisa Zoryaevna Dolohov
Grandmother - She is absolutely chock-full of the most gory tales of the way things were/should be. She has a lot of expectations to heap onto a young boy, but also baked goods. She complains constantly that he is too skinny.


Arduinna Dolohov neé Dippet
Mother - Mamá is wound more tightly than a tick. Antonin frequently drops things when he is home, if only to see if she will spontaneously combust.


Constantin Dolohov
Father - Distant, both physically and emotionally. They nod at one another more than they talk. Once, Antonin gave his father a cat, which he had found out in the lane — he'd restored it via taxidermy in a very painstaking way. Really, he seemed almost moved to tears, and quite speechless.


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