Character Information
Portrayed by Chris Noth
Name: Antonius Fudge
Birthday: November 13th, 1880
Position: Director in the D.M.T. - Portkey Office
Lineage: Pure-Blood


If one were to imagine the embodiment of the good old British 'stiff upper lip', it's likely they would envision someone like Antonius Fudge. Though, that perfectly manicured moustache could have a lot to do with the impression. Tall and wiry, still with enough ebon in his hair and brows to belie the former hue of the now rather grey strands, the man carries himself with unthinking propriety at all times, always sharp-dressed and alert. Or so say the careful choices in attire and the almost unsettlingly sharp gaze that takes in his surroundings. Alas for the worry lines already well ensconced in his forehead and about his temples - he's otherwise quite handsome, in a stately sort of way.


Antonius was born on November 13, 1880, an unseasonably warm autumn day in St. Mungo's to Varonius Fudge and Elmira Fudge nee Flint. Varonius was a Pure-Blood who worked in the Ministry of Magic for a living. Elmira is a Pure-Blood who never held a job, instead using her social influence to assist her husband's career. They were warm parents to Antonius, though Varonius was a bit distant, and childhood for him was a lesson in perfectly proper child-rearing. Since the family was well-to-do, he had access to excellent schools and activities. A few of his favorite hobbies growing up were broom-flying and reading tales of great Wizards. The Flints and Fudges families are both respectable and well-liked, and Antonius's relationship with all of them is quite good.

When at Hogwarts, he was popular with his fellow students due to his sense of fair play and trustworthy nature. Antonius began at Hogwarts in 1890 and graduated in 1897. Dueling Club, Broom Club, and Quidditch were some of Antonius' extra-curricular. Being sorted into Hufflepuff House was perfect for Antonius. Third Year was the year that Arithmancy and Muggle Studies were taken on along with the core classes. O.W.L.s in these classes were quite strong in both. Upon returning to Hogwarts 6th year, Antonius began N.E.W.T. classes of Muggle Studies, History of Magic, and Charms. After doing quite well in these classes he graduated with the class of 1897.

After graduating he became a Ministry worker in the Department of Magical Transportation. He is a brilliant worker, shining in administration, and loves what he does. He rose quite early to the head of his Department. He is married to Myra Fudge nee Longbottom, and on April 19th of 1913, Myra gave birth to his son Zachary. Zack is not quite the son that he'd imagined, and he nearly killed Antonius when an experimental charm went wrong and Zack was presumed dead. But Antonius loves him with all his heart, and he and Myra have rejoiced the day he re-emerged. Antonius was glad that Zack became an Obliviator, hoping this new line of work would keep him safe. Alas, Zack has gone missing once again.


  • Congenial Conservative: Antonius was raised with traditional wizarding values and etiquette and has combined them with a sense of fair play to have the most good-natured and well-intentioned possible take on every old social custom.
  • Natural Leader: Antonius' combination of thoughtful planning, personal work ethic, natural charisma, and a sense of honor have put him in leadership roles in most social situations he's encountered in life.
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • Family Patriarch: Antonius is considered the head of the Fudge Family.
  • Ministry of Magic Director: Portkey Office in the Department of Magical Transportation (D.M.T.)
  • Ravenclaw Alumnus: Antonius graduated in 1898 from House Ravenclaw.


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Varonius Fudge
Father: (1870 - 1940) Pure-Blood. One of the most influential Chiefs of Staff in the Ministry's history, Varonius encouraged Antonius to view situations from many sides, and was always proud of his son. He died fairly young for a wizard, having let his health gradually slip after Elmira's death.


Elmira Fudge nee Flint
Mother: (1870 - 1920) Pure-Blood. The loving matriarch of the family, Elmira was a socialite who put her talents towards the advancement of her family and a few pet charitable causes. She died a young witch from a blood curse she had contracted as a child.


Myra Fudge nee Longbottom
Wife: (1892 - ) Pure-Blood. As a friend of the Longbottoms, Elmira introduced Myra as a young girl to politics, and she became an aide to Varonius; she was instantly smitten with Antonius at the Ministry and courted him from afar, until he proposed to her (to pre-empt her doing it to him!) She's currently high counsel with the International Magical Office of Law.


Son: (April 19th, 1913) Pure-Blood. Zack is the opposite of his parents in almost every way; he cares little for tact, grace, leadership, or tradition. But he does have an incessant intellectual curiosity that his parents respect, and they love him dearly… when they can find him. He's gone missing yet again.


Tiberius Johannes Fudge
Second Son: b. 1928 Pure-Blood. Open for Creation. The second child of the family, Tiberius takes after his parents and grandparents much more than his brother does, showing a talent for bold but thoughtful leadership.


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