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Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor
Portrayed by Alfred Molina
Name: Arcadius Lestrange
Aliases: Arc
Birthday: December 12, 1895
Position: Professor
Lineage: Pure-blood


Tall, broad-shouldered, and solidly built, Arcadius Lestrange presents a very masculine image, albeit a refined one. His thickness extends even to his face, though he is not overweight. Large, brown eyes gaze challengingly straight ahead over a prominent Roman nose. He wears his facial hair in a neatly trimmed black goatee and moustache. His demeanor is one of practiced manners, but his movements are the bold strides and unwavering gestures of a man of action.

Arcadius favours heavy robes, almost always adorned with animal fur, giving him a bearlike impression. His head is frequently covered with a bowler hat, and he carries an intricate cane with a glowing blue head.


Arcadius Lestrange has always been on the track to great success. At Hogwarts, he was sorted into Slytherin, where he became first a Prefect, then Head Boy. He was even Seeker on the Slytherin Quidditch team for four years — perhaps an early sign of his drive to seek out and obtain anything he sets his sights on.

After school, he entered into an apprenticeship at Gringotts, where he learned to become a Curse-Breaker. His twenty years with Gringotts took him on many adventures all over the globe, and more than a few of his thrilling exploits were publicized. Once upon a time, he was quite the media darling.

Since then, he has retired and let his legend slowly fade. He is occasionally involved in politics, though most of his focus these days seems to be on his son, Oberon.


Famous Arcadius Lestrange is a world renowned Curse-Breaker and treasure hunter. His twenty years with Gringotts brought him considerable wealth and glory.
Fascination: Antiquities Even after leaving the exciting life of a Curse-Breaker behind, Arcadius retains an near obsessive interest in antiquities.
Wealth: Opulent The Lestrange family is quite well off, and Arcadius' successes have only added to the wealth of his branch of the family tree.

RP Hooks

  • Worked for Gringotts as a Curse-Breaker from 1915 to 1935.
  • Became Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts in 1938.
    • As a teacher, he can be quite demanding of his students, especially those in N.E.W.T. levels. He is as quick with praise as he is with admonishment, but only when deserved. He includes a fair amount of relevant history in his lessons, mostly drawn from his own experiences as a Curse-Breaker. Many such lessons have focused on dispelling the notion that purism and the Dark Arts are inherently intertwined.
  • Father of Oberon Lestrange, who is currently attending Hogwarts.


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Arcadius's son is the apple of his eye. There is almost nothing he wouldn't do to pave his boy's way to greatness.





Family Tree

        Faolus Lestrange + Ramilda Tripe
                     |                         |
   Behari Shafiq + Ichabod Lestrange     Ismene Lestrange + Agrius Malfoy
      |                                |              |
  Arcadius  +  Portia    Anais    +  Delvin       Bernadette
  Lestrange |  Prince   Umbridge  |  Lestrange    Lestrange
            |                     |
      Oberon Lestrange   Balthazar Lestrange
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