Boy Genius
Portrayed by Grayson Russell
Name: Archimedes Vulcanio Mulciber
Aliases: Archie
Birthday: Aug 04, 1927
Position: Gryffindor student
Lineage: Pure-blood


A fairly typical young boy, with a round face, a broad nose, and a rosy smile. Curious brown eyes stare out through a look of wonder and excitement about anything and everything. His curly ginger hair has a way of getting tousled after a day at play, but otherwise he keeps it well combed.


Archimedes Vulcanio Mulciber — or "Archie" as he likes to be called — is the second child of Vulcanio and Aphrodilia Mulciber, and probably the smartest member of a rather gifted family. Academics are easy for him, though he grasps the theoretical more easily than physical science — language and numbers coming very naturally to him.


He is eager to learn, and has a way to getting into trouble in his quest for understanding how the world works. Electrical wiring has always been his most dangerous Muggle fascination. It's not unheard of to see the boy looking a little frazzled after an experiment. It doesn't appear to end well when he decides to delve into "hands-on" science, but he smiles all the same. Curious to a flaw and quickly on to the next project.

Archie is a bit too smart for his own good sometimes. His mind is constantly racing with thoughts, which can make it very difficult for him to focus. Though once an idea piques his interest, he will often pursue it almost to the point of obsession. At a very young age he became obsessed with dead languages; his logic being that they would not change so the static nature made them the perfect thing to learn first. By his First Year at Hogwarts he had already taught himself Latin and Ancient Greek, and be the end of it had learned Hebrew.

He is very close to his big sister, Hephaesta. He even invented his own language (Archimedese) so he could write her letters that no one else could understand. When together, they are inseparable. When apart, there is something missing from each of them. He often spends as much time as he can with her but life at Hogwarts proved a challenge, with them having to adjust to each living in different houses. Still, his fearlessness proved to be a good fit for Gryffindor, and even Hephaesta had to admit it was good for him to learn some independence.


Archie's mental abilities have always been highly developed for his age, particular in the areas of language and maths.
When Archie is your friend, he's your friend until the end.
What's This Do?
Archie is insatiably curious, and prone to learning by trying. This has led him into trouble more than a few times, particularly in a family where pushing a mysterious button could lead to nearly anything.
Wealth: Rich
The Mulcibers are very well off, living on the profits of several generations worth of patents.

RP Hooks

  • The Mulcibers are an intelligent family. Archie is gifted even as Mulcibers go, but doesn't have as much focus as his father and sister.
  • Archie is irrepressibly curious, and gets into all kinds of trouble for it.


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Older Sister: Phae is the best. She is sooo smart, and she's always got something cool she's working on. I feel really bad for her, because of her leg. But she says it's okay, and she doesn't want me to worry about it. I think she's just trying to make me feel better.


Father: Dada has more in common with Phae than with me. But he says I've got "mechanics of the mind", and that he's proud of me.


Mother: Mum is the most beautiful lady in the world. She always says I get my looks from her side of the family. Guess I'm beautiful, too! She gets mad at me sometimes, even though I'm just playing around. But that's okay. She always forgives me.

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