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Character Information
Portrayed by Cillian Murphy
Name: Arcturus Black III
Aliases: Arc
Birthday: Dec 18, 1901
Position: Philanthropist
Lineage: Pure-blood


Arcturus Black III is a man of seeming contradictions, physically unimposing, yet possessed of a haunting presence. His skin is a fair white and faint freckles dot across his cheeks and the bridge of his nose. His wavy hair, as black as his family's name, is parted on the side and with long bangs that occasionally fall down upon his high cheekbones. His chiseled jawline and hollow cheeks resemble someone fit rather than hungry. Cavernous eyes of icy blue bear lashes that border of effete. However, the true power of his presence is his voice, a lumbering whisper, often punctuated by unsettling stillness.

His robes are a deep black and almost certainly new, tailored to the man expertly. His collar is high and starched, coming just under his jaw, with a white dress shirt worn underneath equally high and starched, with a black silk cravat tied at the hollow of his throat. The robe fits like a suit jacket on the torso, with dragonbone double-breasted buttons and cuff links. The bottom of his robes billows out, occasionally revealing perfectly pressed slacks and walking boots buffed to an impossible shine. Everything about the man screams money. On his hands are a signet ring of the House of Black, and a rare ring that marks him as a member of the Order of Merlin, First Class.


Arcturus Black III was born as the first child of Sirius Black II and Hesper Black nee Gamp into a life of privilege and status of generations of acquired wealth and pure breeding. As first born, he was held to higher expectations and favored slightly over his brother and sister, which sometimes left relations strained between siblings and parents. Despite this, pride in his family's pure-blood status was instilled at an early age as he learned to read from the volumes of family history in his years before Hogwarts. By the time he began school at 11, his fondness for books in the family library had given him a foundation to excel with and a love of learning.

In school, his focus of interest leaned more towards practical application of magic, as well as the cataloging and collection of rare artifacts and texts. He loved wand work and would duel at every opportunity to do so merely for the sport of it. As he gained skill, he used his talent as a means of standing out, even when it meant detention at times. The young Black, under the burden of expectation, applied himself with zeal to Defense Against the Dark Arts, Arithmancy and a love of the secrets held by Ancient Runes. Through all seven years in House Slytherin, Arcturus was certain of his goal, to wear the robes of M.L.E. Hit Wizard.

Black Family



Twelve and one quarter inches, elm, solid, with a dragon heart-string core.


Silhouette found Arcturus at 12 Grimmauld Place, showing up the day following the death of his childhood cat, Smoke. She carries herself with much the same dignity as her human and suffers no one else to touch her.


For reasons never explained, Arcturus had a change of focus after a graduation trip abroad. Instead of taking the expected route of Magical Law Enforcement upon his return, he chose to continue his private study of magic and artifact collection, where he began reinvesting the Black fortune into politicians and businesses to great success. While looking to expand his collection, he met his wife to be Melania and, with the encouragement of both families, married her. Though never a particularly warm relationship, the two share a mutual respect and love for their children and a devotion to the Black name and the dynasty behind it. He is best known for his philanthropy, and his fondness of recreational and formal dueling. His collection of rare texts and/or restricted materials is well known as well. Recently, he's been awarded the Order of Merlin, First Class for "services to the Ministry." While many rumor this to just be a result of financial contribution, it is not proven, and Arcturus is too talented a wizard to assume it wasn't something else.

RP Hooks

Order of Merlin, First Class
For "services to the Ministry."
Arcturus puts considerable resources into promising businesses and politicians.
Arcturus has a keen interest in ancient texts, antiques, and artefacts.
Black Family Heir
Though his father, Sirius, is the current patriarch of the House of Black, Arcturus is already assuming many of his future duties, such as managing the family's fortunes.
12 Grimmauld Place
Like most of the Black clan, Arcturus lives at 12 Grimmauld Place in London.


Wealth: Rich
Arcturus manages the finances of the House of Black, which he will one day fully inherit.
Arcturus enjoys the finer things in life: gourmet food, stylish clothes, fine art.
Craves Approval
He very much wants to be liked by his peers, and even loved by those he allows closest to him.
Arcturus approaches problems with rationality and practicality. Even the subject of blood purity is subject to reason. While he believes in keeping the bloodlines pure, he understands that the purist point of view is a dying philosophy, and also that the Black family will never change its radical beliefs. He simply does all he can to secure his family's future, despite whatever social change may come.
Honey Tongued
Sirius raised his son to speak according to his station, and Arcturus has refined that speech into an art.


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Wife - Melania and Arcturus share a mutually beneficial marriage. While they do have some affection for each other, neither clings to the illusion that they are in love. Despite this, they get along splendidly, and have made a deal to keep any extramarital activities discreet, both from the children and from the public eye.


Daughter - Adored and adoring, Arcturus can refuse her nothing. Well, mostly. While traveling in search of artifacts, he is also always on the lookout for a charm or bauble that Lucretia would enjoy. He keeps a close eye on her grades and school performance.


Son - Very much concerned with bloodlines and breeding, Arcturus sees Orion as the future of the family. While he may dote on his daughter, Orion is held to a much higher standard of self-discipline and performance. As hard as he drives, he is also as quick to support the boy and rewards him well. There is no doubt of his love and pride for his son despite the strictness.


Brother - Arcturus loves his brother unconditionally, though there are plenty of times that they do not see eye to eye on issues of politics. On occasion, they will still act like teenagers and send the occasional jinx at the other during impromptu duels, but all in good fun.


Sister - Only three years younger and always as tall as Arcturus, he never considered her his "little sister". She tagged along with the two boys whenever possible and played the voice of reason whenever there was opportunity to misbehave.


Father - Sirius Black II still continues to be a shaping and driving force in the life of his eldest son. Groomed by his father from the time he could speak to eventually replace the elder Black, Arcturus is never too proud to consult with his father for his opinion.


Mother - Arcturus was never especially close to his mother, shadowing his father's every move instead. Still, the relationship with his mother is amiable and loving. He honors her regularly with donations to charitable causes in her name.

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