This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Character Information
Portrayed by Jodie Foster
Name: Arevan Nelyl Van Dragor
Aliases: Ary
Birthday: Sep 23, 1924
Position: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Muggle-born


Everything about Arevan has an aura of friendly openness. Her sunny blond hair is, more often than not, pulled into simple ribbon tied pigtails. Arevan is a slight figure, standing only about 4’10” and weighting around 90 pounds, with something of a gymnasts build. Her fair skin, and light hare are set off by the brilliant contrast of her deep blue eyes.

Arevans clothes are all, at best, second hand, while some of her cloths might well date back to the founding of Hogwarts. The black is faded to more of a dark gray, almost every hem is at least slightly tattered, and the stitching at the seams bare the marks of many different hands.


Long before Arevan was born her family lived in the fishing port town of Dragor Denmark. Her father, a muggle named Magnus Bjarki, married another muggle named Gytha Lodbrok. In the spring of 1923 the two had a girl named Arevan Nelyl Bjarki. The family was far from wealthy, the family was hurt even more by the brief dip in the Danish Krone in 1925. Magnus lost his job when the trading company he worked for had to cut back. They never did fully recover, and it eventually lead to them leaving their long time family home in Dragor to seek employment in England. Their location wasn't the only thing that changed, Magnus also decided to change their last name. So future generations would know where they came from, he changed it to Van Dragor.

Life in London wasn't all that much better for the family. To help gain their citizenship, and because he needed a job, Magnus joined the British armed forces. Gytha stayed home and raised young Arevan. For her part, Arevan took to the streets of London well. She made friends quickly and easily with the other street children. It didn't take her long to learn the various games they played. Her favorite was easily the dueling game they played with old broom handles. She lacked the strength to meet the other kids force, with force, and usually lost when she was hemmed in. On one such occasion, after infuriating her opponent with a strike to his mid-section, she'd gotten trapped between a wall and dumpster. He was swinging hard and clearly meant to hurt her. Fearful, she sent out a shock wave, tossing the attacking child several feet away. She rarely lost after that, gaining a reputation being an unlucky opponent.


When she got the letter for Hogwarts was elated. She'd always been fascinated by magic. Her favorite story when growing up was One Thousand and One Nights, especially the stories about Genies. The occasional glimpse she got of the magical world, like Diagon Alley, only served to entice her more, feeding her imagination. In her mind, the Hogwarts castle was inhabited by all sorts of magical beasts. Centaurs teaching potions, and harpies teaching flying, flying on dragons. Grand quests against evil to protect the mortal world from Naga's, Orcs, and Wendigos. She was expecting to have a Gargoyle best friend and spend long nights talking to her pet Nekomata. Her first disappointment was discovering the school uniform were robes rather than shining plate and chainmail. No armor just meant she had to be quicker on her feet. She studied and trained as hard as she could before the start of the school year to prepare for the expected trials of the year to come.

As one would expect, knowing what she had expected, Arevan's first year was a massive disappointment. It took a while to set in. The train ride was good even with the noticeable lack of Minotaur's. The moonlight ride across the lake to a giant enchanted castle was also amazing, despite the expected hydra attack never happening. Once the school year started in earnest the disappointment truly hit her. All the students were human, the pets were, pets, There were no grand adventures, no life or death struggles, or even the slightest hint of some all-powerful dark god to send monsters down on them. Not wanting to believe Hogwarts was just a normal school with some arcane window dressing, she took to following older students around. Perhaps they saved the quests for the experienced students. Aggressively friendly, she strove to meet and become friends with as many people as she could. If an adventure did come she was determined to be invited on it. She wanted to see the dread Troll kings black castle. By the end of the first year, she was rather dejected. Sure things like Gargoyles existed, but not as she expected, there were centaurs in the forest but not once did they answer the letters she sent them, she couldn't find any merfolk in the lake, and she didn't hear anything about harpies or genies. Depressed, she went home for the summer.

Summer time, and the living is… even more mundane. The magical world may not be as magical as she'd thought, but it was better than the muggle world. She spent most of the time studying her seventeenth hand books. Magic did exist, and so did a lot of the other things in the stories, maybe there was a way to enter world more like the one she imagined, or make one if she was good enough. She spent some time playing with the street kids as well, but pretending to be knights and dragons lost a lot of the charm now that she knew the real thing might be out there waiting for her.


  • Wealth: Poor
  • Honeyed Tongue
  • Phobia: Radiophobia
  • Graceful
  • Double Jointed

RP Hooks

  • Aggressively Friendly
  • Obsessed with Genies and Wishes
  • Dissatisfied with the Lack Of Danger and Adventure
  • Self Proclaimed Commander Of the Badger Night Watch


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