This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

The Troublemaker
Portrayed by Christian Bale
Name: Arian Bruce Kyle
Aliases: -
Birthday: May 27, 1924
Position: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Half-blood


Looking at Arian, one wouldn't suspect anything extraordinary. He's of average height and build, if a little on the thin side. His hair is dark brown, and Arian usually keeps it parted down the middle and combed neatly into place. Bright blue eyes, sharp as a hawk's, peer out over an ordinary nose, constantly darting back and forth, as if he's always on the lookout for something. His skin is slightly pale. The robes that he wears, with the Ravenclaw crest on the left breast, fit snugly around his shoulders, and he normally wears a pair of thick black boots. The only other adornment he wears is a watch, given to him by his father.


Arian Bruce Kyle was born to a simple family. His mother, a witch who had attended Hogwarts, stayed at home to tend to the Arian and the chores, while his father worked his job as a chartered accountant. They may not have been the wealthiest family, but they were happy, living a comfortable life, in their small house on the outskirts of London. Under the watchful eye of his mother, Arian began to exhibit hints of magical abilities. His parents simply waited for the day that Arian received his letter of acceptance into Hogwarts.

But then, late one night, tragedy struck. After leaving a restaurant, the family turned down the wrong street. A man carrying a knife ran up and grabbed Arian's mother's purse. When his father tried to stop the man, he was stabbed in the chest, mortally wounded, leaving Arian to be raised only by his mother.

Life was a struggle at first. Arian's mother was so distraught she could not leave her bedroom for days. As for Arian himself, he was too shocked to even speak. Eventually, though, they recovered as best they could. Arian's mother took a job as a secretary for the Ministry of Magic, while Arian continued his schooling. But things at school were different now. Arian quickly became a loner, a fact which brought plenty of unwanted attention. He quickly learned to fight back and defend himself; before long, the bullies left Arian alone.

Finally, Arian's letter from Hogwarts came. His mother was overjoyed, and even Arian felt excited about his new school. When the day came at last for him to board the Hogwarts Express, Arian did so with a smile. He managed to fit in with his housemates, though, at times, he would still withdraw back to his own company. After all, that memory still haunted him, and ever so often he would wake up, screaming, in the middle of the night. But when asked about his nightmares, Arian always simply shrugged and said it was nothing.


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  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Flashbacks
  • Loner
  • Bravery
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