This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Character Information
Portrayed by Alexa Gerasimovich
Name: Aris Anastasia Malfoy
Aliases: None as of yet.
Birthday: Mar 03, 1929
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-blood


A small young girl who can't be older than ten or eleven. She is average height for her age with a petite and slender build and pale alabaster skin. Platinum blonde hair falls down past her shoulders to her lower back. It is straight and neatly combed currently left loose, unbound and pushed back way from her face with a simple black headband. A rounded face with large eyes of pale gold gives her an exotic and almost sweet look. Those eyes look out on the world with a calm and surprisingly mature gaze from behind thick pale lashes. A rounded nose and small yet full lips lead down to full rounded cheeks and a short pointed chin. The softness of her face adds to that air of childish innocence.

Currently she is dressed in a short-sleeved, round-necked, ankle length, dark blue dress with a silver sash about her waist. Black ballet flats with blue beading over their toes can be seen underneath the dress and a solid silver charm bracelet with a silver snake charm on it is worn about her right wrist. A matching hooded cloak of the same blue as the dress is worn over it with the hood trimmed in soft white fur. The cloak is fastened over her dress with a simple silver brooch shaped like an elegant crescent moon and flows gracefully out behind her whenever she moves or a breeze happens to blow.


Aris was born to a pure-blood British witch named Asma Shafiq who worked as a curse breaker and often traveled abroad. During a trip to the Middle East exploring her family history Asma found herself spending the night with a fellow pure-blood far from home, his name was Cyril Malfoy. Nine months and an early retirement later Aris Anastasia Shafiq was born. Asma was deeply embarrassed at her situation and never told Cyril about his daughter. Still her daughter was loved and cared for. She kept Aris safe in her family home and the girl studied the arts, politics, etiquette and wizard lore under tutors. She was a clever child determined to do her best and prove her worth. She had limited interaction with other children so she was more mature than most others her age.

Her mother had a potions accident just before her eleventh birthday and died in an explosion that destroyed half the house. Fortunately Aris was in the garden at the time and unharmed. She was taken to the Ministry and it was discovered who her father was. She was sent to live with her father Cyril Malfoy as her Grandparents on her mother's side refused to take her in. She had never met the man that was her father and had no idea what to expect at all. Her mother had never even mentioned him to her so it was bound to be a strange arrangement for them both.


  • Wealth: Opulent: Her mother was fairly well off and now that she is with her Father the amount of money available to her just grew exponentially.
  • Overambitious: Driven and focused are good words to describe her. She isn't sure what she wishes to do but she knows it will be something great and important as she wouldn't settle for less.
  • Stubborn: She refuses to give up on anything she starts. She will finish and it will be done to the best of her abilities. She also has enough backbone to argue her point….even with adults.

RP Hooks

  • Child: She will start Hogwarts next September and will likely end up in Ravenclaw or Slytherin.Until then she is getting used to her new placement and preparing for school.
  • Pure-blood: Despite being born out of wedlock her blood is quite pure and she looks every inch the Malfoy she is. Her mother was a supporter of Grindelwald but while Aris has a strong apprehension towards Muggles and Muggle-borns she doesn't think violence is the answer to the problem.
  • Bastard: The daughter of Cyril Malfoy and Asma Shafiq who where never married. Asma raised her and never told her father about her. Only now after her mother's death is her existence coming to light.
  • Eager Student: Clever and quite good at gaining what she deems important knowledge Aris wants to learn all she can because knowledge is power. She also just loves to read in general
  • Convincing: She can make a very convincing argument and prefers to negotiate rather than throw temper fits. Some would say she has a silver tongue as well…
  • Mature: She is serious and much calmer and more mature than others her age. This is due to limited experience with other children as she was kept highly sheltered by her mother.
  • Music: She plays the violin and is rather good for someone her age.
  • Chess: She enjoys this game of strategy a great deal. She isn't very good at it yet but she is determined to improve.


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Father: I don't know anything about him except his name. I also don't think he knows I exist. After mother died people found out he was my father and are planning to send me to live with him…I'm not sure what to think about this.


Uncle: He was the first member of my father's family I got to meet and I have to say I like him so far. He welcomed me into his family even though we had just met. I think with time he will quite easily earn the title of my Favorite Uncle.


Asma Shafiq
(Deceased) Mother: She cared for me a great deal despite the secrets she kept…it hurts to know I will never see her again.


Acquaintance: To be decided…


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