Character Information
Portrayed by Jonna Walsh
Name: Arla Clara Prewett
Aliases: Clara
Birthday: Dec 06
Position: P & F World Imports Owner
Lineage: Half-blood


To sum up this woman's looks, one could use but a few words. Lovely effortless and natural. But in more detail her hair is a dark brown - not so dark that it would be black, more rich with natural highlights and the faintest hint of red. Then there are those eyes, they sit under fine brows and are this sparkling reflective grey. But is it humour, or brilliance behind those eyes? It's often hard to tell. They highlight well against slightly tanned skin that is cascaded with freckles which speak of time spent outdoors. And to polish off her effortless look are soft red lips that are perked up in a sort of smile, that often reflects her eyes.

Like the way her long hair nicely frames her face, so does this dress frame her body. It's a soft cream dress adorned with peacock bue flowers. It hits all the right places and has short sleeves. It falls to her knees and seems to flow about her. A neckline in the shape of a v doesn't travel to far down, just enough to lengthen her next a touch and show off a simple, yet pretty, moonstone that hands there on a silver necklace. For fun she finishes off the outfit with a pair of, yes, red shoes! It seems like a strange to wear red with this outfit but the flats seem to work, and give both an interest and uniqueness to the outfit.


Arla Clara Prewett born Dec 06 1916, came from.. well, she doesn't know. Some place in England. Her mother, Beth, left her at an orphanage at the age of two for being so 'strange'. The woman couldn't handle it! All that is left of Beth is few not so fond memories. Her father, on the other hand is Willard Prewett - which makes her a half-blood. His part, outside of it being a one night stand with Beth, comes a bit later in her life.

Time at the orphanage was poor. Arla, or one day to be known as Clara (That too, is to come), was bugged for being so different. Kids would tease her, and for a two year old it was hard. That's where her fear of ghosts come from as other kids would dress up like them and scare her. As for potential parents, well, that never did pan out.

But it was a older woman who took her under her wing and showed Arla (Clara) exactly what being herself meant; everything. The girl, finally having love flourished. Valuing herself, fun loving, kind hearted and maybe a bit sassy, having someone to make her feet at ease was the lift she needed. The old woman, named Clara in fact, indulged the young unknown witch with dance and fun (like climbing and drawing), stories and tales of far off places. But then, one day a man came. Willard, her father.

He never knew he had a daughter, and all that is known is how he found out was by a chance meeting between her and her mother. Outraged, he went to fetch his child at the age of nine and bring her into the wizarding world. And that is what she had done. Disliking being called 'Arla', for she found out it was her mothers second name - and wanting no relation to her, called herself Clara, named after the late old woman who took care of her so much.

From then out, she lived with her father - who was very well off, and being of a pure-blood family and well-to-do she didn't lack for anything, but never seemed to want much. Their relationship was strained of course but she kept up with her hobbies (like dancing and reading) She had no other siblings and disliked her fathers soon to be wife (at the time).

Going to school was a wonderful time for her! She made friends and went to school up until her OWLs. From there, after she graduated in 1933 her fathers cousin Aliphora got her involved in traveling and looking for wizarding artifacts. This gave Clara the comfortable life she liked, and adventure she wanted. She is not against change however, and when her relative left her work at the Prewett and Fawley World Imports Shop, and handed it down to the girl, she took it gladly! And now endeavors herself into that life.

RP Hooks

-Finds people interesting
-Has been drawing all of life, and is really talented. Even been told to sell her pieces, but seems hesitant for some reason. If you like art, or want something drawn, ask her she'll be interested!
-Finds old objects fascinating, like they have a story to tell which she wants to know
-Has never liked sweets, not even as a child. They tend to make her feel ill, but she will eat them once in a while - a rare while, but she will
-Was a woman of adventure, always dreamed of seeing the world, and she did. But one day decided to change her life and settle with helping run a little import shop. She says it's for something new, but are there other reasons behind it? Possibly..
-Has always found the moon to be a beautiful and intriguing thing>-Is very friendly, sweet and kind. And tends to put others ahead of herself
-Even mentioning ghosts can make her skin crawl.. it's an odd fear she has, but, why…?
-Though she is not fluent in any languages Clara can pick up fairly easily and talk in snippets in various languages
-Want to know about some far off place, she has probably been there and could answer some of the questions for you!


  • Honey Tongued
  • Ambidextrous
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Fear: Ghosts
  • Natural Linguist


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Room Desc

Mural: The mural that is behind the couch which is drawn upon the entire wall is a giant world map. It’s been drawn by hand with expert execution. It’s in an antique style with soft colours. The names of locations are written in black with a well practiced hand. There are little markers on various locations that span the map, all in which mark the many, many places she has been.
amap2.jpgImage: There is yet another mural within this young witch’s home. While the map is behind the sofa, this one is upon the wall leading upstairs. It is at first glance a forest, yes. But upon closer inspection there are details that truly reveal just the level of work and talent this took to draw. But that is not the only interesting feature. It travels up the wall and to the second floor where the bedrooms are and continues there. But looking up it’s as if the ceiling mimics the world outside. And when walking ‘through’ the forest, it’s as if it’s enchanted and the leaves and tress sway to some unfelt breeze.



(Born July 12 1898) Father, though she didn't know it till the age of nine when he found her. Their relationship is touch-and-go, but she comes around more and more each day. (NPC)


Angelika Prewett nee von Glockenspieler, born September 10th, 1899. My future step mom. She is nice, and kind. A little strict though, might be her German upbringing. She always wants to get close to me, but I have a hard time getting close to her. Or letting her get close. (NPC)


(Born March 2 1900)A mother she only has very few memories of. She left her at the age of two, and what memories there are, are not happy ones. Better off without her. (NPC)


My fiance, my world. We had met at Hogwarts, being of the same class. Were best friends, but never seemed to time anything right. We always loved for each other, even as we went our different ways. Maybe fate favours love, we ran into each other again, the timing was right and here we are now, living the fairy tale we waited so long for.


While we've only just met, she is family, even if married in. And so far, is real nice and hasn't judged me on being a half-blood like some others.


Family, but sometimes I wonder if I get on her nerves easily - than again, don't most?


My cousin. We never got along well, she was one who didn't approve of me. But I didn't choose to be a half-blood, as much as she likes to think.


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