This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Last seen near The Hoard Tavern in the Knockturn Alley area July 30. Missing and presumed dead.

The Historian
Portrayed by Dakota Blue Richards
Name: Artemis Aadra Meliflua
Aliases: Emi
Birthday: Mar 15, 1923
Position: Law Student
Lineage: Half-blood


Artemis is about the right size for her age, standing at about five feet and five inches. She doesn't look like she weighs much, what with her frail and delicate figure, and looks as if she could be picked up easily by someone of her age, or pushed over without much effort. In addition to her stature she has fair skin, almost seeming breakable, except that all that can be forgotten easily as she sets her stern look. What she lacks in strength is more than made up for in her fiery personality, her sapphire eyes easily looking out sharply and with intelligence in them. Her face is heart shaped with pointed features, a long nose and sharp chin, with honey blonde curls framing her face without any bangs.


Ten inches, Cedar, Quite Bendy, with a Unicorn Hair core.


Natasha and Zach met each other in magic school, though both never really became friends or spoke to one another. They had their own crowd they wished to be in. Natasha had been in Hufflepuff, and had never known anything about magic until she discovered it, her family all mundane with no magical talent. Zach was pure-blood, the magic in his family dating back a ways. While not all of his family was sorted into Slytherin, he had been, just like his father had been before him. It was near graduation when Zach and Natasha started to notice and talk to one another, and a friendship blossomed just at the right moment for them to be coupled up for graduation and after parties. They’re friendship remained even out of school – but his reservations to marry a Muggle-born remained even as his affections grew.

Straight out of school Zach started working at his father’s kiosk, and eventually would take it over. Natasha, on the other hand, had always loved gardening (and Herbology in Hogwarts). She worked out of Diagon at a Herbology shop, but continued living out of her parents’ house. Zach, out of necessity, proposed to a lovely woman of pure-blooded standing. He forced himself to believe that he loved her more than Natasha. They ended up having a child together, but marriage never came. She left him – and the child – when she could see, clearly, that he was in love with the Muggle-born woman. He ended up giving in and marrying Natasha, and a couple of years later Natasha got pregnant with her first child, and Zach’s second. She took leave of her work, instead working in a marvelous garden at home and doing house chores so she could raise her child – children, as she graciously took in the first as one of her own. They weren’t rich, but Zach’s income didn’t demand that she worked.

Dastan Zachary Meliflua was Zach’s first child, and later gained a half-sister two years younger than him. Artemis Aadra Meliflua arrived into the world, and Dastan was happy to help out with his half-sister, whatever a toddler could do, anyway. As they grew up, the help increased and was certainly a lot more helpful, especially when the two were very close. Any problem that Artemis had she could always count on her half-brother to help her. With the two of them in Natasha and Zach’s life, wealth became less so, but for the most part Zach kept them living pretty comfortably.

Now because of Natasha’s family they decided to live amongst Muggles. Although Zach could travel fast using magic, they also weren’t terribly far from Diagon’s entrance. But Artemis – or her half-brother – never knew about the entrance into the magical marketplace, or anything involving magic. Their parents had decided that unless they showed some sign of having magic themselves, they wouldn’t tell them about it and live normal, mundane lives. Artemis went to a regular, mundane school and worked hard to achieve high grades. She loved to learn, but loved to hear about stories in history more than anything.

Her half-brother was the first to show magical talent, when Artemis began to suspect. But everyone was sealed up so tight at any questions that her frustration started to grow. That’s when she had her first manifestation of her magic. It was in a game of chess with her half-brother, where she was trying to get some bit of information from him, and in the end levitated the chess board. After that, her parents sat her down much like they did with her half-brother, and they told her about the wizarding world. She was upset at first at the huge secret they kept from her, but Artemis always forgave easily, especially when it came to her family – or friends. Eventually Artemis received a letter admitting her into Hogwarts, even if she expected it a little since her half-brother had gotten one two years earlier.

Despite wanting to be sorted into her half-brother’s House, where she could be close to him, she was disappointed when the Sorting had put her in Hufflepuff. Only after she had a talk with her half-brother – reassuring her that he’d be there if she needed help – did she feel a little better. She didn’t make many friends in her first year, concentrating on all her classes and working hard to get good grades. It wasn’t until her second year where she met Noalan Eibon and Elspeth Rosen, the two people she considers to be her best friends. Although she loved to talk to them, she continued to work hard on her schoolwork, keeping that at top priority. In her third year she was excited to start Ancient Runes, a class that had history in it. But her second elective was much harder to decide on – if she could somehow take all classes she would, but eventually she settled on Arithmancy.

Soon enough, it had come to her fourth year, and she was excited to see her friends again.

Year five was a tough year. She worked as hard as ever in school, preparing for her O.W.L.s. While she busied herself with schoolwork and helping who she could, it was quite the busy year for playing peace keeper between the Magijugend and the Mud Club. She did well in her classes, had plans for her N.E.W.T.s, but that fell through when she decided to take a stand. Artemis announced that she would not be coming back to school - she would not accept the war between the clubs - she could not continue learning at this school if people could not get along.

It is safe to say that she lives with regret for her choice. Artemis abandoned her friends when she didn’t go back for her sixth year. What was more; she abandoned them to a worse fate than she had seen. She read the letters from Noalan and couldn’t help but think about what she could have done for people if she had been at the school, offering support, trying to diffuse tensions. She cried herself to sleep every night - if she managed to find sleep. The news about Flint’s retirement and Dumbledore rising up to take the Headmaster gave her a bit of hope. Still, how she aches that she can’t still be with her friends at school.

But her studies would never fall. Since leaving school she had focused heavily on her mundane studies, which she took up every summer. She focused on the law, as she had promised herself, plus schooling herself with what she had left off at Hogwarts. Just because she had left doesn’t mean Artemis would ever stop learning.

RP Hooks

  • Bookworm
  • Loves history and anything historic or ancient
  • Kind hearted and can’t stand conflict and will try to play peacemaker
  • Believes everyone has good in them
  • Looks beyond people acting mean and tries to offer friendship


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Soft-Hearted
  • Idealist

School Performance

Classes Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Astronomy E E E E E
Charms A A A A A
Defense Against the Dark Arts A A A A A
Herbology E E E E E
History of Magic O O O O O
Potions E E E E E
Transfiguration A A A A A
Flying A
Study of Ancient Runes O O O
Arithmancy E E E


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Scarlett Meliflua nee Abbott
Grandmother - Parent of Zach, ???, and Clara


Nathan Meliflua
Grandfather - Parent of Zach, ???, and Clara


Mother - Born: July 3, 1893 (Class of 1911)
Surname: Meliflua nee Le'darre
My mama is like my best friend and I can tell her anything.


Father - Born: January 8, 1892 (Class of 1910) - Son of Nathan and Scarlett, Brother of ??? and Clara
Surname: Meliflua
There’s no one better than my papa. He can do anything. I'm so proud that he let his feelings out for my mama.


Half Brother - Born: June 20, 1921 - Son of Zach and Jenivere
Two Years Older
There is no one as talented as my brother. I can always go to him when I'm having a problem.


Aunt/Uncle - Born: April 28, 1896 (Class of 1914) - Offspring of Nathan and Scarlett, Sibling of Zach and Clara


Clara Brown nee Meliflua
Aunt - Born: June 1, 1900 (Class of 1918) - Daughter of Nathan and Scarlett, Sister of Zach and ???


Cousin - Born: August 14, 1927 - Daughter of Clara
I love my little cousin. I'm so excited that she got sorted into Hufflepuff - I hope I can be helpful to her.


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