Character Information
Portrayed by Noah Wyle
Name: Artimius Goyle III
Aliases: Art
Birthday: June 4th, 1900
Position: Head Librarian, London Library
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Likely in his forties if one were to hazard a guess, though looking well for it, Artimius Goyle is an unremarkable cut of a man, perhaps by intent. Hair and a well tended beard of dishwater brown, mournful brows a shade or two darker, sallow complexion.. nothing particularly sets him apart from the crowd. Even his height is average. But if one were to look closely, there's the hint of grim cruelty about those thin lips and dark eyes. And that ever so slightly overlarge, aquiline nose does lend him a vaguely rodent-esque cast to his features. What a pity.

His attire is, unsurprisingly, rather sombre. A pair of dark tweed slacks and matching waistcoat, with a neatly-pressed shirt of black linen and a pinstripe tie, all bespeak a quiet professionalism, while beautifully polished loafers suggest a man with an eye for the little details. Or too much time on his hands.


Artimius Goyle was born on June 4th, 1900, near midnight, during a downpour, in St. Mungo's in London to Artimius II Goyle and Penelope Goyle nee Summerbee. His father was the Patriarch of the Goyle Family, as well as an 'Unspeakable', a member of the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic. His mother, Penelope, is as Pure-blood as a woman can possibly be, and never actually had a career of her own. Artimius II preferred to keep her close under his thumb. The family is opulently wealthy, and Artimius had access to the finest educations and activities in the Wizarding World. A few of his favorite hobbies, growing up, were chess, amateur potion-making, and duelling practice. In truth, he didn't pick his own hobbies — his father chose them for him. While the Goyles are devout believers in Purism, and worshiped Artimius as a golden boy and a proven example of their ideals, the Summerbees are somewhat more wary of the ambitious man.

When at Hogwarts, he was popular with his fellow Slytherins, but few others. Coldly intelligent and ambitious, he was not good at concealing his cruelty at first. His rampant pursuit of power over other students made many of them uncomfortable, even afraid. He began in school in 1911 and graduated in 1918. He was a member of the Chess Club, the Duelling Club, and the Athletics Club. Being sorted into Slytherin House was neither a surprise nor a real relief. He knew where he belonged, and so did the Hat. In his Third Year, Artimius chose to take Study of Ancient Runes and Muggle Studies as his Electives. He scored Outstanding in both. Upon returning to Hogwarts for his Sixth Year, he pursued NEWTs in Defense Against the Dark Arts, History of Magic, and Charms. He scored Outstanding in all of these topics and graduated with the class of 1918.

After graduating, he accepted a position in the London Library, where he continued his research into the most esoteric and disturbing elements of the Magical world. Eventually, through both his own genius and his ruthlessness, he rose to be the Head Librarian. He is married to Laila Goyle, nee Dippet — and while the marriage is outwardly happy, Artimius oppresses Laila in the same way he does everyone else in his life. Their son, Marcus, is the apple of his eye.


  • Organized
  • Quiet
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • Head of Family: Artimius the Third is considered the patriarch of the Goyle Family.
  • Head Librarian: There is a secret Wizarding Library found through a secret passage in the wall in the Occult Section and the London Library. Artimius is the Head Librarian and in charge of this Library.


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Artimius Goyle II
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Penelope Goyle nee Summerbee
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Laila Goyle nee Dippet
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-?- Goyle
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