The Nurturing Hufflepuff Prefect
Portrayed by Dean-Charles Chapman
Name: Asmund Mercutio Fawley
Aliases: Mundy
Birthday: Nov 08
Position: Hufflepuff, Prefect
Lineage: Half-Blood


This teenager stands somewhere over five feet tall, perhaps being a little short for a growing boy in his mid-teens. His delicate features seem to give him a perpetually innocent, or perhaps naive, appearance. He has large hazel eyes that are often wide open, and a just-slightly round face. His sandy toned hair flops about his head in an entirely unruly manner. The boy's frame is light and supple, neither scrawny nor meaty, but seemingly all around average. Where his clothing is concerned, it tends to almost always be neatly maintained and well-fitted.


The oldest son of Lawrence and Mary Fawley nee Smith, named Asmund, grew up in a loving home. Lawrence is an ace pilot for the RAF, and always returned at the same time almost everyday. Mary balanced home life and her career as a St. Mungo's Healer with aplomb. Given that his father was a Squib, his mother insisted that young Asmund attend Muggle schools, so as to be prepared, should he also show no magical aptitude. This, however, turned out to be a non-issue as he began to display his first signs of magic when he was four; He transfigured an ottoman into a dog, something he had been asking for for some weeks. His parents were extremely proud, and his father even moreso relieved. Asmund was good enough from then on about magical outbursts that he continued on at Muggle Schools until he received his letter from Hogwarts.

Asmund was sorted into Hufflepuff, the same as his mother before him. He quickly learned he had an interest in enchantments and artefacts, much like his uncle Michais. The young boy also found that he did exceedingly well in Transfiguration and Care of Magical Creatures. However, unlike his mother, he did rather poorly in Potions and Herbology. Still, Asmund found that he rather enjoyed helping other students study where he could, and took much joy in the school clubs, especially the art club, as it suited his gentle nature. When the time came to choose his electives, he put his Muggle upbringing and love of animals to the task of Care of Magical Creatures and Muggle Studies. Asmund was awarded the privilege and duty of being a Prefect for House Hufflepuff. Another leadership role presented itself in the form of Captain of the Quidditch Team as well as Chaser. He would often be found helping the younger students with their studies, reciting poetry in the Art Club, giving support and protection to those in the Mud Club and offering to help the professors. N.E.W.T. Courses have proven to be something Asmund likes very much. Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures and Charms at their higher levels are just fascinating subjects.

RP Hooks

  • Like magical artefacts? We should discuss ideas and favorites we've heard of. Especially theories on Muggle mythology and the magical artefacts that may be behind them!
  • Fan of poetry? Asmund has been known to spin a rhyme or two.
  • Need help with Transfiguration or Arithmancy homework? Asmund is always willing to help out.
  • Always there if you just need someone to vent to.
  • While not overly-vocal about it, he is a firm believer in the right for Muggle-Born students to be treated equally.


  • Flirt
  • Animal Lover
  • Overprotective
  • Afraid of Drowning
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do


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Lawrence Fawley
Father: (b. 1904) Squib. A Squib who serves in the RAF, married to Half-Blood Mary Smith-Fawley. his father's military training lead to firm parenting, he was still a loving father and not overly strict, certainly never cruel.


Mary Fawley nee Smith
Mother: (b. 1906) Half-Blood. While tending to be on the doting side, Mary is certainly no push-over herself.


-?- Fawley
Little Brother: (b. 1924) Half-Blood. ((Open for Creation.))


-?- Fawley
Little Sister: (b. 1926) Half-Blood. ((Open for Creation.))


Paternal Uncle: Asmund's favorite relative. They have quite a few similarities and shared interests, and often spend time together. Michais is often the one Asmund goes to for wizardly advice, and he even seems to take after his uncle a lot.


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