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Shining Star
Portrayed by Charlize Theron
Name: Audrey Taylor
Aliases: Aoibheann (eve'-en) Tooley
Birthday: November 2, 1910
Position: Actress, Singer, Dancer, Model
Lineage: Squib

"I've got my eyes on the stars, because I watch where I'm going."
Audrey Taylor in a 1936 interview for The Daily Prophet


Slender, smooth-skinned, with smoky blue eyes and sunshine-blonde hair. Audrey's natural good looks are accentuated by careful application of makeup, styled hair, and flattering clothing. Glamorous and magnetic, she deliberately uses her allure to charm and captivate those she meets, particularly when performing.

Well concealed beneath the carefully crafted visage, however, she hides the scars of a darker time in her life. Some are literal, and some are only seen when the starlet lets one peek behind her smiling mask.


Born Aiobheann Tooley, the Squib now known as Audrey Taylor came from a bad childhood and an abusive father in Ireland. She escaped Bottledown, the wizarding village where she grew up, with the aid of her friend and first love, Toby. But when her father caught up with them, there was a fight and Toby was mortally wounded. Eventually, the Ministry intervened, and her father was taken to Azkaban for murder, while Audrey was placed into the care of the Muggle Liaison Office. She refused to go to Hogsmeade, fearing that another wizarding village would mean treatment similar to what she received in Bottledown, so she was placed with a wizard family in London and put into a work program.

After a few jobs that didn't work out, Audrey ended up as a hostess at a small theatre, welcoming guests and managing ushers. It didn't take long before she realized the adulation received by the performers, and none more so than the beautiful leading lady, for whom roses were flung onto the stage in appreciation for sharing her talents. Audrey knew immediately that she wanted that. She craved the acceptance and longed to be wanted. So she auditioned for the next play the theatre company put on, and won a significant role.

Since then, Audrey's passion for the craft has only grown. She learned everything she could from her fellow performers: acting, dancing, singing…anything they would teach her. She was in the spotlight, and there was no place she'd rather be. Her ambition and charisma took her from small stages to large ones. In time, she made several music albums, and she even appeared in a number of Hollywood films. But when the war broke out, she returned to London to lend moral support to her countrymen during a dark time.


  • 1910 — Born in Bottledown, Ireland
  • 1911 — Mother passes away, due to complications arising from her pregnancy with Aoibheann
  • 1919 — Her father strikes her for the first time, by now convinced that she is a Squib
  • 1925 — Flees Bottledown with Toby; Father pursues her, and delivers a mortal wound to Toby; Audrey and Toby take a ship to England, but Toby passes during the voyage; Audrey is taken in by the Ministry and her father is arrested
  • 1926 — Starts a job as a hostess at a theatre; Auditions for and wins a role in The Queen Was in the Parlour
  • 1934 — Performs in her first starring role to rave reviews; Her success leads to other roles and singing engagements
  • 1935 — Audrey becomes well-known in London as a rising star, and even the wizarding community starts to take notice
  • 1936 — Sings in the opening ceremonies of the Quidditch Regional Championship
  • 1937 — Performs for the opening of the Natrix Dance Hall in London
  • 1938 — Departed for Hollywood as her movie career started to take off.
  • 1939 — Returned to London in September to support the war effort.


Audrey is a pioneer of daring fashion, in both Muggle couture and wizarding styles — from the classic to the fantastical and extravagant.


Ambitious Ever rising above her terrible origins, Audrey sees herself as a rising star, and will not stop until she is beloved by the world.
Loves the Spotlight Being a Squib and pretty used to cause all manner of trouble for Audrey. These days, it is her free pass to wherever she wants to go, and she wouldn't have it any other way.
Trust Issues Even after all of these years, Audrey has a hard time trusting the good intentions of people, especially wizards. She can put on a convincing smile and play the part, but she tends to keep an emotional distance.
Famous Entertainer Audrey has gained moderate fame as an actress in Hollywood and the London theatre, and is even better known throughout both the Muggle and wizarding sides of England for her singing career.
Wealth: Well-To-Do Audrey is never lacking for work these days, and has garnered enough renown to command very good pay for her performances.

RP Hooks

  • A Foot in Each World — Audrey gets along just as well in both the Muggle and wizarding worlds, and is famous in both. Are you a fan?
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous — Okay, that sounds vain. But let's face it, beauty draws attention.
  • Party-Goer — Audrey is invited to many classy parties, but also enjoys more modest celebrations.
  • Who's That Girl? — Audrey doesn't hide that she's a Squib, but she doesn't advertise it, either. She never reveals her Irish origins.


Logs featuring Audrey Logs that refer to Audrey



Such a darling, pretty girl. With looks like hers, she should get into show business. Elly has always been so kind to me, and on those rare nights when I can go to the Leaky Cauldron without causing a stir, I can feel like a normal woman and have a normal conversation with her.


The most adorable and intelligent actor in the world. Gilly is an absolute delight, and I would have absolutely tromped all over Shakespeare without his guidance. He gave me a love for the Bard, and for that I shall be forever grateful.


Janice Doolittle
The Muggle Liaison that helped Audrey acclimate to her new life in England. Though mistrustful of her at first, in time young Audrey came to regard Janice as her guardian angel. Though Janice is now retired in Hogsmeade with her husband, Oscar, Audrey pays regular visits.


Ranjali is a beautiful, wonderful person. She saw past the spotlights and sequins, and she absolutely adored me…in a way I thought only men did. What began as a dear friendship blossomed into something extraordinary, and I began to understand how she looks at me. When she danced for me, I was…enchanted. She opened me up to a world I never knew I even wanted. I cannot say I'm especially attracted to women…just one woman. She understood the need to keep our love affair quiet, in case the Muggle media ever got wind of it. But it didn't last. Maybe it was never meant to. I was simply too open in my flirtatious ways, and when suspicious photos and film made it to Ranjali, the ensuing fight destroyed us. I miss you more than I can say, my goddess.


Sakina Winterthorne
Ranjali's mother is a delightful woman, if a bit of a busybody. But many mothers are. She thought Ranji and I were dating, which let the cat out of the bag about Ranjali's feelings. Though, in truth, I'm glad she said it. It led to Ranjali fully admitting her feelings…and in time, finding her way into my heart. I shall miss Sakina nearly as much as I miss Ranjali.


Wolfgang's new flame. She seems quite nice. I just hope that Wolfie is looking beyond the fact that she's a lovely blonde Squib who sings and acts. It makes it difficult not to feel like I've been replaced by the younger model. It's not her fault. She and I are getting along famously. She reminds me so much of myself when I first arrived from Ireland. I want to help her…to mold her into the powerful woman I know she can be.


My first true love. There is no better man in the world. I light a candle for you every night, Toby, so you can always find your way to my dreams. I once thought no one could love me like you did. But was I wrong? Please know that I will always love you, no matter who else I share my heart with.


The Devil in a double-breasted suit. He's a cad, but a handsome, charming cad. He coerced me into playing his club on opening night. I cannot say I regret it. Wolfgang has been a friend, an ally, and a lover…but I never thought he truly loved me. The question is, do I love him the same way? I can never be his wife, and I'm not sure I'd want to be. I wanted a chance to find out what there is between us, but when the offer came from Hollywood, I chose my career. Some part of me will always regret it.


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